From: Spawn <nmvds@aol.computers> Subject: [PW!] Counter Earth: Dead Men Tell No Tales Date: Tuesday, November 09, 1999 6:48 PM Standard Disclaimor: This story is a pseudo-NC. Meaning that absolutely nothing in this story will affect anyone except from Steve Fugues in typical continuity of PW!. This story has Steve traveling to an alternate dimension. As such, he will be affected. But no one else will because their existence in this dimension is completely independent of their existence in the rest of PW! Continued from: "[PW!] Counter Earth: Death of a Man, Birth of a Clan" > Steve wasn't sure if he was ready to undertake whatever responsibility that >was handled to him. Why had he been chosen to undertake such a task? >Destiny? Devine intervention? Strange luck? Who knew. Little did he know >that he would be tested sooner than he thought... "Kabutops, go!" someone suddenly shouted. Steve and Al were understandably caught off guard. "Surf!" "Kaaaaaabbbuuuuu-TOOPPPPSSS!!!" it roared as it fired a blast of water at Al's Rapidash. Steve withdrew his sword, hoping that his physical body would be able to live up to the Lucid training he had undergone while in the Mewtwo initiated dream sequence with Dreadite. Al reached for a Pokeball and prepared himself for the battle. "Apocalypse, return!" Al commanded to his Rapidash as he tried to think up his options. He was down to three horsemen now since his Gengar, Death refused to enter Pokeballs and Al didn't think it would have been appropriate to bring him along. "Onix, go!" another voice sounded. It was then that Al realized he was surrounded. His military skills kicked in and he tried to gain an idea of how many enemies he had to deal with. "War, surf!" Al ordered, referring to his Blastoise. He gritted his teeth and prepared to fight. ********* "Kabutops, SLASH!" Steve heard. Reacting instinctively, Steve parried the attack by moving his sword in the cease position and moving the Kabutops arm to the side. Realizing that he was letting himself be open for another attack, he quickly parried the Kabutops other arm. The pokemon was understandably stunned due to having had little prior experience to sword fighters, and Steve took advantage of the situation by reposting his sword and stabbing the Kabutops in the stomach. Just then, a trainer stepped out from the shadows. "You prove to be a most forminable foe, Steven," he said. "Although that should be expected for a man who can escape death itself. Honestly though? We didn't think it'd be this easy to locate you. You disappoint me, Fugues." ******** "Famine, cut!" Al ordered. He was starting to have to fight his heart out, and right now he was having his Lickitung cut an enemy Tangela into ribbons. The interesting thing was that he didn't mind being outgunned in times like this. He always loved to have a challenge to test his skills. ********* Steve held up his sword menacingly. His opponent didn't seem to mind and walked towards Steve undaunted. He wanted to prove his lack of fear towards Steve. "So eager to return to your grave?" he asked. "No wonder you came here. But if it makes you feel any better, take your best shot with that thing. I want you to. I'm at peak health right now, haven't had a serious challenge in months. You won't be able to hurt me with that. Not much, anyway." Steve suddenly lunged his sword into the man's stomach, unsure of how else he should react. Blood began to drip down the blade and Steve quickly withdrew his sword. To his horror, the person didn't even seem to have minded in the least. ******** Al knew he was easily ounumbered. He would've liked to have Pestilence, his Muk, use explosion--but he dared not to desecrate the graves around him. The dead had come here to find eternal rest and needed to be respected. He knew that better than anyone else. "War, Hyper beam!" he ordered as his Blastoise fired a beam of energy at an Alakazam. "Famine, disable!" Al was holding his own, at least. Then he heard a scream. "*(@&!" he exclaimed. Steve was being carried away... by a giant Golbat. After decades on this Earth, Al had little concerned over his own life. Especially considering that neither he nor his Pokemon could really die. The life of his friend, however, was completely different. "Famine, Pestilence, return!" said Al as he began to brace himself for the upcoming attack. "War, Blizzard attack for as long as you can manage it!" Al's living costume automatically protected its owner by covering him entirely. The inside turned soft and fluffy to insulate him from the upcoming frost while the outside turned hard and metallic to water proof his