From: Zephyr <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Fiery Challenges (was: Re: [PW!]Life goes on....) Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 8:07 PM "Cat-Gonk" <> wrote in message > Meeh! Meeh meeh Sat, 27 Nov 1999 00:20:06 -0600, caheeh meeh meeh Time > Lady <> meeh caheeh! > > Infront of the Pokecentre, visible through the glass doors, a giant > Fearow landed in the hot beach sand. As the Fearow flapped its massive > wings to slow its decent, a huge cloud of dust filled the air. It was > Shrike, Charlesson's Fearow, who hadn't been seen since Fuschia. She > appeared worn out and weary, probably not from the flight as Fearow > were accustomed to travelling such long distances. Her usually > immaculate feathers were ruffled in places, and her crest appeared to > be missing a feather. > > "I'll see you guys soon." > > The pair embraced, this being their first time apart since leaving > Pokemon Tech. > > "Seeya." > > Shrike smoothed her wings over with her long, pointed beak, and folded > her wings in to allow Felix to climb aboard. It had been a long time, > around a month since he'd rode the massive Fearow, but Felix was still > able to hop onto her back with out much difficulty. As she took off > into the skies, the blinding clouds of sand returned, shrouding the > goodbyes and words of parting from both sides. > > >With that the group made its way through the streets, eventually coming > >to the relatively new building that was constructed to serve as Blaine's > >re-opened gym. There was a short line of people going into the gym. > >However, the line seemed to move fairly quickly and many people could > >be seen leaving the gym equally quickly. The difference was that the > >expressions on the people entering looked like people that were > >generally happy while those that were leaving were sporting looks that > >ranged from concern to anger. > > > >As the group settled into line Julia asked "What's going on here?" > > > >Jon once again demonstrated his knowledge about the town where he > >grew up. "Blaine's been doing this ever since he opened the new gym. > >It's to get rid of all the people trying to get a badge who aren't serious > >pokemon trainers. There's three gym trainers in there. To get by each > >one you have to answer a question correctly or fight the trainer. If you > >can't get past the trainers, you can't challenge Blaine. It looks like it > >works well, nobody who isn't a serious trainer has made it past the > >second trainer." > > > >Julia nodded "It does sound effective." > > > >A short time later the line had advanced to the point that the group got > >inside the actual building. Sarah Jane was about to step up to the first > >trainer but stopped in her dead in her tracks. Pteryx began to squawk > >immediately after. > > "Hey guys! I'll just cut in here..." Much to the anger of those behind > the group, Kirsty squeezed in between Julia and Jon. "Felix said he's > gone off home, he'll catch up with us in Viridian." > > >Meanwhile, Sarah Jane finished feeding Pteryx. "You know, it was easier taking > >care of Cuddles and Spunky when they were smaller than taking care of Pteryx...." > >she said as she gave the Nidorans each a couple of Pokemon biscuits. > > > >"Yeah," said Jon, who was waiting to give moral support to his friends if it was > >needed, "but they were at least a couple of moths old when you started raising > >them. Pteryx hatched what, a week ago?" > > > >"Just about," replied Sarah Jane as she packed up the remains of Pteryx' meal. > > > >A green light flashed on the wall. One of the attendants said "Next." > > > >"Is Damian finished?" asked Christy. > > > >"I guess," replied Sarah Jane as she returned Pteryx to her carrier. The > >Aerodactyl yawned, then snuggled down for a nap. Cuddles and Spunky licked up the > >last crumbs of their snack, then followed their trainer to the next room. > > ---------- > > Moments later. > > "Which of these Pokemon does not learn Scratch? Krabby, Mankey, > Charmander or Paras?" > > "Erm..." > > "Gyr?" > > Cinnabar Gym had bewildered Kirsty once before, and it threatened to > do it again. Kirsty had released Gyarados in advance, the massive > water-dragon hovered close by. > > "Mankey hasn't got claws..." > > The first trainer sighed, then reached for a Pokemon. Gyarados at the > ready, Kirsty had the feeling that this was going to be a long