From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Here's the Deal: You Must Steal... Date: Saturday, November 13, 1999 7:05 PM RobfromVoid wrote: > "Seeeee! Seeeeee! Seeeee! SEEEEEEEE!!!" A hungry baby Chansey named > Omelette shouts in an annoying high pitched voice. The infant Pokemon > pulls on her mother's red hair, unaware that she woke up after the first > "Seeeee!" > > Minax is laying down on the grasses near Saffron City, in a ditch so that > late night passerbys wouldn't see her as she slept. She opens her eyes to > see that it is early in the morning, "Well, what do you know... > Omelette's a regular alarm clock. I think I'll hit the Snooze button." > Minax reaches over and slams her fist onto Omelette, killing the poor > baby... > > Then Minax wakes up. Omelette is crying, just like in Minax's realistic > dream, but unlike in the dream, Minax doesn't act upon her initial cruel > impulses. Instead, she sits up. She had taken off her tight jeans and > boots before she went to bed to sleep more comfortably in just her black > panties and top, so when she crosses her legs, she pauses to admire their > smoothness. Minax then hefts Omelette onto her lap, and gently pats her > on the back, "Don't worry, Omelette, you'll eat soon enough. I can't feed > you now though, since I don't make any milk." > > Omelette the baby Chansey hops up and down anyway, trying to reach for > one of Minax's two large mammary glands. > > Minax stops Omelette in mid-hop and places her on the ground, "Don't > move, or else I'll get my Arbok to Wrap you." The small Pokemon seems to > understand Minax, and she rolls up into a tiny pink ball to go back to > sleep. That taken care of, Minax works her way into her jeans while > sitting, but has to stand up in order to fit such a large butt into such > a small space. Once her jeans are on, she sits back down to force her > feet into her knee-high black leather boots. Minax slides her belt back > on, then attaches her Pokeballs, sack, sheath, and holster. > > From within her holster, Minax withdraws a silver pistol and a small red > rag. She uses the rag to polish the pistol that she re-loaded at one of > the Rocket Bases in Celadon City before heading to the grasses near > Saffron City. When she is satisfied with the gleam of her gun, she hides > it in its holster once again, places a still rolled up Omelette into the > sack on her belt, and stands up. She dusts herself off, and initiates her > morning jog in the direction of Saffron City. It only takes her fifteen > minutes to arrive at the Western Gate of Saffron City, where she told Oz > and Nori to meet her. She stretches her arms out and leans against the > wall, certain that the Rocket Recruit and the ten year old Rocket will > arrive soon... > > An hour later, Minax is still leaning against the wall of the Western > Entrance of Saffron City, tapping her foot impatiently, still waiting for > Oz and Nori to show up. She has been glancing up at the sun occasionally > to tell the time. Since she has been without a home for so long, she's > been able to perfect this art with merely a possible five minute > inaccuracy. When she glances upwards a seventh time, it is seven AM. She > reminisces that when she was a child, her favorite cartoon show was on > during this time, but is also reminded of the loud screaming and > shrieking that was usually heard in the background during the program, > coming from her father and mother, respectively. She narrows her eyes, > "Where are they?" > > Oz, a young boy with spiky red hair who is wearing a green shirt and blue > jeans, runs towards Saffron City with a Sandshrew and a Meowth at either > side, knowing that he's already at least one minute late, hoping that > Minax won't shoot him because of it. Nori is chasing after him, finding > it a little difficult to keep up. When he reaches the Gate, Oz slides, > stopping right at Minax's feet. "Oz is safe! Or is he?" He proceeds to > kiss her boots, "Please don't kill me..." > > "Get up." Minax snorts. A kick to the chin coming from the red-head > Rocket helps Oz speed up the process of standing up. "And take this silly > thing out of your hair." Minax pulls a headband out of Oz's hair that > makes him look like Misty. > > Oz cheers since he doesn't have to pretend to be Misty anymore. He does > have a bit of a problem with stealing Pokemon to join Team Rocket... but > he tells himself that when he's on the inside, he can make sure the > Pokemon he stole are returned to the owner. Joining Team Rocket is the > only way he's going to find his Pokemon, "What do I do now, Minax?" > > "Come." Minax marches into the Western Gate of Saffron City, nods to the > absent minded patrolman who always lets her through without checking to > see who she is, and finds herself inside Saffron City. Oz and Nori don't > have any problems with customs, either, and are soon chasing Minax as she > runs to one of her least favorite alleyways. Minax isn't about to show > the two rookies where she lives so they can