costume. "Bbblllllaaasssttttooooiiiissse!" War moaned as blizzard attack began to shoot from his cannons. Cold winds swirled around, condensing the water molecules in the are into liquid and solid form. Everything around him, the pokemon and the trainers, began to flash freeze. Everything nearby was being covered in a thick sheet of ice. "Gyrados, fire blast!" another trainer shouted, trying to maintain a sense of warmth despite the onslaught of pure cold. War merely smiled as he observed his opponent. "GYAR!" the water/flying type Pokemon shouted as he flew high above the graveyard and aimed straight towards War. From his mouth came an intense blast of flame which hit War straight on. Being a water type Pokemon and a tough one at that, however, the Blastoise stood his ground. But dog suddenly filled the graveyard as the fire came into contact with War's watery body and the surrounding ice. "TOISE!" War sounded as he fired a blizzard attack concentrated for the nost part on the Gyrados, the half flying type cancelling out whatever weakness to ice it would have had. "Gyrados, again!" shouted the unnamed trainer. He realized that his Pokemon wouldn't be able to take much more abuse, then neither would he in this kind of coldcold. The fire blasts which the Gyarados provided might be the only thing he had to keep the area around him warm long enough to finally defeat the current adversary. "GYARRRR!!!" the Pokemon roared as he atempted another blast. But fire blasts were inaccurate when done right, and the trainer didn't take the fog into account. "TOISE!" War responded as he countered the failed attack with his potentially most deadly move of all: his hyper beam. The Gyrados soon met his fate and came crashing to the ground, adding to the aura of death around him. In terms of sheer power, War was easily Al's most powerful in terms of brute force. Violent and aggressive, he was always eager to show why Malebolgia hand picked him to serve Al in his quest. His was an ability to manipulate the elements was ease. But even the most powerful of Pokemon tire Out eventually. A huge cracking noise sounded as Al tried to shatter the sheet of ice which covered his costume. He rarely attempted an attack on these lines, an attack that affected all things within a limited proximity, but knew it was necessary to end the match up quickly. "War, return!" Al said as he recalled his Pokemon. The air around him was cold and he could surely see his breath right now if he still found it necessary to breath. He didn't mind the cold in his undead form, of course, but he was worried earlier about the necroplasm which he was composed of being frozen solid. As he glanced around him, he noticed a few trainers who had suffered that very fate--minus the necroplasm of course. He felt sorry for these poor fools who lost their life, but it was necessary on his part. A Pokemon League official would probably recover their bodies the next morning. Al glanced over at the to the Steve's tomb and found that it had been completely destroyed in the battle. How fitting, seeing as how Steve was no longer dead in the eyes of this world. Or maybe he was. Maybe Al and Mewtwo and Giovanni were trying too hard to bring back a figure that would no longer grace the planet again. Walking over to where he saw Steven last, Al picked up the fallen sword which Steve left behind and began to leave the scene. ********* Steve was an unhappy camper to say the lease. For the past hour or so, he was being flown to Silph Co. by a person who could apparently turn himself into a giant Golbat. He could try resisting, but the fall would've probably hurt him a lot more than any Pokemon could. Or so he thought. Upon reaching his destination, Steve was chained and handcuffed. The people in charge didn't want to take any risks. He was then led to an interrogation room. Surrounding him were several snarling Meowths. "You're a hard man to kill," said the man, "you survive an explosion only to bounce right back years later. What we want to know, Steven, is how you managed to fool us all this time. And why you've come back now." Silence. "Well?" the man asked again. "Well what?" Steve replied, trying not to sound intimidated. The man sighed as he sat down, remaining calm. "We can keep at this charade for as long as you like. Eventually, however, you will wear down. You are only mortal, after all." "And you?" Steve asked. "You already seem to know plenty about me already." "I am Vlad," the man answered. "Well hello, Vlad," said Steve, "mind explaining the bat thing?" "I am simply... what I suppose you might call a 'vampire,' said Vlad. "able to change from human to