From: Spawn <nmvds@aol.computers> Subject: [PW!] Counter Earth: The Next Step Date: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 8:21 PM Standard Disclaimor: This story is a pseudo-NC. Meaning that absolutely nothing in this story will affect anyone except from Steve Fugues in typical continuity of PW!. This story has Steve traveling to an alternate dimension. As such, he will be affected. But no one else will because their existence in this dimension is completely independent of their existence in the rest of PW! ************** The discussion room of the Team Rocket base was dimly lit today, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Team's leader. It wasn't uncommon for him not to be on time. Especially with the recent turn of events with news of the Pokemon League trying to take over the legendary birds. But the reason for the tardiness didn't make the tension any more bearable. "New information has been brought to my attention," said Giovanni as he finally entered the room. "And I have come to conclusion that we must battle the Pokemon League head on if we have any hope for success." "How are we supposed to take on the entire League?" someone shouted. "A new gym leader has proposed that the Pokemon League hold an official tournament," said Giovanni as he projected a slide onto the wall. "Some person who was a Magikarp but reverted back to human. We will get the element of surprise against the gym leaders." "And that's our best chance at stopping them?" Steve asked. "That is our *only* chance," said Giovanni. "We will begin taking volunteers soon." "I'll be the first," someone new shouted. It was Ash Ketchum, would be Pokemon master if he hadn't been caught helping out Team Rocket in the past. "I'll be able to prove once and for all that I am the world's greatest Pokemon Master." "Are you sure you can defeat Gary?" Giovanni asked. "What's that supposed to mean?!?" Ash asked defensively. Giovanni sighed, this would be a long week. ********* "Steven," said Mewtwo, "I believe that you are ready for the next step of your training." "What would that be?" Steve asked, less enthusiastic then he could be. And who could blame him after his recent losses? But just as Steve finished his sentence, he was teleported underwater near a home of tentacools. At first Steve thought he would drown, what with the water surrounding him at all sides and everything. But he realized that Mewtwo had formed a psychic sheild to prevent that from happening. He existed in his own bubble completely isolated from the rest of the world. Not too unusual considering his recent predicament. "It started about five years ago," said Mewtwo. "Actually, it had been brewing for decades beforehand. But it was about five years ago that the major catalyst happened which changed everything as we know it." "What would that be?" Steve asked. "The war," Mewtwo said. "A giant tentacruel, hundreds of feet tall, arose from these waters and led an army to fight against the humans. He felt that the Pokemon of the world had been oppressed. And thought to do something about that." "So he rebelled?" asked Steve. "Correct," said Mewtwo. "His wraith killed thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of villains before he was finally subdued. Weapons were useless against him--conventional one's anyway. It took the combined efforts of Sabrina, Lt. Surge, and the Elite Four before he was finally defeated." "So then what?" "The League swore to never let another tragedy like that happen ever again," said Mewtwo. "They felt that the master/slave relationship needed to be enforced. To prevent a future rebellion. To lead stronger and stronger Pokemon to battle any new threats That was the point where Giovanni and I decided to form an unholy alliance. To be sure that the Pokemon League would never get out of hand and that Pokemon would have a way to deal with their inert need for liberation without mass slayings." "And you honesly think that you'll be able to prevent another massacre?" Steve asked, a little low on air by now. "We must at least try," said Mewtwo as he waved his hand, teleporting Steve once again. This time they were in a new place. A dark and quiet place at the side of a lake. "Where are we?" Steve asked. "The Safari Zone," said Mewtwo. Steve looked around him in the moon lit Park. The atmosphere was different now. Bullet shells littered the scene. The Pokemon seemed to be few and far between. Mewtwo noticed the confused look on Steve's face. "This place is different in your world, isn't it?" he said. "In our world, the Safari Zone became a hunting ground for people. Who knows how much innocent blood was spilt so that some person could hang up a head on his wall. This place has become a place to nurture the darker side of man, the side which sought to dominate and kill for sport." Steve looked around him. The ground was covered with light drops of blood and the cries of animals filled the air. This was not the Disneyland type of amusement park he had read about before. This was merely a killing field. "Hasn't... anyone tried to stop this?" asked Steve. "You'd think that the Animal Rights groups would have a field day with this place." "Since when has the League respected the rights of Pokemon?" asked Mewtwo. "Before the killings started, the Pokemon here were forced against their will to be slaves of trainers. Yet no one protested then. A sentence of death is no worse than a sentence of chains. Do you understand what your purpose here is now?" Steve nodded. It wasn't just about fighting the good fight. It wasn't even about Karen. Or at least not at this instant. It was about helping creatures which never really stood a chance against the dominating nature of man to liberate themselves. "Yet in this place," Mewtwo continued, "there is also hope. A hope that has existed for thousands of years and has rested here untouched by man. Steven Fugues, I bring you Lung-Wang." Mewtwo extended his hand and a sphere of energy started forming from the lake. Ripples began to surround a solitary figure. Out of the depths of the water, a single Dragonaire began to rise. "This is Lung Wang," said Mewtwo, "he is a dragon who pre-dates Christ himself. Cursed, however, he is unable to evolve. His lineage is a very powerful one indeed. The cloths you wear today wear sewn using the shed skins of him." Steve looked in awe at the creature. He had never seen a real dragon type Pokemon before. Or if he had, he certainly couldn't remember it seeing as how Gil Bates wiped his memory clean of the past. The Dragonaire was beautiful. Elegant, sleek, yet powerful. They had once, like the birds, been passed off as merely a myth. How fitting that he receive a legendary type of Pokemon to help him deal with the legendary birds. "Lung-Wang will serve you well on your upcoming mission," said Mewtwo. "In order to command his power, however, you must take this amulet." Mewtwo handed Steve a metallic amulet with a crystal clear gem encrusted onto it. The amulet looked like it was centuries old, and had old writings on it which Steve could not recognize. "What is this for?" Steve asked. "A good luck charm," Mewtwo explained. "But be warned, your life will change as fate begins to grow more and more dangerous." "That's a good thing?" Steve asked, more than skeptically. "You are the Visapakal," said Mewtwo, "you're job is to fight. But this amulet is also Lung-Wang's new home. Lung-Wang, a dragon who existed before Pokeballs did. Hundreds of years ago, an extremely talented alchemist forged this for the specific purpose of being the first means of storage for Pokemon. Unfortunately, he was unable to produce any others throughout his lifetime." Steve wore the amulet around his neck and held it in his hands. Trying to dicipher the meaning but being unable to. Such is the puzzle of life itself. As Steve came to understand what the title itself as the Visapakal meant, however, he frowned in disappointment. He would come into more contact with creatures of the night, placing anyone he might care about in the future in even more risk. He didn't know if he could handle that. He didn't know if he could handle another incident like what happened to Karen. But there was no time for such thoughts. Not in Mewtwo's eyes, anyway. "Lung-Wang, return to your new home," said Mewtwo. The dragon Pokemon flew towards Steve and began to energize itself, entering into the gem. As it did so, the gem went from clear to a deep, rich, blue color. And with a blink of the eye, Mewtwo, teleported him and Steve away one more time. ************ TBC -Spawn To reply, remove "puters" from the e-mail address.