From: syke6888 L <> Subject: Re: [PW][PODA] John be gone Date: Saturday, November 13, 1999 6:37 PM > "Alright lets go," Pipian said. And the group then walked into the > front entrance of the building. They split up again, each member easily passing for a Rocket. However, Pipian made the mistake of forgetting to salute a superior officer. A while later, he himself was gagged and dragged into a hidden room. Inside, John awaited. "I should have gone with Alex's idea and killed you back at HQ." Another Rocket brought out a gun and aimed at Pipian's head. John stopped him. "Wait, Alex, I have a better idea. Wouldn't it hurt PODA if one of their own became a member of Team Rocket?" Alex thought for a moment, then put his gun away. "Good idea, John. We have a new brainwashing machine and need a chance to try it out. Pipian chewed through his gag. "John! What have you done? Why did you betray us? And after all we've been through?" "What are you talking about? I have always been a Rocket. I didn't even know what PODA was until eaelier today." Pipian's eyes shrunk as the words reached his ears. "John, that's not true. You're... Aaaagghhh!" An electric shock went through Pipian, knocking him out. "That's enough of those lies. C'mon, John, we have some berainwashing to do." In another area of the HQ, Tiki had met up with everyone except Darian and Pipian. "Any luck finding any sign of John?" All heads shook no. "Damn. Well, keep looking. he has to be here." they split up again. Shortly after, Tiki ran into a small group. "Hey, you!! C'mon, we need someone else for this mission!" Before Tiki could protest he was grabbed and dragged into the nearby van. The van roared off to the Cerulean Gym, with orders to kidnap misty and the Pokémon. In another area, Darian was on a computer, looking through the Rocket member files. He stopped on one file. In this was all the known information on a certain red-haired Rocket. As he read, darian's blood boiled as it had back at the police station when he saw the picture. he kept reading, and any rockets paid him no mind, believing he was searching for a partner. In the basement of HQ, Pipian was strapped in a chair with a VR helmet on his head. He was squirming around in his chair and yelling out in pain. Froma window John and Alex watched, Alex smirking, John wincing. "What are you doing to him, electric shocks?" Alex laughed at John's question. "Much worse. He is being forced to watch Barney the purple Kangaskahn and friends. We find that the antics of that child manifestation is enough to break down any victim." John shuddered. "Yes, it's enogh to make the devil flee in fear. One of Team Rocket's best ideas, given by one our worst members, James." the two continued to watch Pipian's pain. An half hour passes... PODA meets outside of Rocket HQ. Among the group is Darian, Orion, Keri, Jamie, and Score. "Where's Pipian and Tiki?" asked Score. Jamie spoke up. "I have no idea where Pipian is, but Tiki was dragged on a Rocket mission to Cerulean gym! We have to go bail him out!" "But what about Pipian? And John?" asked Orion. The group agreed that Jamie, Orion and Keri will help Tiki while the others continue to search the Rocket building. They split up yet again. In the basement... "Okay, who are you?" asked John. "I am Pipian, loyal Team Rocket member. My mission is to swipe Pokémon from around the world, and to defeat those who oppose us." "And your enemies are?" asked Alex. "The Pokémon Detective Agency. And also the Elite 4, police officers, and health food store owners." John and Alex sweatdropped. "Well, the health food enemy was different, but at least the brainwashing worked. Thank you, Barney." Alex and John then brought Pipian to the training rooms. TBC? (In case you're wondering why Barney was a Kangaskahn, I just can't see a Scyther or Aerodactyl as the lovable purple dinosaur.) -- "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury- The Motion Picture) The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt Sent via Before you buy.