From: Time Lady <> Subject: [PW!]Life goes on.... Date: Friday, November 19, 1999 9:44 AM Previously in Pokewars: In "Here's the Deal, you must steal," Oz kidnapped Cuddles, Spunky, and Pteryx as part of his "Rocket initiation. In "The Shot Heard Round the World," Sarah Jane's Fearow was searching for the missing Pokemon when a shot from Minax ended the Fearow's life. Sarah Jane full latent potential was unleased due to her anger and upset. Backed up by her Alakazam, Hypno, Mr. Mime, and Jon's Alakazam, the girl confronted Minax, Nori, and Oz, where Sarah Jane showed Team Rocket that she was a force to be reckoned with. Sarah Jane reclaimed her baby Pokemon, then disappeared. And now, back to our story..... On Cinnabar Island, those who did not go to the abandoned labs to train are sitting at the Pokemon Center going over their strategies. "Seriously, he may not seem like it, but Blaine is one tough trainer," said Jon. "I'll take your word for it," replied Runt as he studied his Pokedex. "I wonder which Pokemon to use," said Christy. "Too bad Sarah Jane's not back yet. I'd like to see what she suggests." As if on cue, a glowing shape appears. Slowly the glow subsides revealing two Alakazams, a Hypno, a Mr. Mime, and a girl holding two Nidorans and a baby Aerodactyl. They notice that the girl doesn't look too well, particularly since two of the psychic Pokemon are helping her stand. Jon recognized his Alakazam and wondered why it was holding a red stained bundle "Sarah Jane! What happened?" exclaimed Kat as the four came over to help their friend. "Nori's turned Rocket," said Sarah Jane just before she passed out. A few hours later, at the hospital..... "That's all she said?" asked Damian as he looked at Sarah Jane, who was unconcious in the hospital bed. "Yeah," replied Jon. "And that poor Fearow.... Something happened, because all the Pokemon, even Cuddles, Spunky, and Pteryx were out of it. Damn.... I wish I could understand Pokemon the way Sarah Jane does...." "What does the doctor say?" asked Julia. "Extreme fatigue. Kind of like she ran some kind of marathon," explained Christy. "Maybe that teleporting link she tried wore her out." "Yeah.... but that doesn't explain why Cuddles and Spunky were so shook up," interjected Runt. "Cuddles..... Spunky......." they heard Sarah Jane moan from the bed. "Cuddles.... Spunky.... Pteryx..." She sat up suddenly, completely alert. "Where are they? Where are my babies?" "They're okay," said Christy soothingly. "They're at the Pokemon Center with Nurse Joy." Suddenly, Sarah Jane began to cry hysterically. Between tears she told of the arrival in Saffron, the kidnapping, Bombadier's murder, and the rescue. "I.... I couldn't believe.... the way I felt.... it was so scary.... the power... their minds were wide open to me.... the red headed kid that took them... I couldn't blame him once I saw why he was doing it.... but Nori..." "I can't believe Nori would join Team Rocket," said Damian. Drake nodded. "Nori killed a Pidgeot... she's no better than that other killer... but.... I almost made Bombadier's murderer pull the trigger on herself..." Sarah Jane began crying anew. "I.... I could have killed her.... Oh God.... I wouldn't have been any better than her.... I don't want to ever be able to have that kind of ability...." "You know," said Runt, "that may be why Sabrina is the way she is. If she lost control, she could decimate the city." "Come on.... you probably couldn't even manage doing what you did before... stress makes people do strange things," said Jon. "Can you force my hand to move now?" "What?" asked Sarah Jane in surprise. "Can you do it now?" repeated Jon. "if you can't, then the whole incident was probably a reaction. I mean, having your baby Pokemon kidnapped, then your Fearow was murdered.... Heck, if I'd had that kind of ability when my Lapras was killed.... that Rocket would have self exploded." "What if it happens again, and I can't control myself?" returned Sarah Jane. "Remember, Sabrina did offer you the opportunity to come train with her," said Damian. "What you have is a gift," said Christy. "Some gift...." muttered Sarah Jane. Someone knocked at the door. Drake opened it to reveal Nurse Joy. Pteryx was in her arms. Cuddles and Spunky dashed past her and took a flying leap onto the bed. "Ni ni do!" they cried as they affectionately greeted their adoptive mother. Little Pteryx tried to flap her under developed wings to get to the bed. Nurse Joy brought the anxious baby Aerodactyl over to Sarah Jane. Shields followed into the room. "They were very anxious at the Pokemon Center," said Nurse Joy. "Your Mr. Mime suggested we bring them here to you." "Thank you," said Sarah Jane as she cuddled her babies. Shields came over and hugged his trainer. "I know this may not be the best time to ask," said Nurse Joy, "but should we have your Fearow sent to Lavendar Tower." Sarah Jane nodded. "I'll.... I'll make a report to Officer Jenny later.... that murderous woman and those other Rockets need to be put away for good," said Sarah Jane as she forced back more tears. <TBC> RL Note: I'll write some more later. Need to finish this up for now. -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ || Sent via Before you buy.