From: Zagro <> Subject: [PW!] Robbery in Progress Date: Monday, November 22, 1999 2:58 PM Officer Jenny pulled up to the Celadon Shopping Center and got off her motorcycle. "Stop, thief!" The thief, a thin female, turned around and sneered. She dropped the barrel she held and pulled out a long, barbed whip and a Pokeball, saying "Would you like to re-think that move?" Officer Jenny pulled out a gun, and two Growlithes ran up to flank her. "No, actually I wouldn't. Drop the whip, and step away slowly." She pointed the gun at the lady, who didn't back down. Suddenly a gleaming object flew from the roof, knocking the gun away. The dagger stuck in the ground at Jenny's feet, and the gun was now yards away. A man clad entirely in black, with black mask and 'pointy shoulder things', did a flip off the roof, landing behind the thief, who had already released a Scyther from it's Pokeball. The man grinned. "Nobody stops the Triad of Eternity. Call off your Growlithes before they come back on their own... in pieces." Officer Jenny looked around for help. Seeing none (the townspeople were naturally cowering), she snapped. The Growlithes backed down. The man bowed. "Thank you for your cooperation." He whistled, and a truck pulled up. The two thieves grabbed the barrel and jumped in the back, and it sped off. Jenny stared in bewilderment. "How odd, that's the fifth stolen keg of gunpowder this month! At least now we have the face of one of them, and their group's name..." ------ Speeding off, Grixil, Cecile, and Rangoth gave each other high fives. Then Grixil spoke. "Good haul... we should now have enough gunpowder to blow up the whole volcano! Now all we need is transportation, and I have a good idea where to get some!" He was still miffed about losing that dagger, but he had spares at camp. No big deal. Cecile nodded. "Nothing can stand in our way. But Grixil... what was that 'Triad of Eternitry' crap? I thought we agreed not to use any stupid code names." Grixil grinned, balancing a dagger on his finger. "Ah, that's just to give the media a field day, and another false lead for the cops. I want people to know who blew up the world. Soon, let's 'let slip' our actual names... anyway, Rangoth, head to camp. We've gotta rest up, there's a big day awaiting us! We're heading to Pewter!"