From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] From the Wizard to the Witch... Date: Friday, November 05, 1999 12:34 PM >Sabrina shook her head. "Some days..." She sighed. "I'm sorry you had >to witness that." A quick flick of telekinesis shot the Magneton body >back into her hand. "Justice is sometimes...unpretty." > >For all of Sabrina's psychic powers, she was momentarily taken unawares >when the Magneton abruptly shot forwards and upwards, dragging her into >the air with it. #LET US GO!!!# A crackle of electricity lit up the air. The shock went through Sabrina hard enough to render her unconscious. For a few moments. She fell back to the ground below with a thump. The Magneton bobbed in the air for a few seconds, recovering from the energy output. As it floated back down, Sabrina's purple eyes fluttered open. #Maybe we shouldn't have done that...# #Purr....# #Aerie...!# Sabrina was on her knees. And they were frozen. "I told Bill what I would do if you caused trouble..." #We didn't do anything! You're just going to keep us locked up this way forever!# "Calm down, boy. You wanted me to help you control your problem with the MissingNo., didn't you? I have done so. In your current state your psychic abilities have been rendered inactive, there is no danger. To anyone." #There has to be another way!# Aerie sparked. Sabrina picked up the Magneton and turned it in her fingers. Her eyes lit up in consideration. "Perhaps. But you may eventually wish you had remained this way." #Give us that choice.# #Sian?# "So be it." The glow faded from the Magneton in her hand. She dropped the empty shell on the ground where it clattered to a standstill. *** "Seth?" Aerie sat up slowly. Her body felt sore, and she was hungry. Though more thirsty than anything else. Swallowing, she looked around to find herself back in the room they had been imprisoned in. Reaching over, she found Seth lying beside her. She shook him gently. "Seth, are you there?" Seth woke with a moan. "Ow...Sabrina isn't exactly the gentle type is she?" Aerie blinked. "Seth?" He didn't appear to be moving. "What?" "You..." Slasher opened his eyes. "....Sian?" Aerie squeaked in surprise. "Aerie, what's the matter?" Seth looked over her shoulder. There on the floor was....himself. He blinked. "What in the..." "SIAN!" Slasher jumped up and away from Seth. "PURRRRRSSSIIIlAANNN!!" With a sigh, Aerie looked between Seth the Persian and Slasher the...err...Seth. So would that actually be Seth the Slasher and Slasher the Seth? She shook her head. "Sabrina did it again." "Well, she didn't do it to you!" Seth's tail whipped back and forth. "I thought she was going to change us back!" Aerie shrugged. "Maybe there was a mix-up?" "Sian!" Slasher crossed his arms and fumed. "There was no mix-up." Looking up, they found Sabrina had appeared in the room. She put up a hand. "Before you all start whining, let me explain. There is something that can control the psychic energy that's fueling the MissingNo. But first you must do something for me." "What?" Sabrina narrowed her eyes at Seth. "Let me continue. I want you to bring your mother to me." Seth blinked. "What!? What for?" "She has stolen a very important item from me. The one that can solve the MissingNo. problem. I want it back." "Hold on," Aerie frowned. "Why can't you just zap it back yourself?" Sabrina pulled a small ruby-like box from out of nowhere. "The properties of this box that will help us also ward off my power. It must be fetched by hand, and I haven't the time to go hunting for it myself." "Sian....Purrsian?" Slasher looked as though he were trying to remember something. "This one is just an illusion." Sabrina dropped her hand and the box disappeared. "Your former mistress and yourself stole the real item from beneath this gym. And if you do not retrieve both her and the box to me, you must stay in your current condition forever. Or at least until I decide to solve the MissingNo. problem the easy way for the greater good." "Can't we just bring you the box?" Seth looked up at her. "What do you need my Mom for?" "Just do as I say. Or stay as you are." The room shimmered, and Sabrina disappeared. And the trio were sitting outside the Saffron gym. Seth put his paws over his head. "Aerie, do you think we could melt her with a bucket of water?" Aerie sighed and shook her head. Slasher looked skyward. "Siiian....trouble." TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ----- Webber: ----- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI