From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] From the Wizard to the Witch... Date: Sunday, November 07, 1999 2:22 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > "This one is just an illusion." Sabrina dropped her hand and the box > disappeared. "Your former mistress and yourself stole the real item from > beneath this gym. And if you do not retrieve both her and the box to me, you > must stay in your current condition forever. Or at least until I decide to > solve the MissingNo. problem the easy way for the greater good." > > "Can't we just bring you the box?" Seth looked up at her. "What do you need my > Mom for?" > > "Just do as I say. Or stay as you are." > > The room shimmered, and Sabrina disappeared. And the trio were sitting outside > the Saffron gym. Seth put his paws over his head. "Aerie, do you think we > could melt her with a bucket of water?" > > Aerie sighed and shook her head. Slasher looked skyward. "Siiian....trouble." Aerie and Seth blinked at Slasher for a moment, but their suprise quickly passed. To say they were used to unexpected wierdness would be correct. "So, where do you think Maria is these days?" Seth shrugged. "I know she was active in Team Rocket, but that's about it. Slasher?" "Sian sian remember where you were twenty years purr, do you?" "No, I guess not." Seth flicked his tail. "But I'll bet Team Rocket's computers have some idea where she was last seen." Aerie frowned at him for a moment, then sighed. "If we have to..." She took a few steps... "SIIIAN!" "Iite..." ...and turned around to see Seth's body sprawled face down on the ground, with Slasher's body looking like it was walking drunk while trying to free its tail from under Seth's. She cradled her face in one hand. "Slasher, I can believe. Seth, what's *your* problem with walking? You've had four legs before." "Not like this. The joints are all...different. Not as fluid as I'm used to. It's almost like arthritis." "Sian..." "Well, he is an adult Persian. Maybe he could use some cartilage reconstruction. I don't think the doctors of this time knew how to maintain aging pokemon very well, but I *think* I remember some of the procedures..." "Siiian..." Deprived of his feline mask of aloofness, Slasher actually looked a little worried. Seth chuckled a purring chuckle. "Here to replace yesterday's Nurse Joy model, it's Nurse Aerie!" "Hmph. *I* don't have a hundred clones of me running around. Anyway, Slasher, transform. It'll look a little wierd having two identical Persians walking into the Rocket station, but I think we can pull it off." "Siian? I don't know how..." "Oh, for crying out..." Aerie blinked. "Waaait. Seth, can you transform?" The Persian struggled for a bit, but nothing happened. "Sorry," he eventually breathed while panting after holding his breath. "Ok. Umm, Seth, can you walk Slasher through how to transform?" "Nope. I already tried telepathy. No can do in this body; it just doesn't work." #How about this?# #...yeah, I can hear you. Can you hear me?# #Yes, but only if I try. Slasher?# #Sian?# #Ok, well, at least I've still got it, and I can act as a relay for you two. Seth, can you think about how to transform? I'll send your thoughts to Slasher.# #Ok...# #...# #...# #We're waiting.# Seth blinked. #I've already gone through it.# Aerie raised an eyebrow. #We didn't pick up a thing.# #Great...# "Only one thing for it, then." Aerie looked around, spied a promising looking alley, hefted her two companions, carrried them over, and carefully set them on the ground. "Until we find out some way to tell Slasher how to transform, the two of you are just going to have to get used to your new bodies. Spend some time teaching each other how you use your bodies; I'm sure there's some details even *I* don't want to know. I'll go find and check out the Rocket base; I'm pretty sure there's one near the Game Corner." She walked to the alley's opening. "No one should bother you here until I get back, but just in case... Seth: could you make sure you get Slasher's combat moves down as part of the training?" Aerie blew them both a kiss and winked. "Back soon." Seth barely managed to struggle to his feet and wave his tail before Aerie was out of sight. Slasher did not even get that far until several minutes later. TBC?