From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!] One, tsuu, Owens? (WAS Re: [PW!] Cinnabar Island's Halloween Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 8:00 AM In a message dated 11/11/99 11:54:26 PM, writes: >> "I don't know how I do it either," replied Sarah Jane. "I just do." >> Shriekes of >> "monster" and "mime" come echoing across the beach. "Come on... we better >> get Drake >> and Shields before they cause any more heart attacks...." She gestures >to >> Stallone. >> The Machop comes over and climbs under the cart. Damian helps steer >Sarah >> Jane in >> the direction where the latest commotion was coming from. Two costumed >> revellers ran >> past them in terror. >> >> "I think you two have had enough fun for one night," said Damian to the >two >> costumed >> Pokemon. While Drake's face is hidden by the mask, Shield's painted >face >> looks >> disappointed. >> >> "We're going to try and teleport Robert and Rilli to Saffron," explained >> Sarah Jane. >> At the Mr. Mime's skeptical look, she added "You and Svengali are going >to >> try and >> boost Sigfreid's energy levels so we can all go to Saffron. After we >rest, >> we'll come >> right back here to Cinnabar. But right now, we better head back." >> >> With Drake and Damian's assistance, Stallone moved the huge shell cart >back >> to the >> Pokemon Center. >> >> "GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" shrieked a young man, who was being chased by Cuddles >and >> Spunky. >> Even little Pteryx was hopping along, trying to catch up with her >> "siblings." They >> stop when they see Sarah Jane. "DON'T THEY EVER RUN OUT OF ENERGY?!?" >> >> "Eventually," admitted Sarah Jane. The three young Pokemon then saw >the >> imposing >> figure of Drake in his fearsome costume. Frightened, they lept into >Sarah >> Jane's lap >> and tried to hide. Damian and Sarah Jane laughed, while Drake contemplated >> keeping >> the costume on permanently. >> >> "Niiiiiiiii....." whimpered the frightened juvenile Nidorans as they >tried >> to bury >> their faces in Sarah Jane's lap. Pteryx sought the comfort of her >> "mother's" arms. >> >> "It's just Drake," she said soothingly. Cuddles and Spunky shook their >> heads, not >> believing the monster was their friend and occasional reluctant plaything. >> "I better >> get them to bed," she said. "We're going to be heading out fairly early. >> Go ahead to >> the gym. I'll hit it when I get back." >> >> "Okay," said Damian. "Come on Drake.... It's going to take a while to >get >> out of >> these costumes." >> > >The next morning.... > >When one has youngsters, whether they be human or Pokemon, one expects >to >sleep little. Such is the case for Sarah Jane. Usually Cuddles and Spunky >are the first to wake their foster mother. But now, little Pteryx is hungry. >The baby Aerodactyl squawks and tugs at Sarah Jane's hair. Cuddles and >Spunky >crack open an eye at the sound. > >"AAAWWWKKK!!!" > >Sarah Jane sat up, startled by the sound. She reached for her glasses. >"Hungry, huh?" > >"AAAAWWWWKKK!!!!" > >"All right.... I better feed you before you wake up everyone else." A >bounce >on the bed, followed by "Niiiiiii" tells her that its too late. "You two >hungry too?" > >"Niiii...." > >"Okay...." Sarah Jane lifts Pteryx to her shoulder. Instinctively the >baby >grips on. Sarah Jane grabs her crutches and carefully limps out of the >room >and down the hall to the commissary area. Cuddles and Spunky follow. >In the >commissary area, Sarah Jane sets out two bowls of PokeChow, then pulls >out a >jar of compressed meat sticks made for babies. She breaks these into little >pieces, which she feeds Pteryx. > >"I didn't expect anyone else to be up at 5am," heard Sarah Jane. Turning >her >head, she saw Robert in the doorway. Robert appeared rather bleary eyed >as he >made his way to one of the vending machines. <snips rest> NS: My turn. Jon's from Cinnabar, and I want to have a go at Blaine the right way. ^_~ PW!: Jon had rolled awake at 4:15, not because of his baby Vulpix but rather that he had somehow managed to fall asleep in costume. Quickly changing out of it, he glanced over the other sleeping males and out the window. Far off, he could see the volcano beginning to spout a bit. Jon felt a yearning to leave to see his home island again. Standing up, Jon only gathered his Pokeballs. Walking downstairs, he handed one Poke-ball marked "PSI" to the night Nurse Joy, telling her to give it to the girl on the crutches when she came down. Jon walked out of the Center, heading straight for the residential area right