From: Sirius <sirius259@aol.comeleon> Subject: [PW!][LEAGUE] Opening Ceremony Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 8:57 PM The flame of Moltres blazed wildly in Indigo Stadium. The crowd was deafening, even though they had to sit through a display of badly made floats that vaguely looked like Pokemon. It was time for the competitors to enter. All of the old League favorites were entering in different sides of the stadium, with Ash, Gary, Richie, Janette and countless others leading. They were waving to their fans, but the unknowns that followed them were shaking under the eyes of tens of thousands of people. Lance and the president of the Pokemon League made their way to the podium in the center to give the speech. "Blah blah, blah blah, integrity, blah blah blah, young trainers of tomorrow, blah blah blah, the spirit of the Games, blah blah blah blah" was how it went. At least how Sirius heard it. Arrgh... how long are they going to make us stand here? he thought to himself. Why are they still cheering? What's he talking about, anyway? Maybe I should listen. Never mind... this is boring... I want to play cards... caards... The speech ended, much to Sirius's relief. He looked around to see the trainers he was going to probably face, but none of them looked like much competition. This would definitely be a cakewalk. There was a quick flash of light in the stadium, and Pidgeottos appeared in the middle of the stadium. Oh well, he thought. Might as well enjoy it. The next morning, Sirius was waiting in line to see who he was going to face in the first round. After a few minutes, he handed the official his Pokedex as his ID and pushed the button... TBC... Uh... sorry for sending it today. I have to get offline, and I'm too lazy to save this. Sorry for making it short, too, but I haven't written in a while and this is hard... Sirius Quote of the day: "So then Lenny says, 'As if! Don't even go there, sister!'"