From: Mushboom <> Subject: [PW!] Mt. Moon Has Always Bugged Me Date: Friday, November 26, 1999 3:36 PM The frozen boy stood in front of Cinder, just staring and not moving. Could this be a result of an incompetent writer? A mishap with Cinder's writer's news reader preventing him from reading a response? Who knows? It's best to move on and leave these things in the past. The Nurse had reappeared so his Pokemon were nice and healed, another trainer had just evolved his Nidorino outside and ran in to heal up is Pokemon. 'Best not talk to anybody else,' Cinder slipped out the door quietly. He began wandering through town when the realization hit him, "Where the hell am I going?" Cinder looked around perplexed, there was no sense in going to Viridian or Pallet, so where to go? "Mount Moon! That's where!" he shouted, causing several passers-by to sweatdrop and walk faster. Cinder strolled along through some back paths which made the trip to Mount Moon from Pewter City shorter. He had beaten most of the trainers along the main path when he had first ventured to Mt. Moon which wasn't too long ago. Finally Cinder stumbled onto the Mini-Pokemon Center outside of the mountain. All it was, was a small cart (like a hot dog stand) with a healing machine and a laptop to access the Item and Pokemon Storage Systems. Cinder passed by the bored attendant and into mountain, he grabbed a small lamp off the wall and thrust into the darkness. His small aura of light didn't give him much visibility but it was enough. Shrieks of Zubats and incoherent Geodude mumbles filled his ears, along with the distant sounds of a Pokemon battle. With all of his senses being used and his lack of light caused him to bump into a short, pudgy person in safari clothes. The fat Hiker turned around and glared at the boy, "How dare you bump into me! I will grind you down with my superior power! Hoo-hah!" He was obviously a Bruno wannabe. "If it's a Pokemon battle you want, then that's what you'll get! Go Herc!" Cinder shouted. "Haw haw haw! That puny thing? Face the wrath of Hulkster! The World's strongest Machoke!" A weary, bruised Pinsir appeared, sitting on the ground. The Pokemon was wearing a yellow Speedo with red kneepads and yellow boots. He attempted to tear off his yellow shirt but was clearly to weak. That poor thing hadn't been to a Pokemon Center in ages! "Um...Herc, don't attack yet. Mr. Hiker, sir?" Cinder looked genuinely worried, as did Herc. "Git up and fight, don't you want to evolve and be as strong as Bruno's Machamp?" the Hiker yelled at the battered Pokemon. "Um, sir, that's not a Machoke," Cinder informed the cruel man. "What are you talking about?! This here is a Machoke!" "No it isn't! It's not even a Fighting Pokemon! It's a Bug-type!" Cinder became mad with the idiot. "Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! I'm not listening!" the man plugged his ears, "LALALALA!" The Hiker started to run away, his eyes shut tightly. He nailed into a wall and fainted, collapsing to the ground. Cinder searched the unconscious body and, sure enough, found an almost empty bottle of hallucinogenics. He swiped some cash off the Hiker and carried the poor Pinsir out of the mountain, followed by Herc. But not before removing the silly costume the bug was wearing. Cinder approached the Mini-PokeCenter outside and handed the bug to the young woman who worked at the booth. She gasped, "I can't handle this kind of damage! Oh no! The Pewter City PokeCenter is too full with critical condition Pokemon for some unknown reason! I'll have to send it to Cerulean! Is this your Pokemon, young man?" "No, I uh..." Cinder stopped in mid-sentence, he could probably get a free ride to Cerulean, "I mean yes, yes it is. A boulder fell on him, then an Onix crushed him and then um... A Zubat threw him down a big hole..." The blonde, busty attendant gasped again, taking in every word, "Well you better go along with it! But you can't go into the Pokeball Transporter! I guess you can borrow my Electrode..." "Really, but how will that get me to Cerulean faster than just normally walking through Mount Moon?" "Um...Like, I dunno, just get on him and he'll like, get you there," the large orb rolled into view so Herc and Cinder climbed aboard, just as the Pinsir (in a Pokeball) was transported. "Get them to like, Cerulean City, Electrode!" The Electrode grinned and began shimmer, he jumped up and exploded in mid-air. The explosion sent Herc and Cinder flying with enough momentum to get to Cerulean. "Looks like Cinder & Herc are blasting off for the first tiiiiiiiiiime!" Cinder screamed as he disappeared into the horizon with a small glimmer. 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