below the volcano. With 6 Pokeballs in hand, he was prepared for anything. He quickly came upon the Cinnabar Residential District. Walking inside, he noted that not much had changed since he had left it almost 5 months ago. A vivid image of a younger trainer riding a Lapras towards Pallet stuck in his mind. Shaking it away as best he could, Jon came upon a condominium, white painted. He pulled a key from his pocket, and unlocked the door. Pushing through it, he entered his home of 11 years. Jon returned the key to his pack, and ascended the stairs to the office room. Sighing brought another memory back. "Son, one day you'll be a trainer, and you'll come back here. You'll need to know that there's a gym here. Inside this room is information on how to get there, and what to do once you're there. To access it, you'll need Pokeballs containing Pokemon of at least 5 different types- to prove you've trained them well. Put them in these 5 holders here." Again, Jon shook the memory away. Withdrawing 5 of his six Pokeballs, he looked at the symbols on each. Jon placed the fire designed one in the far left. The electric was next. Then there was the wind-design in the middle. Jon then put the grassy Pokeball in the second to last spot, and filled the last one with his lonely rock snake, Onix, from Mt. Moon. As soon as all the Pokeballs settled in, they were all flung back past him and opened, revealing Ninetales, Jolteon, Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, and Onix. The Pokeball holder flipped, revealing a typed sheet of paper. Jon picked it up the yellowing piece of paper and solemnly recalled his Pokemon. He went back down the stairs, and, as the first instruction detailed, picked up a walking stick from the front hall closet. He then gathered his things and walked back outside. Reading the paper, Jon was shocked at the next instruction. "Climb to the top of the Cinnabar Volcano." His faith in the directions a bit shaky, Jon walked to the base of the volcano and began to ascend it. Steadily, he climbed, all the while avoiding the patches of red-hot lava that were still coming from the dormant volcano. Sweatier and sweatier, the climb grew, until Jon reached the peak. From this vantage point, he could see the lights of Pallet in the distance, as well as the beginning streaks of daylight in the far east, towards Seafoam. Looking back down at the town, he could see a sudden flash of light near the Pokecenter. Jon smiled, knowing Robert was on his way. In this beautiful setting, Jon pulled out his Pokedex for a second and made one line-up change, hoping he might be able to predict the gym leader. Finished with that, he looked at the yellowed sheet of paper again. "Throw the walking stick hard at the pilings in the volcano." Jon focused his eyes inside the volcano for the first time. He could barely make out the lava, but he was able to see several objects protruding from it. Rearing back, Jon let the walking stick fly, and watched as he barely saw it hit a target. The piling shook for a minute, then stood steady. Jon awaited anything to happen. After a minute of nothing, Jon got ready to leave in disgust. However, from across the volcano a voice suddenly brought his attention back. "Jon, I presume?" Jon called back in the affirmative. The figure nodded its head. "I'm Blaine, Cinnabar Gym leader. Your father was a close friend of mine, and he always hoped you would be a good trainer also. He had that system set up so that me, one of his friends, could evaluate your progress should he never be able to see you again." Jon stood in disbelief for a second. "You doubt me, young trainer? I knew your father well. He even was able to beat me. His Charizard was well trained." Jon knew Blaine was for real now. "Yes, sir. I was suspicious, but now I know. I'm sorry to tell you my dad is bedstricken in Celadon." Blaine replied. "That's too bad. But you live on as his son. We must now battle. He wished you would fight me here, on top of the volcano. It was here we often played as teens." Jon nodded. "I do not object." Blaine smiled. "Six on six, then. Let's see if you ARE a good trainer." Jon smiled back, glad he had made a line-up change. Blaine reared back, a Poke-ball in hand. "RHYDON! Go!" Jon pulled a Poke-ball, also. "Bulbasaur! DO IT!" Blaine laughed. "An unevolved Grass Pokemon over the volcano? Bad choice. Rhydon, fury attack." Jon gritted his teeth. "Bulbasaur! VINE WHIP!" As the Rhydon lept from its first piling, Bulbasaur also flew towards the middle. They both landed on the same one. The larger rock