From: <> Subject: Re: [PW][PODA] John be gone Date: Tuesday, November 09, 1999 4:01 PM > at Tiki tilted his heads then dove back into the ground. "Sorry buddy > but your not getting away that easily, TWIRL GO TO IT!!!" The Starmie > Appearead ready top do battle.... "Alright Twirl it's been awhile since we last battled but lets give it a try, Hydro Pump into the whole!!!" Tiki yelled. Twirl jumped into the air and fired toward the whole, the massive pulses of water after the four jets had gone Tiki looked into the whole, only to see a bunch of mud "What?" Just then a large rumbling noise began, then the Onixcrashed through the surface of the rock underneath Twirl. "AHH Twirl, recover then Blizzard attack!" Twirl jumped off the ground after it hit it, then shot off eight ice shards toward the Onix. Before they it thought the Onix hardened and with strained from fainting. It then tried to fall on Twirl (Rock Throw). Twirl tried to evade with Minimiza but was still sturck a mighty blow by the rock snake. Twirl was about to faint but fortunatly Tiki had a tirck up his sleeve. "Twirl, Recover now!" Tiki yelled. The starmie glowed and then stopped somewhat better now. "Alright now Hydro Pump the Onix again this time make sure you hit it. Twirl did as he was told and fired the massive water streams at the tremendous beast. the Onix hardened again, but it was no use, even with its now ultra-tough skin it fell to the ground near fainting. "Great job Twirl, I'll take it from here, GREAT BALL GO!!!!" Tiki through the Great Ball, and it closed around the Onix. It shook for what seemed like an eternity, eventually the light went white. "ALRIGHT I CAUGHT AN ONIX!!!!!!" Tiki grabbed his pokedex for info on the Onix. Tiki was shocked to learn that it had previously been owned by another trainer and had been taught Dig ( instead of Earthquake like I said) it also had Slam Rock throw and Harden. 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