day. > > ---------- Julia watched from outside. The questions would be a breeze, but it was the final battle with Blaine she was worried about. Sapphire squirmed under Julia's grasp on it. The staryu sensed excitement in the air and wanted to get a view of it. > > "Can Doduo fly?" > > "Of course not." > > The second gym trainer was somewhat fearful after seeing what Kirsty's > Gyarados had done to the previous trainer. Water was still flowing out > from the room. > > ---------- Sapphire glowed with excitement. Seeing Kristy's gyarados wipe the floor with the trainer's pokemon get Sapphire's adrenaline pumping. "Wow, hold on! You're too little to battle so don't your hopes up until you're old enough to learn some attacks", said Julia as she lifted her staryu giving it a better view of the ongoing battles. > > "Who's a better opponent, Blaine or Giovanni? And if you want a nice > battle after this question, you know who to pick." > > ---------- > > Two Hydro Pumps later, Kirsty faced the Gym Arena. Blaine waited on > the other side, somewhat ashamed by having lost his previous two > battles. > > "Can you still fight?" asked Kirsty to the atrocity-Pokemon floating > beside her. The Gyarados nodded, its "I'm an SS Anne Magikarp!" > sticker firmly adhered to its forehead, angry at not having faced > Blain first time round aside from the indignity of having to spend one > third of its life as a Magikarp. > > "Well, have fun, I guess." > > She stepped into the ring, ready to battle. > > "I remember you," said Blaine, his voice unweakened by age. "You're > the girl with the Onix." > > "I'm here for a rematch!" Small amounts of melodramatics were never > out of place in a Gym battle. "Do you accept my challenge?" > > "Are you, by any chance, related to a kid around your height, black > hair, green fingerless gloves and an official Pokemon League hat?" > asked Blaine. "With a Pikachu that took out my Rhydon." > > "You're not meant to have a Rhydon." > > "You're not meant to be a co-host on a certain Internet talk show > either. Ready to battle? Most of my Pokemon got cleaned up by your > friends, it'll have to be a one-on one match." > > "Fine with me. Gyarados, are you ready?" > > Nodding its head, Gyarados weaved through the air into the centre of > the arena. It still had plenty of stamina, but would only be able to > loose off two or three fully-charged Hydro Pump attacks before going > back to Take Down and Hyper Beam. Hopefully, its opponent wouldn't be > anything fast. > > Blaine reached for a Pokeball. His favourite Pokemon, Magmar, had been > beaten two battles in a row, Arcanine was out of the question against > a foe with powerful element attacks, and Rhydon wouldn't stand up to > any water attack. Ninetales had been severely beaten in the previous > round. > > Gyarados felt like an unseen force was guiding him through the battle, > wanting to watch a third victory by wandering trainers rather than > defeat by Blaine. If only he had a better trainer, someone who still > couldn't remember if Eevee had two or three evolutions. > > "Go! Rapidash!" > > All Gyarados' plans of an easy win with Hydro Pump were destroyed. > Rapidash, though not the strongest of fire type Pokemon, was easily > the fastest and could gracefully duck and weave past the torrents of > water.. Rearing back, Gyarados let out a bestial roar, shaking the > Gym's very foundations. A display of power might do the trick. > > "Rapidash! Fire Spin!" > "Gyarados! Take Down!" > > A hurricane-like gout of flame hit Gyarados full force in the side as > it attempted to close the distance, but though the flames encircled it > completely, the atrocity-Pokemon was unfazed by the attack. Charging > at full speed forwards, Gyarados slammed into Rapidash's body, its > "I'm an SS Anne Magikarp!" sticker the only thing Rapidash saw of its > assailant. > > "Rapidash! Hit back with Agility!" > > Landing on its hooves, the fire-horse Pokemon darted around Gyarados > and dug its horn into the water-dragon's side. The spike tore through > Gyarados' thick scales, but didn't get in deep enough to do any > damage. > > "Hydro Pump!" > > Enraged by sustaining a blow, Gyarados spun around and shot a > torrential blast of water at the fire-horse. As expected, the attack > missed completely, Rapidash was too fast to be hit with such an > unwieldy ability. > > "Aim for the floor. Stop Rapidash moving. You can't slip, you're in > the air." A strange voice, seemingly from no-where filled Gyarados' > mind. Images of a pale man clad in glittering armour shot through his > synapses. Rapidash awoke him from his visions with a Fire Blast, a > star-shaped blast of fire impacting into Gyarados' side with a hiss of > steam. > > "GYRAAA!!!!!" > > In what seemed like a frenzy, Gyarados swung its head from side to > side, water flooding from its mouth and into the Arena. It appeared > that the water-dragon was in a rage, and attacking everything around > it with Hydro Pump. Rapidash stayed well away, in a corner of the > arena. > > "Rapidash! Take Down!" > > The fire-horse took a step forwards, and retreated. Gyarados was out > of water to attack with, but his purpose was fulfilled. Rapidash > wouldn't move, it would be running through ten centimetres deep water > and wouldn't be able to dodge attacks. Fearing for its life, it had > backed itself into a corner and wasn't listening to Blaine's orders. > The floor was non-porous to stop Vaporeon, a popular choice and very > effective agaist Blaine, from using Acid Armour to seep into the floor > and thus be invulnerable to attack. But this time, the tables were > turned. Water was slowly draining from slots in the side of the room, > but Gyarados only needed a few moments. > > "Gyarados! Hyper Beam!" > > Energy played about its crest like a Chanseraph's halo. A ball of > glittering energy built up inside the water-dragon's open maw. The > water wasn't draining fast enough, the atrocity-Pokemon let rip with > its most powerful attack. > > A resounding crack filled the gym. Rapidash lay crushed against the > gym wall, Gyarados still alert incase of a suprise attack. Blaine > returned Rapidash to its Pokeball, and tossed a Volcanobadge across > the arena. > > "That's a novel strategy," he said. "No-one's tried that before. I > think I might go back to the good old volcano rather than staying in > this small Arena." > > "I didn't think of it. My Gyarados did." Kirsty petted her > atrocity-Pokemon, who mewled at her touch. > > "Anyway, I have other, easier battles to face. You've earnt your > badge." Blaine handed his Pokebelt to an assistant, who rushed off to > the Pokemon Centre to get them healed. > > Leaving the arena, Kirsty went outside to rejoin Damian and Sarah > Jane. Julia sighed, the questions would be a breeze for her but, it was the final battle with Blaine she was concerned about. Would she have enough pokemon or experience for that matter? More and more questions raced through her head. Her palms became sweaty and she started lacing and unlacing the flowers in her hair. It was a nervous habit of hers but, nonetheless she took in a deep breath and walked in. Julia walked over to the monitor and waited for her question to appear. "Which of the following pokemon learn psychic naturally? A) Butterfree, B) Venomoth, or C) Golduck. ", the computer read as Julia quietly thought to herself. She already knew the answer was Venomoth but, something ran through her head. Blaine was a highly experienced gym leader, so her pokemon wouldn't stand a chance. But, the trainers weren't as experienced as Blaine and Julia would be able to battle them and at least have a chance of winning. "B", said Julia as the screen blinked once before opening the door. Julia walked through still thinking about the trainers. "Which attack of the following is the most powerful grass attack? A) Razor Leaf, B) Petal Dance, or C) Solar Beam", the computer asked as the trainer readied. "The trainers, they may have experience but not as much as Blaine, and most of them look new", thought Julia as she selected "C" as her answer before the screen flashed as it opened the door leading to the final room. "I hope you get it right. I don't want to waste my skills on such a pathetic trainer such as yourself", said what appeared to be the leader of the trainers. "Which of the following pokemon learn razor wind naturally?: A) Pidgeot, B) Fearow, or C) None", the computer asked as the trainer looked over Julia's should wanting to know is she would select the correct answer. "The answer is C, no wait it's A", said Julia as she purposedly selected the wrong answer. She had choosen not to fight Blaine but to ask for his advice, but at least she could gain some experience before talking to him. "You did that on purpose! I know you did, now you're going to regret it brat. One on one", said the trainer as he threw his pokeball. "This should interesting, especially when such a conceited person like yourself starts making idle threats", said Julia trying not to show that she was nervous and scared as hell. "Spearow, go!", yelled Julia as she hurled the pokeball containing the spearow she had recently caught at the abandoned lab. "Charizard, this should be a quick battle", smirked the trainer as he reached for a remote. "How do you expect Charizard to fight in such a small arena?", asked Julia pointing out the trainer's stupidity. "That's why I asked for a sunroof to be installed", answered the trainer as he pressed a button on the remote. As he promised the top of the room opened up and both Julia and the trainer were elevated to the top. "Now then, where were we? Ah yes I was about to defeat you. Charizard, toast it with your flamethrower attack!" commanded the trainer as the fiery dragon inhaled some air before releasing it in a burst of fire. "Spearow! Use your size as your strength, dodge his attacks and counter with peck!", yelled Julia as the small bird zoomed across the imaginary aerial arena, avoiding the fiery attacks of the Charizard. As spearow was about to attack Charizard countered by hitting it with its wing. "Charizard finish it off. FIRE BLAST!" screamed the trainer with fury in his eyes. The majestic dragon closed it's wings as it gathered energy, before releasing it in a huge fiery character. "Spearow fly up! Remember without oxygen fire will be no more", commanded Julia as the spearow fly skyward flapping its wings vigorously. The air become thinner but the fire blast still held and right behind it was Charizard. "Keep going spearow!" yelled Julia as the spearow was still able to hear but just vaguely. Just then spearow stopped, it looked down to see the fire blast gone and with it a Charizard spiraling downwards. "Spearow fly down and use fury attack as you go", said Julia screaming with all her might hoping that spearow would be able to hear. Spearow heard it's final command and hurled downward as it fired barrage after barrage of sharp feathers at the Charizard. There was silence, then a loud piercing noise as the Charizard hurled down and with it a flock of birds. But they were not birds but, the sharp feathers of spearow's fury attack. The Charizard landed with a huge explosion, and the explosion grew larger as spearow's fury attacks hit it, one feather after another. Moments passed and finally the dust cleared revealing the two pokemon, one fallen and one victorious. Spearow let out a loud victory cry as it spread its wings triumphantly. "We did it spearow. We won!" said Julia as she picked up spearow in her arms. It was her first battle with a trainer and it was also her first victory. "That was nothing! Now you will face the wrath of Blaine!" screamed the trainer furiously, his ego crushed. The doors opened revealing a large open arena. "Are you the won who defeated my Charizard? The one I trained from dawn to dusk? The one I gave to that trainer? The trainer YOU defeated!!" Blaine screamed out. He was furious and wasn't too happy that a spearow and beginner had defeated his Charizard. "Now girl, you will learn what it means to be in a real pokemon battle!" Blaine said as he choose six pokeballs. "Wait a second!" pleaded Julia, " I don't have six pokemon". "What! You just waltz in here defeating MY Charizard and then you don't even have six damn pokemon!" Blaine was red as he returned his pokeballs to his belt. "Now then girl, what did you come here for?" Blaine said with a hint of anger in his voice. "I came here for advice. But after seeing how egocentric you are, I decided that you aren't the one to give it to me. Good day Mr. Blaine", said Julia as she walked out gym with a smile on her face. > TBC.... > > -- > > Cat-Gonk: Novaa Valias Starr. > ---------------------------- > Do you believe in Goddish? > > AIM Screenames: > CatGonk, Simyn Gonk, CatGonkNoMiko, > Sailor Gonk, ATR CatGonk, Doc Oddish > > The Kitty Litter Box. > > > The AGNP WebRing (currently hibernating). > > > Azure Heights Pokemon Laboratory. > > > Yoda Communications. > > > The AGNP Pokezine. > > > Spaceman's Pokecentre. > > > Over 4000 posts to, and counting. > > -=|[Unknown AGNPer]|=- > > Email: -- Email: Every rule has an excpetion except for those that don't.- MTSowbugs