From: syke6888 L <> Subject: Re: [PW][PODA] John be gone Date: Friday, November 19, 1999 10:27 AM > "Jamie.. lets go" Tiki looked at Jamie who was still in > shock. "Fine you two are going to regret this, Midgard, Sinder, Zip > GOOOO!!!!!" "Suckers!" yelled John as he released some white gunk from his glove. the stuff immediately covered Zip, taking the Pikachu out of battle. Spark's spikes glowed, and immediately blasted Sinder with a powerful Thundershock. Sinder got up and his eyes shrunk as a Blair-Witch style symbol flew in his direction. Wham! The fire blast slammed into the lizard and he crashed into the wall. Pipian slammed his fist on a nearby button, and a cage landed over Sinder. The mighty lizard tried to bend the bars, but a large shock hit him. "Electabuzzes...gotta love 'em." came a voice behind them. Tii and Jamie whirled around and saw Alex, John's partner. "Give up, PODA pest. There's no escape. "No way! Midgard, Dig!" "OOONNNIXX!" Midgard smashed its head into the ground, creating a long tunnel. Tiki grabbed Jamie and a few of the others and ran down the tunnel, leaving behind Marco, Score and Sinder. Alex was about to follow them when Midgard slammed into the tunnel, causing a cave-in. "Damn! We almost had them!" he cursed. John and Pipian looked on in quiet. It was at that time Alex noticed something. "Where's the Vaporeon?" Ariel was nowhere to be seen. Back at PODA HQ... "Damn! What possessed John and Pipian to join Team Rocket? I feel so betrayed." The group was standing outside the building and trying to free Orion and the others from the web-gunk. Suddenly, a wave of water splashed over them all. A sopping wet Tiki looked over and saw Ariel. "Vaporeon eon eon!" orion translated. "According to Ariel, john had an accident earlier. An attack by a Raticate caused him to smash his head into a wall and now he has amnesia." A look of understanding cam over Tiki. "And I guess Pipian was brainwashed. I should have known better. But that still leaves us with a few, people short. Not only that, but they got Sinder." Tii sighed. "Hey, wasn't the door closed when we left?" A quick ice beam and some chipping later, the group went in to investigate and found... TBC?(okay Lewis, continue. by the way, I think it's almost time for a new post. This is getting long as hell.) -- "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury- The Motion Picture) The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt Sent via Before you buy.