From: S. Flamehair <> Subject: [PW!] Chuck v. Brock {C} Date: Saturday, November 20, 1999 11:22 PM Chuck strode triumphantly out of the Pokécenter, his eyes and heart focused on his coming battle with Brock. His spirit nary trampled by his defeat at the Mr. McMimie's, he readied himself and his Pokémon for battle. To do so, he challenged several of the undertrainers that worked at Brock's gym. "Let's do it, Pyre!" Chuck yelled. Pyre leapt into the impromptu ring. "Go get him, Renni!" The trainer threw a Pokéball into the circle and an oddly-named Geodude emerged. "Pyre, Ember!" Chuck ordered. Pyre inhaled, and then exhaled a spray of flame. The flames individually had little effect, but their combined attack began to take its toll. "Renni, Defense Curl!" the trainer yelled, desperation evident in her voice. The Geodude glowed, first white, but then red as the fire began to overheat its body. Suddenly, it fell to the ground, thoroughly cooked. The trainer cringed. "Renni, return!" She removed another Pokéball from her fanny pack and threw it in the ring. "Go get him, Crusher!" The, again, oddly-named Zubat materialized and began flittering around. "Crusher, Leech Life!" The Zubat dived and latched itself on Pyre's back and began sucking blood. Chuck grabbed Pyre's rarely used Pokéball from his belt. "Pyre, return!" The red beam shot out and plucked Pyre from the jaws of the Zubat. Chuck then threw in his next Pokémon in the 2x2 battle. "Let's go, Stinger!" The Beedrill buzzed menacingly at the Zubat. "Stinger, Fury Attack!" The wasp speared its twin forestingers at the bat and scored four good hits before the Zubat was knocked out of commission. "Damn it!" the girl said after she retrieved her Pokémon. "You're pretty good. But do you think you're ready for Brock?" "Sure am," Chuck grinned. "What's your name?" "It's Notachance Seeyaround! Bye!" The trainer walked off. "Oh well," Chuck sighed. He looked around and noticed that the line was now non-existent, and that he could go face Brock right now. Gathering up his Pokémon and administering a few Potions, he entered the main gym. As he entered, Chuck noticed that the gym was not what he had expected. Thanks to Brock's success as a Pokémon breeder, he had been able to buy a renovation for the previously drab and sparse gym. Now, It was more open, with lots of space for people to practice battles, and with classrooms where Brock led his seminars on the proper techniques of Pokémon breeding. And up on a ledge, above the main floor, was a small carpet, where Brock still sat and did his work. When Chuck walked in, Brock looked up and greeted him. "Hi, are you here to try for your BoulderBadge?" "Yes, I am," Chuck answered. "Okay, this is an official Pokémon League match! 2x2! Are you ready?" "Whenever you are!" Chuck said, feeling the welcome adrenaline rush that always accompanied his battles begin to surge. "Fine. Geodude, goooooooo!" Brock yelled as he threw his Geodude into the ring. Chuck thought for a moment, then made his decision. "Let's go, Pyre!" He threw Pyre's ball into the circle. The two Pokémon faced off for a moment, waiting for their trainer's orders. "Pyre, Leer!" Chuck called just as Brock ordered, "Geodude, Tackle!" Pyre's Leer disoriented Brock's Geodude just long enough for it to tackle headlong into a piece of scenery and lodge itself therein. Chuck took quick advantage of Geodude's predicament. "Pyre, Ember!" The Geodude was a sitting Psyduck minus the feedback. As a desperation attack, it Self-Destructed, and, grinning, made their first match a draw. Quickly, the next two Pokémon were in the ring. "Onix, goooooooo!" "Let's beat him, Stinger!" The giant snake materialized just as the flittering wasp did. Onix Growled angrily as Stinger's Fury Attacks stuck it in its weak spots between chunks of rock. Onix attempted to Bite the annoying bug, but was too slow. It was a red-faced and chagrined Brock who watched Onix fall to the ground, out cold. "Good job, kid," Brock said as he handed over a BoulderBadge. "Say could you tell me what you feed your..." Smiling, Chuck held up his new BoulderBadge as he lay in his bed at the Pokécenter. One thing bothered him though. Ray had left earlier that day, and had not returned. Chuck paid it no mind. Ray could take care of himself. Still... Chuck had no easy sleep that night. TBC Next time... Ray sets out on his own, fueled by a secret agenda, as Chuck heads for Cerulean City. -- S. Flamehair Remove "_HOOPAK_" to reply via E-mail! The intelligent are wary of a bored kender! ICQ# 29042774