Pokemon began to swipe at the grass Pokemon, nearly knocking it out. Bulbasaur lept backwards, at the same time shooting out its vines toward Rhydon. As it landed, the vines found their mark and began to pummel Rhydon. It was Blaine's turn to spit in disgust. "Rhydon, this is no challenge at all. Horn drill!" The large Pokemon dove towards Bulbasaur, which accordingly dove aside, being much more agile. Rhydon's bulk missed its mark, sending it sprawling on a piling face down. "Bulbasaur! Finish it off! Solarbeam!" The small grass Pokemon began to charge up with what little sunlight was being given by the sunrise. The beam, although weak, was enough to knock the struggling Rhydon permanently onto its stomach. Blaine spat. "Rhydon, return. Go, Arcanine!" Jon facefaulted. This wouldn't work. "Bulbasaur, return." <Blaine: 1 out, Jon: 1 out> Jon tried to think of a counter. "Go! Onix!" Blaine was impressed. "Rock Pokemon... a good idea. But let's see it stay balanced on the pilings!" Jon looked at his Onix. He hadn't used it in so long... would it fight? "ONIX! ROCK THROW!" Jon cried. Blaine was after him in a second. "Fire spin, Arcanine!" The rock Pokemon attempted to aim its tail at the fire Pokemon, but only barely scratched it. The Arcanine began to launch fire at the huge Pokemon. Onix's rock stood up well to the heat, but Arcanine's continual spins began to overcome it. Jon noticed this almost too late. "Get out of there, Onix! Slam!" The Onix shook itself clear of the fire, and launched its body at the fire Pokemon. The Arcanine didn't see it coming, and was thrown off the piling. Onix, however, couldn't stop itself and slid off of it too. "AHHH!" echoed over the volcano as both trainers recalled their Pokemon before they could hit the lava- Blaine, to avoid singeing Arcanine's fur, and Jon to avoid putting Onix into a place it couldn't get out of. <Blaine, 2 out, Jon, 2 out> Blaine snickered. "You're good...but not too good. Go, Charizard!" Blaine called the evolved form of Charmander forward, which Jon had had the priviledge of battling behind once before. "THIS IS IT! PIDGEOT!" Jon sent forth his large bird Pokemon, hoping to get Charizard away from the volcano. "Pidgeot, fly up high with Sky Attack!" Blaine noted Jon's intentions of an aerial battle and decided to use tactics from another trainer's Charizard. "Charizard, aerial submission!" The fire Pokemon nodded at the order and took to the skies. It climbed to about 50 feet above the volcano before Pidgeot fell from the sky like a ballistic missile, finishing its attack. Charizard took the hit and lost about 20 feet of altitude, then surged back ahead. Jon gritted his teeth. "Pidgeot! Wing attack!" The large bird followed Charizard into the dawn sky. Unfortunately, Jon had made a mistake in ordering it to get close to Charizard for a wing attack. The larger flame Pokemon grabbed Pidgeot and began to hug it tightly, before stopping abruptly and whipping Pidgeot back towards the ground. Jon saw the sudden reversal of roles and began to pray that Pidgeot would catch itself before it hit the volcano. As it spiralled towards the open mouth, Jon saw that its velocity was too great and called it back. <Blaine: 2 out, Jon: 3 out> Blaine began laughing a new, and his Charizard did the same as it alighted on a piling. Jon looked at his Poke-balls. "Kabutops! Do it, baby!" Jon sent forth the prehistoric Pokemon he had found from Granpa Canyon so long ago. Blaine hadn't seen this Pokemon before, but he figured it couldn't do much. "Charizard, flamethrower!" Jon smiled. He had expected a fire attack. "Kabutops, Slash!" The large bladed Pokemon lept forward toward the Charizard. Blaine and Charizard were surprised to see it fly right through the flame attack- Jon wasn't. The Kabutops continued, slashing Charizard in the stomach. Kabutops stood triumphant over the Pokemon in pain. Blaine shook his head and recalled Charizard. "Go, Gyarados! Make me proud!" <Blaine: 3 out, Jon: 3 out> The Kabutops lept back as the Dragon Pokemon came out. "Hydro Pump, Gyarados. Blow that thing off my volcano!" Jon smiled again. "Kabutops, Hydro Pump it also! The two part water Pokemon shot powerful water beams at each other, neither having the upper hand. Suddenly, the volcano rumbled, and Kabutops lost its footing. Gyarados easily pumped it away. Jon facefaulted, and recalled Kabutops. He had 2 Pokemon left. <Blaine: 3 out, Jon: 4 out> Jon looked at his two Pokemon. Ninetales and Vulpix were left. Now, he realized, he should have kept Dragonair, or maybe Shellder to attack. Ninetales