From: Zenigame325 <> Subject: [PW!] GunDoom 0083 Date: Saturday, November 06, 1999 8:54 AM RoboNarrator 10,000: In the last episode, Randy beat Misty, and headed to Vermillion city, while a cloaked figure watched. Now, on with the episode. "Randy." said Piccolo. "What?" Randy replied. "Someone is watching us." "How can you tell?" "The ninja is ever vigilant." He then threw a few shuriken into a tree, and a man fell out of it. "Cad! Now you shall face the wrath of Doom!" he shouted. The man was dressed exactly like Doctor Doom from the comics. "I challenge you to a pokemon duel!" he said. "Okay, I accept." said Randy. "Go! Aznable!" said Doom. Doom threw a pokeball, and a charmeleon appeared. "Okay, Piccolo! Go!" shouted Randy. "Hai!" said Piccolo. "Aznable! Slash!" ordered Doom. "Piccolo! slash!" The charmeleon Aznable slashed Piccolo with his claws. In return, Piccolo slashed him with his katana. "A good attack, but can you stand this? Fire blast!" said Doom. "Piccolo! PiKatana!" shouted Randy. "Kyah!!" Piccolo shouted. Piccolo chargeds his katana with electricity, then slashed at Aznable. "CHARMELEON!!!!!!!!!!" Aznable screamed. Aznable turned to Doom. "Charmeleon char!" said Aznable. "What? You're too hurt to fight? Doom will castigate you later!" Doom shouted. "That's harsh. You should lighten up." said Randy. "Silence!! Doom listens to no man!! Go, Hyakushiki!!" "Voltorb!" it said. Return, Piccolo! Go, Cyrus!" Said Randy. "I beat up big pokeball?" Cyrus asked. "Yup." "Okay." "Hayakushiki! Swift!" Doom said. "Cyrus! Scratch!"said Randy. Hyakushiki shot speed stars, which drained a lot of hp. Cyrus then scratched him up badly. "Hyakushiki! If you best him, then Doom shall reward you greatly!" said Doom. Hyakushiki's eyes lit up. "Voltorb!!!!!" it said happily. "Thunder!" Doom ordered. Now motivated by Doom's promise, Hyakushiki channeled all of his electrical energy into one blast, which fried Cyrus. "Cyrus!" shouted Randy. "NYAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!" Cyrus screamed. "Hyakushiki, return! Go, Uraki!" said Doom. "Jolteon!" Uraki called. "Go, Magus!" said Randy. <<What would you like, Randy?>> the Magus asked. "Beat this electric doggy's tuckus." said Randy. <<No problem.>> "Uraki, pin missle!" Doom said. "Magus! Confusion!" said Randy. The Magus used confuision, which hurt Uraki. In return, Uraki shot needles at him, which knocked him out. "Magus!" shouted Randy. "Doom triumphs again!" said Doom. "Not yet, dummy. Piccolo, go!" "Uraki, double kick!" "Piccolo! Shuriken attack!" Piccolo threw the shuriken before Uraki could kick him, and Uraki fainted. "Curses! Go, Hyakushiki!" said Doom. "Piccolo! Slash! said Randy. "Swift!" Piccolo slashed the voltorb before he could get a hit in. Before he fainted, Hyakushiki used selfdestruct, and both Piccolo and Hyakushiki fainted. "It sems that this is a draw, boy. As a parting gift, Doom gives you this." Doom said. He handed Randy a TM. "It is a technique used only by the worthy. I must depart now." Doom teleported away. "Good job, Randy." Lisa kissed Randy on the cheek. "GWAA-" Randy was rendered a vegetable for an hour. When he recovered, they got to the city. "Vermillion city, my hometown." "Mabe you could show me your house." "Good idea." After going to a pokemon center, they headed to Randy's house, and rang the doorbell. RoboNarrator 10,000: As Randy and co. go to Randy's house, what will happen? Find out in the next episode! Next Episode: Welcome home, Randy Tell me what you think! ___________________________________________________________________ Pabumon! digivolve to Motimon! Motimon! Digivolve to Tentomon! Tentomon! Digivolve to Kabuterimon! Kabuterimon! Digivolve to Megakabuterimon! - Zenigame, who has memorized every digimon's name.