From: syke6888 L <> Subject: Re: [PW] I'd Have to Say Celedon Might Be the Place to Go... Date: Monday, November 29, 1999 7:26 AM > Volcano chuckled... Or at least what sounded like a chuckle, coming > from a Vulpix. > > "Hey, Cajava?" > > "Yeah?" > > "What are you doing here?" "Well, I'm on a Pokémon Journey, and I recently fought Erika for a Rainbow Badge, see?" She showed Karuko her new badge. Karuko nodded. "I see. Where do you come from?" "All the way from Evolution Mountain. I've seen many things on my trip, and I also snagged myself a Thunder Badge thanks to Blob, here." Blob raised its arms in victory, causing the two to giggle. "I'm from Cerulean. I've also decided on a Pokémon Journey with Volcano at my side." "In that case, how about we hang out together for a while? It's always nice to have a friend around." "I'd like that." Meanwhile, Blob and Volcano were engaged in a bit of a staring contest. However, Seymour had popped out and at the moment was doing things to try to gain Volcano's attention. Flips, spins, funny faces ... you name it. Finally, Seymour tried a flip, miscalculated and stuck his horn into the ground. The sight of a Seel, hanging upside down, flippers in the air and horn in the ground was too much for Volcano. The Vulpix started laughing as much as a Vulpix could laugh. The two girls looked in the direction, saw what had happened and also started laughing. Five minutes later, Cajava returned Seymour to his Pokéball, and the two tried to figure out where to go next. TBC? >BTW, Outlook Express's spell check thinks Cajava should be cadaver... Ugh. At least Outlook Express suggests an example. Deja simply tells you words it thinks are wrong. Cajava is among those words. I don't hink it can sense the "é" because on spell check, Pokémon is "Pok mon." -- "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury- The Motion Picture) The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt Sent via Before you buy.