From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Reunion Date: Friday, November 19, 1999 4:59 PM The video phone rang... Splash looked around to see if anyone was going to get it... Nurse Joy was no where to be seen. Splash wanted the two people behind him with those two annoying Porygon to get the phone, but they didn't seem to be moving. With a sigh, Splash got up and answered the phone. After a moment, he realized who it was that was calling. [PW!] Aquisition and Acception. >----------------------------------------------- >> > "Dernam!" >> > >> > "But of course." The screen turned to visual mode, and Dernam saw >> >Splash, a land mass away. "Wanted to make sure you were all right, but >> >judging from your appearance, you look like you've seen a ghost." >> > >> > "Better yet." Splash held up a Pokéball. >> >> Splash tried to pretend to be alright as he talked to Dernam on the >video >> phone. "I caught a Ghastly." >> >> "Yeah? Well, I got a Staryu," Dernam said. >> >> Splash tried to be excited, since water Pokemon _were_ his favorite >type >> Pokémon, so he should probably be excited... >> >> "Really?!" Splash exclaimed, sounding a little too excited, "That's >> great!" >> >> "Yeah," Dernam said, frowning though the video phone. "Are you... >okay? >> >> "Yeah!" Splash said, unconvincingly, "I'm great." >> >> "Why don't I believe you?" Dernam asked. >> >> "Do you want the Ghastly?" Splash asked, changing the subject. >> >> Dernam was suprised by this. He hadn't ever seen Splash like this... >> Except once... The day they met... The day Splash met that Rocket-lady... >The >> day that Splash fell in love with that Rocket-lady... >> >> Dernam quickly decided that was absurd. Splash had said he over the >> Rocket-lady... He wouldn't lie like that... Would he? >> >> "Well, do you want the Ghastly or not?" Splash demanded over the video >> phone... >> > "Yeah, I'll take it," Dernam said to Splash. >> >> Good. Then maybe Splash could go back to thinking about Murasaki. >Alone. >> By himself. >> >> Splash grabbed Ghastly's Pokéball to get it ready for the trade over >the >> computer. Over the video phone, Dernam did the same with Staryu. > > "Click." The sreen turned blue. An silouhette of a Staryu and Gastly >appeared, and floated across the screen. The crossed past each other, >pause a moment, then continued on their merry way. A click later, >Dernam's Pokéball falls back down, as does Splash, the trade complete. Splash headed back to his seat, now that the trade had been compleated. He really didn't really care about the Staryu anymore, all he just wanted to do was go back to thinking about Murasaki. ------------ Meanwhile...... ------------ >[PW!] Reunion >---------------------------------------------- > ><<What's up?>> Porygon saw that Forest was continually staring at some blonde >kid in the corner. > "Huh? Oh, nuthin'..." > <<Oh, I get it. You're too shy to introduce yourself. Well, fear not, for >Porygon is here!>> > Mac rolled his eyes for the 5th time that day. "I hate to break it to you, >but you're not the all-powerful being that you claim to be..." > <<Silence, human! I may have bungled up a few times... OK, lots of >times... >but I know what I'm doing!>> > At that, Porygon grabbed Forest by the ear and dragged him to the corner >table. Forest dropped Space as Porygon pulled him to the other table. Luckily, Space floated off the ground, and didn't fall down. Porygon pulled Forest over to the boy sitting alne in the booth in the corner. <<Say, Forest,>> Porygon started, <<That guy kinda looks like you!>> "How can you tell?" Forest whispered back, "He has his face buried in his arms!" Forest then felt hot, and itchy. He wanted to get out of there. He started to scrat his itch as Mac walked up, holding Space. "Are you okay Forest?" Mac asked, looking at his strangely. "Uh... yeah," Forest said, scratching, clearly uncomfortable, "Why?" <<Because you have a lot of little bumps on your arms! Yup! Yup!>> Porygon exclaimed. Forest stopped scratching long enough to look at his arms. Porygon was right. He did have a lot of bumps on his arms. He also knew what it was. He was getting an anxiety attack. He didn't get them a lot, just when he was really embarressed. And he was _very_ embarressed at that moment. He was approaching some guy who he didn't know, and was getting an anxiety attack. Forest struggled and treied to get out of Porygon's grasp, but was it was no use. Porygon's grip was not going to give anytime soon, especially after it had just been healed. <<Hey, Mister, Mister!>> Porygon called out to the guy, <<My name's Porygon, and this is my human, Mac, and his friend Forest! Yup, Yup! What's your name?>> "Go away," Splash said, his voice muffled because he had his head in his arms, "I'm busy!" <<You don't look busy! Noppers! Your not busy, so what's your name?>> Porygon let go f Forest floated over to Splash and started bouncing on his head. Splash was getting angry. Why couldn't those people leave him alone and let him think about Murasaki? ---------------- Shock headed out of the restroom and started back into the main part of the center. If he hadn't gotten back his pokemon from Nurse Joy yet, he did that, (Can't remember if he did) and then looked around the center. He wondered if there was anyone he knew. As he looked around the center, his gaze settupon two guys with two Porygon, and another kid sitting at a table. He didn't know why, but they seemed farmiliar to him. He decided to go over and see if he really did know them. Shock went over to the group and greeted the group. The two boys standing turned around, with a look of suprise on their faces as one of them looked exactly like Shock. <<Wow!>> Porygon cried, <<Forest made a substitute!>> Mac pulled a hammer out of no where and knocked Porygon out with it. TBC..........? ---------- AIM: ncnc123 ICQ: 47668217 e-mail: ----------- It took me 3 months to figure out how to set my signature, and only now do I realize that I have nothing to say in it.