From: RobfromVoid <> Subject: [PW!] Just Another Lie? Date: Saturday, November 27, 1999 10:08 PM Minax extends one final bandage across her bust, then snaps the piece off the bandage roll and shoves it inside her black sack. The red-haired female Rocket is dressed the way she usually is from the waist down - in tight blue jeans and knee-high black leather boots, but she is no longer wearing her black top. Instead, her upper body is wound in tight white bandages, which stop at her bust, leaving little to the imagination in terms of cleavage. She sighs and places a hot water bottle on her head. Omelette, the baby Chansey, sits on the grass next to Minax, watching her surrogate mother with a concerned look on her face. Ever since Omelette was born, she had never seen her pseudo-mom show any kind of pain - and even though the pain Minax is showing now is minimal, it worries the infant Pokemon, who has the instincts of nursing people and Pokemon back to health. Omelette feels bad since she hasn't developed her hidden Softboiled ability enough to help her suffering trainer. Minax, who is not completely devoid of emotion, looks down at her Chansey and notices that the baby Pokemon is worried about something, "What is it, Omelette? Are you hungry? Are you sleepy? Did you crap up something and want me to clean your ass? Go on. Spit it out, already! I don't have all morning, you know." Minax thinks about her last statement, and shakes her head, "I *do* have all morning, thanks to that little psychic brat who knocked me against that wall. Damn her!" "See?" Omelette looks down at the blades of grass of the fields south of Saffron, and starts to weep for her mother's pain... Minax drops her hot water bottle and raises her hand to strike Omelette, "Listen, pip-squeak, there's no damn reason to ever cry! I cried for many years, and it didn't do a single thing. Crying is for the lame who can't get up and do something about what's making them sad. I don't raise lame Pokemon, so if you're going to cry, you're going to have to do it without me!" Minax lowers her raised hand, gathers her things, stands up, and starts to limp away from Omelette... "Chansey! Chansey!" Omelette cries even harder, tears streaming, as she wobbles around in an attempt to stand up, "SEE!!!" Minax slows down when she hears her baby Pokemon's crying intensifying. She then stops completely and looks at her right leg, "I can't run with my leg all bruised up like this." Minax satisfies herself with this excuse for not abandoning Omelette and sits down on the grass again, staring away from Omelette, towards the early cruise ships leaving Vermilion Port. Omelette runs as fast as her little pink feet can take her, panting the whole way, towards Minax. When she finally catches up, the baby Chansey hops onto Minax's lap and snuggles up against her mom's bandaged abs, "Chansey! Chaaan!" Minax pets Omelette's back with one of her hands, "Don't get too cozy on my lap, Omelette. I'll still abandon you if you cry when my leg isn't hurt... But don't worry, because I'll make sure there won't be any more reasons for you to cry." Minax's gaze falls upon the silver pistol protruding from her holster, "I should cut down on murdering Pokemon... at least until you're old enough to hide in a Pokeball..." Minax frowns, unsure if this is going to be one of the promises she keeps or just another lie. -Minax