From: <> Subject: Re: [PW][PODA] John be gone Date: Saturday, November 13, 1999 7:27 PM > Shortly after, Tiki ran into a small group. "Hey, you!! C'mon, we need > someone else for this mission!" Before Tiki could protest he was grabbed > and dragged into the nearby van. The van roared off to the Cerulean Gym, > with orders to kidnap misty and the Pokémon. <snip> > PODA meets outside of Rocket HQ. Among the group is Darian, Orion, Keri, > Jamie, and Score. "Where's Pipian and Tiki?" asked Score. Jamie spoke > up. > > "I have no idea where Pipian is, but Tiki was dragged on a Rocket > mission to Cerulean gym! We have to go bail him out!" Tiki stepped out of the van, "You" someone pointed at Tiki, "Go with George over there," the leader of the group pointed to a well built rocket who was obviously George. Tiki not having a choice walked off with George, "I haven't seen you before," George said to Tiki. "Yeah well I'm new and all, just got out of training." Tiki replied, trying not to blush. George and Tiki reached a door in the back it was guarded by three senior trainer sand their pokemon. George sent out an Exeggutor, "ALright Exeggutor, Hypnosis those guards." "TOR (YES)!!!" George removed one of Exeggutor's coconut heads and Exeggutor kicked it in front of the guards. They all looked at it wondering what it was, and then were all hypnotised, by the head. they fell to the ground asleep. Tiki noticed it was Exeggutor's back head that was removed, he dropped Sinder's pokeball silently. At the same time Tiki tapped on George's shoulder and Sinder did the same to Exeggutor. "What is it roo...." Tiki's fist met George's face. As did Sinder's flamethrower with Exeggutor's faces. Once both had fainted. Tiki grabbed Exeggutor's other head and put it back on the poor plant. Then Tiki returned Sinder, and picked his way into the gym, he needed to warn Misty. Meanwhile at the front of the gym, "Those guards will never let us in," Orion said, looking at the guards in the front. "Yeah and they'll arrest us on sight in these rocket uniforms.... That's it, you stay here and when they chase after me sneak in." Jamie said leaping up. "WHAT.. are you doing?" Orion asked puzzingly. "HEY ALL YOU STUPID CERULEUN GUARDS IM A ROCKET AND IM HERE TO GET MISTY NEANER NEANER!!!!!" Jamie yelled at the guards. Then three fourths of the guards chased after Jamie, while another one ran inside to phone the cops. Leaving only one guard left. Orion looked around for something, then he found a rock. Grabbing it he ran in front of the guard, and before he could react through it at him. The guard repsonded by catching it. And then Orion punched him. "Sorry about that," Orion said lying the guard down gentally, and running inside. Meanwhile Tiki had managed to sneak to the hallway where Misty's room was. But it was heavily guarded. "Hmmm what to do, there's too many ot fight even for Zip." Tiki contemplated his options. But he didn't have to find a solution, because half the guards were called out to guard the now unguarded front. Another quarter we're called to guard the back. And the last quarter were called to search the buidling for intruders. Other guards would be there soon to guard Misty. All the guards ran off, Tiki saw this as his chance, ran up and picked into Misty's room right before the other guards rounded the corner. he shut the door quickly, unfortunatly waking up Misty. She eepeed and screamed. "GUARRRRDDSSSSS!!!!!!" "NO don't scream I'm here to help you, please be quiet, I don't want ot harm you I'm trying to stop the realt Team Rocket from getting you." Tiki showed her him badges, "Would a rocket have these?" Misty contemplated this as Tiki ran into the closet as the guards opened the door, "MADAM MISTY WHAT IS IT!?!?" They yelled. "Oh ummm nothing it must have been a bug." She said, "Im alright now, you can go." The guards face-faulted and closed the door, Tiki came out, "Thak you, your guards aren't oging to be able to stop team rocket, there are a lot of them now." Tiki said, "We need to hide and find away to get the police here." Just then outside the sound of bodies falling to the ground was heard, "Quick under the bed!" Tiki ordered. Misty did as she was told and dove under the bed. Then the rocket's entered, "HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOIN HERE?!?!?!?" They yelled. "Uh... I searched this room, and she's not in here." Tiki replied. "How did you get here? Where's your partner?" They asked. "Uh.. Uhmmmm..." Just then Tiki noticed someone appear in the doorway, he smiled, "He's right there," They turned around to see Orion, who punched one in the face while Tiki released Sinder and Zip, who promptoly elctracuted, burned the remaining Rockets. "There you are Tiki, we need to get out of here, the police are arriving." Orion said. "OK Misty you can come out, you'll be okay now just don't go anywhere and make sure you dont open the door except for the police." Tiki said, opening a barred window that could only be opened from the inside. "Now that I'm expecting them no one's gonna get me!" Misty said picking pu her pokeballs. Orion, Keri and Tiki jumped out the wondow right before the Police arrived. Tiki and Orion landed, right in front of Jamie. "Hey guys I lost those guards, we don't have any time to stick around we need to book it back to the TR HQ and meet up with the others," Jamie said stopping only for a second before everyone started running toward the TR HQ. 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