From: Mushboom <> Subject: [PW!] I'm on the Viridian City! Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 5:49 PM Cinder made his way through the dense vegetation. The teen sighed, "Who put this forest here?" he asked no one in particular. The trainer pushed one branch aside and held it there, he saw something out of his perriphiral vision. Maybe it was a Pokemon! He spun around, but to his dismay, no Pokemon were to be found. Then the branch he was holding hit him in the back of the head. Sprawled on the forest floor, his eyes met a pair of large eyes under a black V. "Far far fetch!" a chunk of leek slapped Cinder on the nose. The young boy rolled over, grabbing his face. "Owowowowow!" he sprung to his feet and stared down the leek-wielding duck. "A Farfetch'd! I gotta catch it!" He lobbed a pokeball, "Let's do it, Herc!" "Dude," Herc said, punching at the air. "Far! Far fetch'd!" the duck slapped the Geodude in between the eyes. "Shake it off! Rock Throw, now!" Herc heaved two rocks in the air and hurled them at the Farfetch'd. One hit directly, knocking the duck to the ground. The other pinned its right wing down. "Ha! You're mine! Return Herc! Go Pokeball!" The orb hit the Farfetch'd and energized the Pokemon in. It shook for a moment then the light faded. Cinder bent over and picked up his new Pokemon. "I dub thee, Duke the Farfetch'd. Now come on out, let's see what moves you have." Duke was zapped into existence, "Far!" "Like I said, what moves d'ta got?" "Far far," he nodded and prepared for some sherades. The duck began thrusting his beak forward. "Peck!" Duke nodded and began kicking up dust with his leek. "Sand Attack!" he nodded again, then he began slapping a tree with his leek "Leek Slap!"(I know, I know, it's not a real move but I mean, come on, count it as Doubleslap). Duke nodded and started to stare down the tree he had just slapped, "Leer!" "Far far! Far fetch'd far!" a firecracker went off and sent tiny streamers flying, indicating Cinder got them all right. "Well, Duke, how 'bout you stay in your Pokeball until we get to Viridian?" the duck agreed and was sucked into its red and white home. Cinder grinned and sat on a nearby log, he pulled out his exacto knife and gold squeeze-pen and started to carve Duke's name into his Pokeball. <A little later...> Cinder stood up and smiled at his work, then he re-attached the orb onto his vest. He continued through the brush until he found a dirt path. Following the path, he spied the familiar red P of the Pokemon Center in the distance. Before the trainer could go any further, a small boy in a sleeveless shirt and carrying a net bounded in front of him. "Gah! What do you want?" "I am a Bug Trainer! I challenge you to a Pokemon battle! 2 on 2!" the boy said. "Um...Okay, whatever. I choose you, Whirley!" the Poliwag appeared, ready for a fight. "No problem, go Metapod!" the green pod came forth, and just sat there. "Whirley, Bubble attack!" Whirley inhaled and blew out several bubbles, all which hit Metapod. Metapod quickly fell over. "Metapod can't cut it! Do it, Caterpie!" the little catterpillar trembeled with fear. 'Oh no, I'm going to lose!' exclaimed the Caterpie which simply came out as "Cata-pata, cata-pata!" "Return, Whirley! Go Spaz!" the hyper Venonat energized on cue. Spaz began bouncing up and down excitedly. "Spaz, use Disable!" For a moment, Spaz concentrated and the Caterpie was surrounded in a blue aura and raised high above the ground. "Tackle, now!" Spaz jumped at the hovering worm and nailed it hard into the dirt. The fainted Caterpie was recalled, as was Spaz. "You beat me! I better train my Pokemon better! Here's your stupid money!" the Bug Catcher handed Cinder about 500 dollars and ran back to the bushes. Cinder pocketed the cash and continued on his way. <Later, in Viridian City...> Cinder handed his Pokeballs over to the nurse, they didn't really need healing but what the heck. As they were being healed, Cinder wandered around the PokeCenter. On the wall was a large map of the PokeWorld, he looked at the surrounding cities. He thought to himself 'I can't go to Indigo Plateau, because I need all the badges to do that. Heck, I don't even have the Boulder Badge, I need to train my Pokemon a little more. I could go to Pallet but that would be a bit pointless, maybe have a chat with Professor Oak. Or I could go to Vermillion City and level up Herc at Surge's Gym. Maybe I'll just beat a couple more trainers, have a chat with the Prof., maybe get a Pokemon from him as a "starter" and then head back to Pewter to get a Boulder Badge from Brock.' By the time Cinder had decided, his Pokemon were fighting fit and they were on their way. -- -Mushboom ----------------------------------------------- ICQ-38179649 AIM-Mushboom99/Mushzilla ----------------------------------------------- "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" -Godzilla, my idol