From: Zenigame325 <> Subject: [PW!] Is it Celadon? Date: Thursday, November 18, 1999 4:46 PM RoboNarrator 10,000: In the last episode, Randy beat a samurai named Hiroki, with the help of Kami. Now, Randy and co. are at their destination. "Are we dere yet?" Cyrus asked. "Yes, Cyrus." Randy replied. "I don't think that this is Celadon." Piccolo said. "What?" Randy looked at a sign welcoming them to Fuschia. "Not again! Lisa..." Randy moaned. "Sorry. At least there's a gym here. You could get another badge." Lisa said. "That's not a good idea." Piccolo replied. "Why?" Randy asked. "Koga keeps his pokemon at a higher level than you do. We'd get beaten to a pulp." "That's just perfect." "Well,we could always go to the Safari Zone." Lisa said. "What's that?" "A place that you can csatch rare pokemon." "Okay, you redeemed yourself, Lisa." They began walking to the Safari Zone, when they were stopped by a strange man. "Hello. Are you going to the Safari Zone?" the man asked. "Uh, yeah." Randy said. "Well, take this." He handed Randy a fishing rod. "Thanks." Randy said. "Don't forget to use it!" the old man said. The old man walked away. "Who was that?" Lisa asked. "I have no idea." Ramdy replied. "Well, you can use it to catch a pokemon." They then proceeded to the Safari Zone. "Welcome to hte Safari Zone! Would you like to enter?" a man at the counter asked. "Yes, please." Lisa said. "Well, you can get entry and 30 pokeballs for each of you for $40.00." "Uh, okay." Randy said. Randy handed him the money. "Thanks! Come again!" They walked into the zone. "Thanks for paying for me, Randy!" Lisa said. "No problem." Randy said. "Well, what would you like to do?" "Uh, I'm gonna use the rod that the old man gave me." "Okay." Randy cast the line into a lake, and waited a few minutes. "Something's tugging on my line, Lisa." Randy said. "It took long enough." said Lisa. Randy reeled up his line. "Horsea!!" a horsea said. "What'a that?" Randy pulled out his pokedex. "Horsea. a dragon pokemon" the pokedex said. "A DRAGON???" Randy shouted. "Yup, it's a dragon." Lisa said. "Then I'm gonna catch it!" Randy threw a safari ball at it, and it wobbled around before stopping. "Yes!" "I'm proud of you, Randy." Lisa said. Lisa kissed Randy on the cheek, and he started babbling like an idiot. "Why did you do that?" Piccolo asked. "It's fun." Lisa replied. "Okay, that's just sick." After a while, Randy came out of his stupor and left the zone for the night. "Let's come back for more pokemon, okay?" Randy asked. "Only if you're paying." Lisa said. RoboNarrator 10,000: So, Randy caught another pokemon, and is coming back for more. What will he catch next? Find out on the next episode! Next episode: Psyduck Problems Does anyone read this? __________________________________________________________________________ _______ Pokemon, getto daze! -Zenigame, who spent a half hour making a bad ASCII Zenigame. __ /o o \ __\_ - _/__ {__ /_ |_ \__} \_\./_/ | | | | // \ / \\