From: Dreadite <> Subject: [PW!] One, tsuu, Owens? (WAS Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Island's Halloween Roast) Date: Thursday, November 04, 1999 8:41 PM In article <>, jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2 says... > >> "Look at that skirt," he commented to Kirsty. "The man's got no shame, > >> I tell you." > >> > >> "Like you can talk. You're in a Jynx costume." > >> > >> Now that there fashionably late arrival was complete, they merged into > >> the bizzarely costumed crowd, hoping to find one of their travelling > >> companions. > > > >Kat stumbled over, tripping over her robe repeatedly. "Hi guys." She said, > >accidently wacking Jon in the head with her sickle. "Whoops! Sorry.." She > >sweatdropped when she saw his costume. "Oooookay.. Nice outfits, all, but > >Jon.. Why in the world are you wearing a skirt?" > > Jon laughed. "It's a fuku... and I wanted to have the best costume. Another laugh was heard from above, and a rug dropped out of the sky on the Fuku clad Jon. Erich Owens stood above on the rafters, clad in high heels, pink leggings, a purple skirt, brown gloves, facepainted stripes and a purple sash wrapped around his chest like a bikini. "Hawks Eye is here!" Jon struggled to get out of the rug as Erich lost his footing due to his heels. He slipped from the rafters and plunged onto the fallen Jon. He stood up and picked up the rug, hiding it in whatever hammerspace he pulled it from in the first place. We won't ask. The black, shocked stares of the people around he shrugged off, and pranced away to find something to drink. Jon stood up, and straightened his Fuku. "What an odd man..." TBC? Dreadite ----- The darkness, all around. Ghosts are like shadows, escaping death but for a moment, like shadows flitting from light. Ghostly we are, flitting from death but for a moment.