From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: [PW!] Maria of the Island Date: Monday, November 08, 1999 10:38 AM >After settling James into the rowboat, she set the Ditto at Slasher's paws. >"He's a new friend. Take care of him while I get us out of here." She sat >at >the oars and pushed away from shore. > >"Meowth?" Slasher pawed the sleeping Ditto curiously. Another one. Well, >this time he wouldn't let Maria down. He'd keep a close eye on this one. >The >cat pokemon curled up around the Ditto, wrapping his tail about protectively. > >The sun rose into the sky as the stolen rowboat and its passengers floated >away >from Fuschia and in the direction of the Seafoam Islands. *** Thanks to the strong current, the little rowboat made it onto the nearest island by the next afternoon. And not a moment too soon. Although Maria rather enjoyed the serenity of the sea, Slasher clearly was tiring of all the swells. Up and down, up and down, side to side..... The little Meowth wasn't looking seasick, but he was looking quite dazed. Maria jumped over the side and landed in the shallow water with a splash. Taking up the rope, she pulled the boat to shore. "Ditto! Dit Ditto!" Snapping his body much like a rubberband, the little Ditto which Maria had taken to calling Icarus, hopped to the side of the boat to look over the side. He had been fascinated by the water and especially the things floating and swimming in it. Maria had to keep him from drifting away about three times, twice when he turned into fish, and once when he turned into a piece of seaweed. "Meowth!" Slasher darted out to pull him back. And there was one time Slasher had fallen in after him while Maria was asleep. The Meowth had suggested placing Icarus in a pokeball for his own safety, but Maria had misgivings about placing a baby in a pokeball. "Psyduck." James tumbled out of the rowboat and scrambled to shore. As the one who had first discovered the little Ditto, he had momentarily expressed reservations about Icarus, but refused to comment further. The plate of pokechow set before him at the time probably had something to do with it. "All ashore." Maria gave one last tug, sliding the boat onto the beach. Squinting through the sunlight, she looked up at the puffy white clouds drifting across the blue skies. Luckily she had managed to land on one of the nicer islands. Her first time on the Seafoam Islands she had washed up on a cold deserted rock, where she had almost died. The only good memory of her first visit was that she had met her Psyduck, James, there. Slasher jumped onto shore and ran ahead, carrying Icarus in his mouth. No more beaches for him! He made a beeline for the grassy groves of palm trees ahead. Maria picked up James and tucked him under her arm. "Wait up! Don't run with Icarus!" She ran after him, kicking up sand clouds behind her. "Psy!" So they began their hike. Sitting in a boat for over a day makes for sore muscles. Icarus had made himself comfortable on Slasher's head. This made it easy for the cat to keep an eye on him, but unfortunately, the little Ditto had decided Slasher's ear made a perfect chew toy. "MEOOOWWW!" Slasher wailed in protest. "Dit Ditto Dit Dit!" Icarus chirped happily. Maria just shook her head in sync with James. "Psy yie yie, is right." "Psy yie yie..." James agreed. Crunch. Maria stopped and turned her head. With a curious tilt of her head, she heard it again. Crunch. Someone was coming right towards them. She dashed behind a palm tree, and her pokemon quickly followed suit. But these particular palm trees weren't very good for hiding behind. As soon as they were in view, the two young trainers spotted the girl with long black hair and the assortment of pokemon peering at them from behind the anorexic tree. The boy and girl narrowed their eyes at each other. They cautiously approached the tree. "Hey, what are you doing there?" Maria crouched slightly. They had seen her! Stupid tree! She gave it a quick kick before leaping out from behind it. No matter....she had no need to hide. These two little squirts were alone....and going to have their pokemon stolen right off their belts! She heard Slasher hiss, and Maria tossed back her hair with long practiced manical laughter. "You'll soon find out....." "Psyduck..." James held his head. "Psy yie yie...." Maria ignored James' usual criticism. She gave the two kids a sneer. "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria R-" She screeched to a stop. "It's Maria Ro-" Still nothing. She sweatdropped and clenched her fists. "It's Maria Roc-Ro-Roc-" Her eyes widened. The two young trainers stood in bewilderment as the Rocket suddenly screamed and ran past them at breakneck speed. The girl looked at her male companion. "So....still want to go fishing for water pokemon?" He just stood there looking shaken. Meanwhile, James, Slasher, and Icarus had taken flight after their mistress. TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ----- Webber: ----- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI