From: Hedgehogey <hedgehogey@aol.comidiocy> Subject: Re: [PW!] Sabrina: The Teenage *Censored* Date: Saturday, November 20, 1999 9:52 PM In the sky above the saffron dojo: The helicopter containing Cinder and some of his regiments best operatives flew across the saffron city skyline. The setting sun highlighted the black resistance chopper nicely and threw its shadow over the bustling wedding below. The people below, thinking nothing could interrupt this perfect moment paid it no heed. Team rocket would soon prove their optimism wrong. