From: Link640985 <> Subject: [PW!] Jack meets the Big Rattata Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 3:52 AM Jack slowly edged torward the coast of cinnibar, where very strong pokemon have been found. Jack knew that catching one of them could mean the beginning of the end for the infamous Team Rocket. And that's exactly what he wanted. As he moved closer to the coast, Jack saw many pokemon running around. He creeped closer, trying the best he could not to make a sound. And when he got close enough Jack jumped out into the open. All of the pokemon scattered, apparently fearing him. And then Jack noticed a lone Rattata, still eating, acting as if it wasn't even afraid of him. Jack walked up to it, and the Rattat growled for ten minutes, and then resumed eating a pile of apples. Then Jack remebered seeing pidgeys, rattatas, and spearows alike giving the Rattata the pile of apples, as if they were paying him to protect them or something. Jack pulled out his pokedex and used it to check what level the Rattata was at. Jack gasped a little when the pokedex responded (Lev. 59). Link640985 "Novice in Writing, Master in imagination"