hunt her down. Once there, > she proclaims, "Here we are." > > "This dank place?" Nori waves her hand in front of her nose, "This > stinks." > > Minax smirks at the young Rocket, "Yeah, rookie, but you'd have to be > psychic to know that this is where Oz is going to bring the Pokemon he > steals. And fortunately for us and especially me, there is no psychic > Officer Jenny. They're all a bunch of idiots who couldn't catch a > Pokemon, less a criminal. Nepotism breeds incompetence." > > Oz pauses for a moment, then slowly approaches Minax, hoping not to get > hit again, "So... what... am I supposed to do?" > > "Sneak into the Pokemon Center and steal at least three Pokemon." Minax > makes this declaration while pointing in the general direction of the > Saffron City Pokemon Center, "Good luck. Oh yeah, and be aware that if > you steal from a psychic trainer, they are very likely to pop your head > open like a pimple. Have fun!" Minax pats Oz on the back with so much > force that it sends him flying out of the alleyway! Oz's Sandshrew and > Meowth hiss at Minax, then run off... > From Rob's post in "Sabrina: the Teenaged *Censored* Shields, Svengali, Sigfreid, and Jon's Alakazam were sitting on the grass trying to gather their strength. Sarah Jane held out their Pokeballs and retrieved the Psychic Pokemon. "I won't be able to go back to Cinnabar until they've had a chance to recuperate," she said. Robert and Rilli helped her inside, where Sarah Jane gave over her Pokeballs to Nurse Joy. "I'm going to send the others a message, let Cuddles and Spunky out, then rest for a while before trying to go back to Cinnabar," she told her friends.. "Good luck at the gym," she told Robert. Robert smiles at Sarah Jane and winks, "Thanks for all your help! If you ever need something..." Robert casually glances downward, then back up at Sarah Jane, "...just let me know next time we meet! I'll be glad to oblige! Good bye..." Mithril-rama plucks the carrier holding Sarah Jane's baby Aerodactyl off her neck, carefully so as to not wake up Pteryx, lest she bite off one of her fingers, and places it around Sarah Jane's neck, "Thank you. Feel better soon! See you later..." Robert holds Mithril-rama's hand and skips away from the Saffron City Pokemon Center just as a strange looking teen with a Sandshrew and a Meowth is loafing about, eyeing Sarah Jane. While Robert and Rilli skip past him, Robert decides to sing a song, despite the fact he's tone-deaf, "Weeee're off to see Sabrina, the wonderful psychic of Oz..." <end insert> Sarah Jane watched her friends leave with a smile. She hoped Robert would do well, but Sabrina was very unpredictable. The gym leader had been cordial to Sarah Jane, but it may have been as one psychic to another. Sarah Jane hobbled over to a video phone, then glanced at the time. It was still early.... the others probably weren't even awake after partying all night, and if they were awake, they would be out training to combat Blaine. Instead, she moved over to a comfortable looking seat. She could feel Pteryx stirring, and Cuddles and Spunky were probably wanting out of their Pokeballs. Sarah Jane pulled two of her three remaining pokeballs out of her pack and released Cuddles and Spunky. With a stretch, the two were instantly their usual selves, leaping around excitedly. Pteryx poked her head out of her carrier and squawked. The baby Aerodactyl watched Cuddles and Spunky, then tried to squirm out of the carrier. "You want to play too, huh?" "AWWWKK." "Okay. But don't wander too far." Sarah Jane checked to make sure Pteryx's collar and id tag were secure, then set her down on the floor. Pteryx hopped over to Cuddles and Spunky. Cuddles comes over and sniffs her. Spunky notices the baby's tail moving behind her. Slowly he creeps forward, intent on snagging the moving tail. Suddenly, he finds him face to face with his growling sister. "Niiiiiddddddooooorrrrannnnn....." <<Don't even think about it>> she snarls. Almost chirping happily, oblivious to Spunky's intentions, Pteryx hops on Cuddles back. With a flick of her tail, Cuddles turns from her brother to give the baby a ride. Confused, Spunky sits down. He looks up at Sarah Jane. "You need to play nice with the baby," she said. "It's not like playing with Drake or the other pokemon. No rough play, do you understand?" "Niiiii...." he nods, then goes to chase after Cuddles and Pteryx. "Don't wander too far," she calls after him. Yawning, she watches the little pokemon play. Cuddles appears to be reluctant to let her brother too close to Pteryx. Spunky yelps when Pteryx nips his tail. Growling, Spunky turns towards the baby. "Be nice," calls Sarah Jane. "Remember, she's a baby and doesn't know better." Sarah Jane finds herself yawning again. She props her foot up on one of her crutches, then mentally tries to plan her strategy for the gym once she returns to Cinnabar. Glancing at the clock, she hopes it won't be too long before the Pokemon are healed. <TBC> -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||