From: silversean <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Fight fire with Napalm Date: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 6:07 PM ScytherNMk <> wrote in message news:80t0ge$uqv$ > Zero looked up at the impressive building. Silph Co HQ > was huge, showing that Silph was a very rich company. He followed > Deckus and One into the building. They walked down a number of long > corridors, until they reached their final destination. Deckus took > them into a small office. Sitting in a chair, behind a desk, was a > tall, strong man. His name was Brad, the sign didn't show his last > name. Zero thought there was something very strange about that, but he > still trusted Deckus. Deckus broke the silence, "Brad, I need you to > do me a favor," he said. Brad must have been asleep before that, but > Deckus' words woke him. "Uh huh, and what would that "favor" be?" he > asked. Deckus floated up to the desk. He told Brad about the Haunter, > Shadow, and everything that had happened with him. Finally, he > asked "So will you help us?" Brad laughed, "Why not? You know what > they say, fight fire with napalm," he replied. "Great. so where do we > start?" asked Deckus. > > "Well, follow me," he replied. Brad lead them out of > his office, down a series of long halls, and finally into a huge dome. > It was an artificial swamp/forest. Zero looked around > suspiciously. "Why are we here?" asked Zero. Brad didn't answer, > instead, he whistled. There were a few ripples in the water, then a > human-sized Reptilian beast sprang out of the water. It opened its > mouth, showing rows of sharp, serrated teeth. One stepped back a few > feet. "Whath do you wanth?" asked the Reptilian Warrior. "A few > friends of mine are facing a deadly opponent, I thought maybe you could > help them, and maybe even stay with them," replied Brad. The Reptilian > Warrior thought for a moment, then replied, "Yesth, I shalth join them > on their questh." The Reptilian Warrior disappeared in a splash of > water. A few minutes later, he returned to the surface, dragging 2 > armor's along with him. A Dragonair followed him. The Dragonair > slithered up to Zero. Zero slowly stepped away, he could feel the > Dragonair's enormous power. > > "Does the Lizard have a name?" asked One. "Yes, he > does, Asmodeus," replied Brad. "Wath is thisth evilth force you musth > fight?" asked Asmodeus. "It's a Haunter named Shadow, a body-stealing > haunter at that. He's very tricky, and powerful," replied Deckus. > Asmodeus tossed a armor suit to Zero and One. They each put them on. > The armor was fairly light, and made out of a rubbery material that was > very tough. "Enjoy it, I made it out of a very rare material," said > Asmodeus. Zero could not help but notice all the weapons Asmodeus > carried. He had a double bladed, double sided sword, Crossbow, and > Spear. The Sword and Crossbow were slung across his back, and he held > the spear like a stave. He was indeed a warrior, and appeared to be > very quick and intelligent. > > "I think we could use some weapons ourselves," noted > One. Asmodeus nodded. He let loose a war cry into the tree's. Soon > enough, a Hitmonlee carrying a longbow swung out of the tree's, landing > next to Asmodeus. "What'da want man?" he asked. Asmodeus turned to > the Hitmonlee, "Shaft, I want you to teach that guy over there," he > pointed to One, "how to kick and fire a bow like you do," he asked. > Shaft, the Hitmonlee, nodded. "I'll take ya, come on," he said to > One. "I'm going to teach you how to knock the wind out of somebody > with a single kick, fire a good 5 arrows at something, and be gone > before anyone can see you, and a lot more," He told One. "Seriously?" > asked One. Shaft nodded, "Now follow me." Shaft took One deep into > the forest. Suddenly, he stopped. Shaft leaped toward a tree, at the > last second he kicked at it, sending himself flying up into the > tree's. He landed on a sturdy branch, then tossed a rope down to One. > One was astonished by the Hitmonlee's abilities. He grabbed onto the > rope, and pulled himself up. > > Shaft took his bow, and aimed it at a tree. He fired off > an arrow at it. A minute after it struck the bark, a small piece of > the tree fell off, revealing a bow and quiver. "See that bow? Its now > yours," he said. "Really? Thanks!" exclaimed One. He jumped off the > branch, just before hitting the ground, he grabbed another branch > slowing his fall to a slow drop. He landed swiftly a few feet in front > of the tree, and grabbed the bow and quiver. The Quiver was full of > arrows, and was made out of some strange silver metal. The Bow was > made out of the same silver metal, and its edge's were extremely > sharp. Not only was the bow a long distance weapon, but it could be > used for close combat as well. "This is a fine bow," he said to > Shaft. Shaft nodded, "Now come along, I'm going to teach you some > things," he said. > > Back by the lake, Asmodeus was teaching Zero how to hold > his breath extremely long, allowing him to reach Asmodeus's underwater > layer. Soon enough, Zero had mastered the technique. "Now followth > me," commanded Asmodeus. He dived into the water, Zero following. > Asmodeus swam down deeper, and deeper, and deeper, until there was > hardly any light. He then swam into a deep underwater cave, leading > up. They swam up for what seemed like years, until they reached a > lair, totally surrounded by rock. Only 1 way in, only 1 way out, and > that was through the water. Along the walls, there were various > weapons. Asmodeus brought Zero a sword identical to his own, and a > strange double-bladed sword with a black handle. "These weapons are > very deadly, and only the most skilled warriors can wield them. I > intend to make you a great warrior and swordsman," he said. > > At that exact moment, a huge Kangaskhan flew out of the > water at Zero. Zero rolled to the side, and grabbed the Double Bladed > Sword. He sprung at the Kangaskhan, slashed a few times, then jumped > out of its claws range. The Angry Kangaskhan swung its huge tail > towards Zero. Zero laughed as he sliced off a chunk of the tail. The > Kangaskhan screamed in rage, as he screamed Zero slashed at his stomach > a few times. Asmodeus sat back, watching Zero slice up the > Kangaskhan. The Kangaskhan was able to smash Zero with his paw once, > but Zero caught his balance and slashed off a piece of the Kangaskhan's > hand. The Kangaskhan roared out, then fell to the ground, defeated. > Asmodeus walked up to the nearly dead Kangaskhan. He took some herbs > and put them around the Kangaskhan's wounds. "He'll be ok, you should > put him in a Pokeball a few days to let him heal fully. And by the > way, nice work with the sword. It shouldn't take too long to make you > a master," said Asmodeus. "So, he's mine now?" asked Zero. "Well, you > were the one who nearly killed him, he's yours now. I think I could > train him a little, he looks like he could be skilled with a War Club > that I have," replied Asmodeus. > > Back up at the shore, Brad, Deckus, and Zero and One's > Pokemon stood waiting. "CHUUU" screamed something. A small Pikachu > came running out of the bushes. Warbeak, One's Spearow, shot into the > air like a silver arrow. He looped around, then went into a fast > dive. "KILLEEEEEEEE" he screamed as he shot towards the helpless > Pikachu. "Pikach" the Pikachu's words were stopped when the incoming > bird snapped his neck. Warbeak eat the Pikachu rather quickly, then > flew back over to Deckus. "Nice work, you made short work of that > Pikachu. You must be a true warrior bird" said Brad. Warbeak ruffled > his feathers, and nodded. > > Shadow leaned against a tree. He looked back at the small > force of Abra's following him. The new body he had taken was indeed > very strong, and it controlled a group of Abra's, a fine choice. He > halted them, then gave the order to set up camp. The Abra's hastily > set up a small camp, not wanted to upset their master. Shadow smiled, > he now stood a chance against Deckus. Yes, he would have revenge over > that Abra soon. > > 2 Days passed, before Zero and One were fully trained. > They met by the shore of the lake, and began discussing a plan to > defeat Shadow. After enough arguing over the plan, Deckus silenced > them. "Leave it to me. I'll take him out, you guys just sit back and > take out anyone he might have with him," he commanded. Nobody seemed > to disagree, so they decided that would be their plan. "Skan" mumbled > Zero's Kangaskhan. "I almost forgot, we have to name him," said > Zero. "How about Sunflash?" asked One. "Sounds good, how do you like > it?" Zero asked the Kangaskhan. "Kanga!" it replied, and nodded in > approval. "Ok, Sunflash it is!" Sunflash twirled his Club around, > then slammed it into the ground with amazing force. "Yep, he's a real > fighter!" said Asmodeus. "I'd like to see him fight. Maybe one of us > could battle him with our Pokemon," said One. "Scyther would lose for > sure. One, you could use your Hitmonchan," suggested Zero. "Ok," he > replied. One's Hitmonchan walked up to the huge warrior, and issued a > challenge. Sunflash smiled, and accepted the challenge. He jumped > back a few feet, then charged. The Hitmonchan shot to the side like a > bullet, Sunflash was anticipating that. He swung his huge hand around, > and toppled the Hitmonchan. > "Good job, Sunflash. But there is no more time for fun > and games, we must seek out Shadow, and destroy him." Stated > Deckus. "Well, before you go, I'd like to wish you good luck," said > Brad. Everyone nodded, then said their good-byes. Brad led them out > of Silph Co, and watched them leave.... > But there was also someone else watching these people leave....a boy named Silversean, and a happy boy, at that. He has just discovered that his great psychic power was strong enough to destroy him. Well, why'd you be happy about that? Well, maybe because he received some pretty heavy-duty armor that tempered that power. A containment suit, if you will. So when Zero and company walked out into the sunlight of Saffron City, it was pretty hard to miss the long-haired dude in the white zoot-suit. "Who're you?" Zero asked, taking out a double-bladed sword. "I'd ask the same thing," Silversean growled, powering up. "Whoa, whoa...." One stepped between the two. "Down boys, down." "Fine," Silversean and Zero both snapped simultaneously. "So, just who do you think you are, pouncing on us like this? You must be -looking- for a fight." One said. Silversean shrugged. "Could be, maybe...." He smiled, a glint of energy starting to spark in his right eye, "I dunno." "Well, if you're gonna be rude," Deckus snorted. "Yeah! You've got a lot of nerve, dude." Zero grinned. "I wouldn't be talking, mister samurai macho....uh....thing...." Silversean's voice trailed off. "Let's get going...." One grabbed Zero's shoulder, to walk away. Zero held his ground. "No way," Zero growled, and drew his sword, charged his energy into it. "Heh," Silversean grinned, "I'm kinda psychic...." "So?" One asked. "So....I just learned how to fight with a sword." Silversean laughed. Zero's eyes went mad, pure rage coarsed through his veins. "Let's get this show on the road." "Gladly!" Silversean laughed, and fired a huge yellow blast at Zero as he charged up his sword, but and One aimed his arrow at Silversean. He gets ready to shoot it.... "STOP!" Deckus intervened. "THIS IS POINTLESS! STOP FIGHTING, ALL OF YOU!" Everyone froze, even the arrow. Yeah, the arrow. "Yes, Deckus." They all grunted. TBC? Take it from here, Tom. -silversean -- "All right, um, I've got something to say and it's very important, so listen up. No, it's not important, but if you want, you can listen. Imagine, right, you're like laying in the sand, just laying there, just gettin' sandy, and you develop this really bad, like, fungusy rash. And you started scratching it and it went like yellow, green and whatever other colours fungusy rashes get. And you went to the doctor and they said there was nothing wrong. But it got worse and started coming off on the itchy carpet, and you realized you were allergic to sand and you got it all in your hair and you started going bald and um, developed funny penis-shaped objects on your chest. I just thought that'd be funny." -Daniel Johns, silverchair