couldn't handle the dragon Pokemon, and Vulpix...well... but it was too late now. He'd have to stand steady. "Eh... go, Vulpix. See what you can do!" Jon called his youngest Pokemon, against the large Gyarados. Blaine looked... and, contrary to Jon's expectations, called back Gyarados. <Blaine: 4 out, Jon: 4 out> "If you were anyone else, I wouldn't want to battle like this. You had unfortunate luck in picking your line-up; I'm sure a trainer with 6 badges has an array of water or other Pokemon that could wipe the floor with me." Jon nodded to this effect. "But I want to battle you on merit. So now we see who's better. I know you left Cinnabar with a Vulpix that was older than that, so I know your last Pokemon is probably a Ninetales." Jon was shocked at this man's logic. He only grinned back. "So, this is what I want to do. Go, Vulpix!" Jon was shocked to see another Vulpix, only slightly older than his. "Go, Vulpix! Quick attack!" Jon yelled. "Vulpix, come back with ember!" Blaine called. Jon's small Vulpix lept towards the other one, and hit it hard square in the stomach. The other Vulpix answered with a flame attack that barely hurt Jon's. "Part of Pokemon battling is TM's. Vulpix, Fire blast now!" Jon yelled. Blaine fell over in surprise. He hadn't expected such a smart move by the young trainer. He only watched as his Vulpix got nailed. Blaine shook his head and called back Vulpix. "You win that match. Now, for the final Pokemon. Ninetales, do it!" Jon knew his Vulpix couldn't handle this, either. He recalled it, and sent forth Ninetales. "Do me proud, old Buddy!" The two fox Pokemon stared each other down. Blaine was the first to order a move. "Ninetales, roar at it!" Jon's Ninetales stood stationary, and listened as Blaine's gave a loud roar. It didn't affect it at all. Jon smiled. "Ninetales, have a go at it! Double Team!" The fox began to run around the volcano rim in tight circles, creating a copy of itself. Blaine noticed this, and called out. "Ninetales, flamethrower!" Unfortunately, his Ninetales was confused, and launched a flamethrower at the wrong copy. Jon took advantage of this. "Ninetales, fire spin!" As Ninetales built up a fire spin, Blaine's got its senses back and began to build one of its own. The two Pokemon launched Fire spins at the same time, and the explosion as they met spewed Pokemon and lava all over the place. An errant Magmar even flew past Jon. The two trainers covered their heads as the explosion ripped past them. As soon as it cleared, both looked around for their Pokemon. Only one Ninetales was to be seen. Blaine crowed as he recognized it as his. Jon fell to his knees and collapsed. So far along the journey.. and losing Ninetales now? It was too much to bear. Jon prepared to throw himself into the volcano. Enough of this journey. He lost too many friends. He dropped all of his Pokeballs and stood to the edge of the volcano. "Noo! Don't!" Blaine cried. Jon shook his head and lept out into the volcano. Jon fell towards the hot lava. Just seconds from hitting the surface, however, he was suddenly stopped and flung upward. Blaine could see from the far side that Jon's Ninetales had lept from its position hanging on a piling to save its trainer. The force of it sending Jon flying saved him, but unfortunately Ninetales only managed to get its claws over the ledge. Jon quickly rolled back over and grabbed Ninetales by the front legs. He lifted it up from the side of the volcano and onto solid ground. Both trainer and Pokemon lay still on the ground. Blaine came running from the other side of the volcano. He arrived just as daylight reached the eyelids of Jon and his Pokemon, awakening them. Blaine stood over them. "Jon, you truly do care for your Pokemon- and they truly care for you. Here is a Volcanobadge- you must take it quickly, for I must get back soon to the regular gym." Jon nodded, and took the badge. He slowly stood up and collected his Pokeballs and belongings, and stood facing the rising sun. Only one badge to go. He smiled as he descended the volcano. His Pokemon had performed well. As he passed through the awakening town, Jon realized he had to get back to the Poke Center. He made it there at 7 AM, just as the whole crew began to come down for breakfast. Damian was the first to notice Jon, whose shirt was dirty and whose Pokeballs were being healed. Jon smiled. "Just doing some training. All psyched for the gym battle?" TBC... -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure! 'zine 773+ Posts to AGNP! 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