From: JoE the um...something <> Subject: Re: [PW] Carni-mayhem! (part 3) Date: Sunday, November 21, 1999 6:02 PM "Hmm...well theres what we know, he escaped on a train from Pokémon Tech. We also know that it's near Vermilion. So I guess we can checl there...but thats were the Digletts acted all crazy." Ema said. "Huh? What about the Diglets?" Smasher asked semi-puzzled. "Well, Morgan and I were trying to get to Vermillion going through Diglets Cave, they acted all nuts and we wound up on Cinnibar." Ema explained. "Ok." Smasher said. "K, go and grab your stuff, I have some packing to do we can make flight arangments by tomorrow." Ema suggested. ••• Meanwhile... Morgan awoke to what he guessed was morning. His Magmar and Dratini were cuddled up next to him, Lucifer, his Magmar, provided adiquet heat seeing as there were no blankets. The train came to a hault. Morgan didn't have much time to get off and run betweenwhen everyone was getting off and on and when the train left, he didn't want to get caught being a stow away. Normally he wouldn't mind dealing with the cops, but after what happened last time, he hated them. The small window to get off apeared and Morgan recalled his pokémon and took off. 'Now where the hell am I?' Morgan thought to himself. In the risk that there might be some warrent out for him he kept to the shadows. 'Damn I wanna play my headphones' he thought but knew he couldn't risk it. Soon it was night time and Morgan could go for a little stroll... TBC –– -JoE *** This is nesasary, life feeds on life. *** "I found a new kind of oral contraseptive, I asked a girl to sleep with me and she said no." -Woody Allen *** See Spot. See Spot run. Run Spot!! Run! See car. See car drive. No Spot!! Stop!! *vump vump* SPOOOOOOOOOT!!!