From: Link640985 <> Subject: [PW!] Rocket Trouble Along the Shore Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 4:36 PM Jack looked over the Rattata. He sure didn't look like a level 59 pokemon. But he knew that the pokedex wasn't lying. He looked over it again. He decided not to try to attack and capture it, because it might end up getting the better of him, him being a rookie trainer and all. Jack then thought of something. Perhaps if he could figure out what exactly it was that the Rattata was guarding an entire pokemon community from, he might be able to gain at least some of their trust as a trainer. Jack edged past Rattata, just as the Rattata started growling at him. Jack realized that he was getting too close to their community. Then he dropped his bags and his brass knuckles. He opened the bags, showed the Rattata what was inside them, and then closed them back up. He then took off everything he was wearing that the Rattata and it's people might think of as some kind of weapon, showing all of it to the Rattata. Then he walked torward where he tought the communtity was, unarmed. The Rattata, seeing that he was unarmed, allowed him to pass, watching him the whole way. Then Jack noticed someone close to the beach. A group of people dressed in white clothes with big red R's on them. Jack growled angrily, as did the Rattata. It appeared that they were the reason why he was guarding the communtity. He then picked up his brass knuckles and some food and headed torward Team Rocket. Time for Jack to keep some of his promise. Link640985 "Novice in Writing, Master in imagination"