Bat form at will." "You must be great at parties," said Steve. "I was experimenting with genetically altered Pokemon," Vlad continued. "During the experiment, I was somehow bitten by an mutated Zubat, somehow changing my own DNA radically. But you know what, Steven?" "You vant to suck my blood?" Steve said in mock terror. "No," Vlad answered, "not today. Later, perhaps. But I could do that. And so much more. I have tortured men far stronger than you. But it can all be avoid, if you just tell what's in that tiny little head of yours." "You'd be surprised," Steve replied. "Would I be?" Vlad asked. "Perhaps. But one does not reach such high heights in Silph Co. without leaning how to be prepared. Make it easy on yourself Steven. Open up yourself to us, tell us what we need to know." No response. Vlad sighed and gestured towards an old hooded man. "This man is named Scope," said Vlad. "You mean like the mouth wash?" Steve asked. "Hardly," Vlad continued. "He is a prophet of sorts. He has a natural aptitude to see things, to peer into the strongest minds and withdraw whatever information he can. The experience, unfortunately, is very traumatic for the subject in questioned to have their mind compromised like that. So I ask you again, tell us what we need to know." Still no response. "Very well then," Vlad smiled as he faced Scope, "proceed." Scope raised his hands and placed him on top of Steve's head. Steve braced himself, not sure of why he was bothering to resist. It dawned on him that he had little to fight for in this world which he was a stranger in. Little to live for. So why did he do it? Why was he putting his life on the line by refusing to follow? Because he had nothing else to do in this godforsaken world? Or maybe it was, deep down inside, he just didn't want to live. Maybe he was putting his life on the line because he wanted it to end, but didn't have the courage to do so himself. Steve wasn't sure anymore. The only thing he was sure of now was that in a few seconds, all his secrets would be revealed. Scope's hands began to glow with psychic energy. THWACK!!! Scope fell to the ground, unconsciounce, and a lone Pokeball rolled along the floor. "Pestilence, now!" Steve heard as he turned to glance at one of the guards. He recognized the voice--it was Al. Steve smiled. He had once noted to himself that the anonymity of the guards gave them the ability to intimidate others by taking away all qualities individualistic and human. But it was also their weakness. For today, it allowed a man with the face of a burn victim to sneak by unnoticed. "War, Famine, attack!" Al said as he tossed two more Pokeballs containing his Blastoise and Lickitung. Poison gas from the Grimer filled the room and Al rushed to Steve's aid--his Pokemon doing what they could to fend off the Meowths in the room. Picking the locks as quickly as he could, he took the chains off one by one. Vlad wouldn't take things lying down, however, and quickly changed into Golbat form while preparing to use his whirlwind attack to blow away the poison gas. But he didn't take one thing into account, and up from the ceiling appeared Al's Gengar, Death. "Am I late?" Al heard Gengar say, only being able to understand the ghost Pokemon due to his own undead nature. "Hypnosis!" Al ordered. "You got it!" he heard the Death say as he fired a blast of psychic energy at the half poison type Golbat. "But I'm not sure how long that'll phase him." "Long enough," said Al as he undid the last lock chaining Steve up. "You'll need this," he said as he handed Steve his sword. Steve grabbed it eagerly as he noticed Vlad quickly recovering. Al recalled his Pestilencce, War, and Famine and changed his suit back to normal. "How did you just do that?" Steve asked. "Do what?" Al wondered. "The outfit thingy," Steve replied. "Oh," said Al as he and Steve raced out of the room, "it's a living costume. It also has the capacity for shapeshifting." "Must be convenient during Halloween," said Steve. "You'd be surprised," said Al. "So where are we heading?" "5 or 6 warp tiles down the road, they're be a place where we can exit out into the sewers," said Al. "The sewers?" "If you have a better idea, I'd be glad to hear it." TBC **************** *Does* Steve have a better idea? The sewers are so icky. Isn't that a little *too* easy of an ending? Do Hellspawns go trick-or-treating? Couldn't the author think of a better idea than radioactive Zubats? Will the next chapter actually be worth reading? I probably won't get around to answering these questions in the next chapter of… Counter Earth! -Spawn To reply, remove "puters" from the e-mail address.