From: Phantom6 <> Subject: (PW) Roberts quest. Date: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 8:31 PM Indigo Plateau: (PokeMon finalist area) We come in on a small room filled with video monitors with two people in it. Shadowy Figure 1: "So, It seems we have a new trainer out there." Figure 2: "Yes, and he's already beaten his first five competitors with little difficulty." Figure 1: "Seems he prefers a Pikachu. Just like the PokeMaster." New Figure: "That Pikachu was one of a kind. let's just see how well he handles Viridian forest and My old Friend Brock." Outside the Viridian forest entry house. Robert: " Wow! I can't believe how nice it is out here today." Pikachu: <Popping out of Roberts Green backpack.> "Pika Pi!" " What do you think Ozone?" Robert asked the soaring Pidgeot as he squinted up to see his life long friend. "Pidg! Eeeee!" Came the reply. Roberts Pidgeot was a bit of a mystery to every PokeVet he'd ever taken it to. As opposed to the standard brown and red of most Pidgeots Ozone hade taken on a bluish green hue. Noone had ever been able to tell him why Pidgeot was so radically different from the others of his species. "Look! Pikachu it's the Viridian Forest! That's where other Pikachus live." Robert said to the yellow mouse now walking at his side. To his surprise Pikachu stopped in it's tracks and put it's ears back and tail up. "Pikachu What's wrong?" The pikachu continued to hold it's ground. It's cute black nose twitching as it caught the scent of something it didn't like. "Chuuu." The small pokemon let out. From the trees Pikachu was staring at came a voice. Deffinatley female. "Prepare For Trouble!" And another vaoice followed. "Make it double." "To protect the world from devistation." "To unite all peoples within our nation." "To denounce the evils of truth and love." "To extend our reach to the stars above." "Jessie!" "James!" "Team Rocket Blast off at the Speed of light. Surrender now or prepare to fight!" Then a pokemon stepped out from behind them. "Meo... Hey you's guys he's just walking away!" Jessie and James turn to see Robert walking towards the entry house to Viridian Forest. "Man what are they smokin'?" Roberts said as he, Pikachu and Ozone moved along their way. "Hey Stop right there Kiddo! We want that Pidgeot." Jessie screamed. "Yes and we'll take the Pikachu aswell." Robert Stopped in his tracks. "You want Ozone and Pikachu? Okay. Ozone sand attack! Pikachu Thunder Shock!" Team Rocket dove out of the way of the dual attack and sent out three PokeMon. "Lickitung, Arbock GO!" Jessie Yelled as she threw her two PokeBalls. "Wheezing Go!" James said smoothly. "Wheezing poison attack that PikaChu now!" Pikachu tried to use it's agility to dodge but was to late. "Chaa!" The small Pokemon called out as it fell to the ground. -This wheezing must have some major levels over Pikachu.- Robert thought to himself as he pulled Pikachu out of Battle. "Arbok. Poison sting attack!" Jessie sang merrily as her Arbok closed on Ozone. "Ozone. Sky Attack NOW!" Robert called and watched as Ozone Shot straight up and streaked down on the deffensless Arbok." Arbok dropped to the ground and Ozone flew towards Robert who'd taken his attention off of Pikachu. Which James was taking advantage of. "Dont worry Pikachu. Our boss wants to be your friend." He said to the fainted Pokemon. Suddenly from the Bushes a Scyther charged at James. "YAGH! A Scyther." James screamed and ran towards Jessie. "Ozone. Whirlwind attack!" Ozone created a powerful whirwind which picked up Team Rocket and sent the flying "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" Robert turned quickly to see the Scyther take on a powerful whit glow. "Huh? Scyther's Don't evolve." Robert proclaimed as he saw the Scyther change into the small gell like image of a ditto. Robert ran to pikachu and applied a revive to the Small mouse. looking up he saw a Tall raven haired girl walking towards the Ditto. "You're welcome. She said as she returned the Pokemon to it's Pokeball. "Oh Umm heh... Thanks. I'm Robert, Robert Marx" "I'm Sammantha Davis. Pleased to rescue you. Are ypou an your way to Viridian Forest?" She asked motioning towards the large forest ahead of them. "Yea, then on to Pewter city for a Boulder Badge." Robertsaid proudly as he helped pikachu into his backpack. The little pokemon would need to visit a Pokemon center to fully recover. "Well, since tht's the case do you mind if I join you? the thought of going through that Forrest alone give me the Heeby Jeebies. All of those Bugs." Sammantha said looking disgusted. "Yeah. Sure I don't see why not. What do you think Ozone?" RObert asked of the Pokemon who was currently grooming itself. "Pid Pi Geot." came the reply out of Roberts backpack came a small yellow paw giving a thumbs up. Robert laughed and hought to himself -funny Ididn't know Pikachu's paw could do that. looks like this is gonna be a heck of a journey.- Fade out. Well what did everyone think. I know it's not the best but I hope it's at least decent. FEEDBACK PLEASE. -- Phantom6 Phading out.