From: JoE the um...something <> Subject: Re: [PW] Carni-mayhem! (part 3) Date: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 12:56 PM Later that day at the air port Smasher was quiet Ema felt something was wrong but didn't ask why. Their plane didn't leave until 4:30 so Ema and Smasher went to get something to eat. "Ever been to Vermilion, Smasher?" Ema asked "Possibly, JoE doesn't really read every PW!" Smasher responded. "Oh....JoE you lazy ass, read!" Ema yelled as she flipped me off. "Nervous?" Ema asked trying to find some conversation. "Nah, why?" Smasher said. "No reason really," Ema looked at her watch, "We better get going." Soon they were at the air port boarding the plane. "I wonder if we wont find him..." Ema muttered quietly but loud enough for Smasher to hear. "Your gonna jinx us." "Sorry" Ema apologized. They were soon seated in first class and gazing out the window. "I had a weird dream last night." Smasher said. "Really? What was it about?" Ema asked. Smasher then told her about the odd dream. About in the middle of the flight the pilot started speaking via-intercom during some turbulence. Soon the, in mid sentence, the Captain was silent and then came an "Oh my God!" from the intercom. Ema and Smasher looked out the window and saw the edge of some ship. BA-BOOM!!! "The hell??" Ema said as she jumped up. The other plane was firing at them. Smasher ran to the other side of the plane and looked out the window. "It's a Team Rocket ship!!" he yelled. Soon a side of the plane was missing, before that how ever Smasher had time to grab two oxygen tanks and gae one to Ema. They had to act fast and the plane was going down. Following Smasher, Ema jumped on the Rocket plane and they adjusted the oxygen tanks on their back. Ema found a little door way-ish thing towards the bottom of the plane. They were soon stowed away on the plane. "We might get caught if we stay here" Smasher said. "Yea, maybe theres a little closet or something we can hide in until we have a plan or something." Ema said as they ran down a hall looking for a door way or something. The found a store room and ducked inside it narrowly escaping being seen. Smasher and Ema looked around the room and saw a bunch of TM's and pokéballs and items and other goodies. Ema looked at Smasher and whispered something, "Smasher, I'm scared." TBC –– -JoE *** This is nesasary, life feeds on life. *** "I found a new kind of oral contraseptive, I asked a girl to sleep with me and she said no." -Woody Allen *** See Spot. See Spot run. Run Spot!! Run! See car. See car drive. No Spot!! Stop!! *vump vump* SPOOOOOOOOOT!!!