From: otaku <> Subject: [PW!] Family Matters Date: Saturday, November 06, 1999 5:25 PM Giovanni sat in his private office, behind the walls of Viridian gym. He mused over the events of last month, when Dreadite had failed to take out Tenchi Inverse. Turning his chair around, he faced the man before him, and his two accomplices. " say you can eliminate him." "I am sure of it. And if my might is not enough, these two warriors of the hand will serve as back up." He pointed to the silent figures behind him, standing perfectly still. "Very well. Once, i underestimated his power..and time and time again he has defeated me. Now that he has wed my daughter, heir to my throne, there is no choice. Kill him. I don't care what measures you must take. When the job is complete, you will receive your reward." The man shook his head. "I want no reward. This is a personal fight between brothers." The middle aged gym leader raised an eyebrow at this. " you say? Very well then." Without saying another word, Giovanni turned his chair back to the wall. The man and his two accomplices followed close behind. Chucking quietly, Giovanni began plans for his son in laws Funeral. "Ok, Trypticon, use your seismic toss!" "Nidoking!" The 5 foot tall pokemon rushed at Tenchi, mammoth arms outstretched. Grabbing his master, Trypticon leapt high into the air and slammed down. Just before impact, Tenchi broke free of the grip and kicked his Nidoking in the belly. Trypticon winced and fell on his back, spikes leaving deep imprints in the soft grass. Tenchi landed on his feet with a soft thud. "Ok, now it's your turn Drakkun. Try to Slash me." The Sandslash glared at Tenchi, and decided to take the invitation. "Slash!" He rushed forward just as Tenchi leapt out of the way, leaving a large hole in his shirt. "Slash! Sandslash!" Drakkun cursed at the human, who taunted him by remaining alive. Doing a back flip, Tenchi grabbed a pokeball off the ground and recalled Drakkun. Some day, that Sandslash would obey him. Tenchi smiled as his wife stepped out into the hotels backyard, Charizard in tow. "Honestly, one of these days, your going to hurt yourself sparring like that." She kissed him on the forehead. He returned the kiss, and hugged her tight. Trypticon rolled his eyes and put himself back in his pokeball. "Lunch will be ready in 5 min." She said, breaking the embrace. Tenchi nodded, and recalled his other sparring pokemon, Rattrap and Airrazor. Tails and Sarafina were near a fountain, munching on some poke chow. They came running over as Natasha whistled for them. As Natasha headed inside, along with Tails and Sarafina, Tenchi frowned. He could feel something in the wind, but he wasn't sure what. "Tenchi." Whirling around, he gasped. " can't be! Your dead!" " know what they say, dear brother. You can't keep a good man down. Or in this case, a member of the hand." Glaring, Tenchi reached for his sword, only to have 3 throwing stars hit his hand. He cried out in pain, and fell to his knees. " you want..Kaganigdo?" "Your demise. But not here. If you have any honor, meet me in the seafoam caves tomorrow morning. Kusanagi, Ayeka, take care of his wife." He snapped his fingers, and the two silent figures went running towards the hotel room. "No! Trypticon, go! Keep them pinned down!" The large Nidoking body slammed the two ninjas down to the ground, while Kaganigdo squared off with Tenchi. "I will not fight you here brother. Instead, i anticipate your imminent demise at Seafoam tomorrow." "Coward!" Tenchi rushed forward, but found himself kicking only air. Kaganigdo's men had disapered as well. Without a second thought, he recalled Trypticon back to his pokeball, and headed off to the Pidgeot express building. "Tenchi? Are you out here?" Natasha stepped outside after hearing the loud battle. "Tenchi?" She noticed a note on the table. Dear Natasha, I have gone to Seafoam to face my brother. I don't know how he survived, but he must be stopped. Do not follow me, for your own safety. Please look after yourself, i will return as soon as possible. Love, Tenchi. "" Tear droplets fell from her eyes as Natasha sank to her knees. TBC! -AnimeOtaku, TR Ninja on AIM