From: Pipian <> Subject: Re: [PW] I'd Have to Say Celedon Might Be the Place to Go... Date: Sunday, November 28, 1999 3:21 PM syke6888 L <> wrote in message news:81s888$am4$ > > > In no time flat, they were at the pokemon center, and Karuko's > Pokemon > > were being healed. Volcano was already healed, and so, while she > waited, > > Karuko decided to go to the mall to look for any essentials they might > need. > > They didn't get far before crashing into another girl going the opposite > direction. The two trainers fell to the ground then got up and stared at > each other. Karuko wasn't too sure what to make of the intruder. She had > shoulder-length blonde hair, gren eyes and a shirt that looked rather > gooey. "Who are you?" she asked. > > the intruder responded. "My name's Cajava. What's yours?" > > "Karuko. And this Vulpix is named Volcano. If you don't mind my asking, > what's with the shirt?" > > Cajava sweatdropped. "Ummm, it's an embarrasing story, but this shirt is > actually my Ditto, Blob. You see, an accident tore my shirt apart and I > don't have a spare. Tell you what, I'll be right back." Cajava dashed > into a nearby building and soon came out wearing a green tanktop. Oozing > next to her was Blob, happy yet disappointed he can no longer cover up > his trainer. "Ahh, that's better. Now, hwat are ypou doing this fine > day?" > > TBC? "Well, I just came in from Saffron... We came from Cerulean down to Saffron to try a battle, but I think the trainer there was a *bit* too hard, from the looks of the place... So I came here. Right now I'm healing my other pokemon. I decided I'd go to the mall to check for any necessities..." "Hmm... Well I'm not sure it'll have anything you'll need..." said Cajava. "Besides, I think there are a bunch of perverts in there," Cajava continued, whispering. "Vul!" came a voice from below the two. Volcano tugged Karuko's sleeve. "Yes?" "Vulpix, vul. Pix, vul." "You say you talked to Blob and found out he was a Ditto? I wonder how you found that out! Haha!" Volcano chuckled... Or at least what sounded like a chuckle, coming from a Vulpix. "Hey, Cajava?" "Yeah?" "What are you doing here?" TBC? Hey, don't have Cajava tell her secret. Just have it accidentally revealed in a later post. Besides, then Karuko can reveal her secret... That is if she has one I can come up with... BTW, Outlook Express's spell check thinks Cajava should be cadaver... Pipian