From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] One, tsuu, Owens? (WAS Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Island's Halloween Roast) Date: Sunday, November 07, 1999 7:13 PM RobfromVoid wrote: > Nendil wrote: > > > Rilli looked in the direction that Erich ran off, opened her mouth, then thought > > better of it. She turned back to Jon, started to say something, then changed > > her mind again. "Never mind, I won't even bother." She walked off back towards > > where Robert was hanging around, muttering under her breath about something that > > sounded like Dugtrios, or perhaps Dodrios. Either way. > > Mithril-rama wanders around aimlessly in her Butterfree costume, "I seem to have > misplaced Robert..." > > "Gotcha!" Robert the Bug Catcher exclaims, as he swings his net over Rilli's head. > He yanks on the net's pole, pulling her close to him, and he gives her a deep kiss, > right through the net, "I never thought I'd ever enjoy kissing a Bug so much..." > > Rilli lifts the net over her head, and sniffs the air, "It smells like the roast is > ready! Let's eat!" > > Robert and Rilli hold hands as they run over to the tables set up on the beach. They > share the table with Christy, who "disguised" herself as a cheerleader, Jon, the > drag sailor scout, and Damian, the "gray" alien. As they sit down, Robert points to > himself and Rilli, then points to Damian, "We come in peace... Please don't use your > ray gun to vaporize us!" > > "Robert! Don't be silly. It's me, Damian!" Damian is about to pull off his mask, but > he thinks otherwise, since it might ruin the effect of the costume, which by this > hour is already glowing a deep shade of purple. Bulletproof, the satellite > Magnemite, continues to circle Damian's head as its trainer forces food through his > mask's open mouth, "Are you going to join us after we earn our Volcano Badges? We'll > all have seven Badges, so they'll let us enter the Viridian Gym!" > > "We won't *all* have seven Badges..." Robert mumbles, as he looks down at his white > Bug Catcher undershirt, "I still have to earn that Marsh Badge from Sabrina. I've > stayed away from that Gym ever since she defeated me on the first day on my Pokemon > Journey. She could read my thoughts. It was scary. But now that I have earned a > Volcano Badge, I am certain that my mind is prepared and that I am ready to > challenge Sabrina once again. I must hurry to Saffron City!" > > Christy remembers that Saffron City is very far away from Cinnabar Island. Once she > finishes chewing on a piece of meat, she asks, "Like, how are you gonna get there?" > > "By way of Pidgeot Express, I guess..." Robert shudders, remembering his previous > experience with a Zapdos. After swallowing a large portion of pork, he sighs, "I > wish there were an easier way because..." > > "Hey! Who's that?" Jon points over towards a large moving open shell with a mermaid > inside. > > Damian turns his head to where Runt is pointing, and he squints his eyes, trying to > see through the large, translucent, and scary black alien eyes of his mask, "I don't > know, but whoever she is, she sure looks cute! Let's go find out..." > > Damian and Jon both leave the table to find out who the cute mermaid is, leaving the > girls and Robert, who is very happy with his girlfriend, behind. Robert watches the > scene with interest from his place at the table while eating some pork and fries. He > knows the true identity of the mermaid, but he doesn't say anything because he wants > to see how Damian and Jon will react when they find out. Mithril-rama notices that > Robert is staring, and joins him. Christy does likewise. > > Damian chuckles nervously before the mermaid and stutters, "Hi... there. What's... > your name?" Jon simply stares. > > The brown haired girl with the shell bikini top tosses her long loose hair with her > hand. Though she doesn't know for sure that the alien is Damian, the disguised > Magnemite circling the alien's head gives it away, "You know who I am, Damian!" > > Damian Fox is surprised to hear that the girl knows his name, and quickly tries to > remember all the girls he knew back home in Vermilion City... None of them looked > quite like this one does. He chuckles again, "I... I do?" > > The mermaid can't believe that Damian doesn't recognize her. Robert must've been > right - her lack of glasses and hair let loose must actually work as effectively as > a mask. She blushes, her cheeks turning a rosy red, and stammers, "Yeah... you could > say... we're very close... we've known each other for... you really don't know who I > am?" > > Damian blushes just like the mermaid, but it isn't visible since he's hiding behind > his mask. He'd remember if he had gotten close to such a pretty young girl in > Vermilion City... wouldn't he? He shakes his head, "No... tell me! I need to know!" > > "Does this help?" The mermaid pulls her hair back, then curls her fingers in front > of her face. > > Damian's eyes go wide behind the permanently wide eyes of his "gray" alien mask, "S- > Sah- Sarah Jane?!" > > "That's right!" Sarah Jane smiles and winks, "I wanted to come up with something > unexpected that could hide my need for crutches, so I chose this mermaid costume! Do > you like it?" After Damian and Jon both nod in unison as if they were in a trance, > Sarah Jane says, "Now I'd like to eat some dinner. Stallone?" The shell that Sarah > Jane sits on top of moves next to the bench where Robert, Rilli, and Christy are > seated. A tired Machop emerges from underneath, and goes to fetch some food for his > trainer and himself. Soon, everyone is seated again, and enjoying the delicious > Halloween Roast. > > Christy furrows her brow, "What were you saying before, Robert?" > > "Well, I don't want to take a Pidgeot Express all the way back to Saffron City. I'm > afraid of heights!" Robert shakes his head, while looking at his plate, "I wish > there were another way to travel, but that's... pretty... much... Hey! Wait. I > remember that Sarah Jane has a Kadabra that took me from Laramie Ranch to the > Fuschia City Pokemon Center..." > > "Yeah." Sarah Jane looks up and smiles, "That's Sigfreid. He evolved into an > Alakazam just recently. I sent him to help you out when Dario kidnapped you, so I > guess he used his Teleport move to take you to the Pokemon Center..." > > Mithril-rama nods, "Robert had passed out from heat stroke... It's a good thing that > Sigfreid came to help us!" > > "Teleport, eh?" Robert strokes his chin, "Do you suppose that Sigfreid could > Teleport me and Rilli to the Saffron City tomorrow morning? I need to go there to > continue my Pokemon Journey and earn a Marsh Badge from Sabrina!" > Sarah Jane looks down at the food on her plate, pondering on whether this is possible or not, "Usually Psychic Pokemon can only Teleport short distances, to the nearest Pokemon Center. Hmm. But maybe if I got my other two Psychic Pokemon to channel some energy... and see if somehow, they can tap into whatever abilities I've been developing... I can manage a mass Teleport to Saffron!" > "Could you please help us tomorrow morning?" Robert clasps his hands together, > "Rilli and I will even wake up extra early so that you can help us out and be back > in Cinnabar with your friends before they even wake up! Please?" > > Sarah Jane pauses for a moment, then nods, "Okay. I'll help." > > "Thank you! Thank you so..." Robert suddenly stops when he sees someone wearing a > purple sash bikini, a purple skirt, pink leggings, and heels running around the > beach shouting incoherent remarks. Robert blinks, "Wow! That is one hot..." > > Mithril-rama sweatdrops and cuts Robert off, whispering, "That's a guy, Robert!" > > ". . ." Robert bangs his head onto the table in front of him, "Halloween is just too > weird for me." > From another part of the beach, they hear someone yell "AAAAAAHHHHH A MONSTER!!!!" while from another part they hear shrieks of "AAAAAAAHHHHHH A MIME!!!!!!!" "Sounds like Shields and Drake are having fun," said Sarah Jane. Elsewhere.... "I haven't had this much fun in ages," said Drake in a low voice. Shields nodded in agreement. An evil gleam flashed in the Mr. Mime's eyes as he pointed to a couple on the beach. "You take this one," said the costumed dragonite. Nodding, Shields, dressed as a real mime, approached the people as he pretended he was walking against the wind. Then he mimed being trapped in a box. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," screamed the couple as they took off down the beach. Shields high-fived Drake, then the two Pokemon went to look for other humans to "trick." -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||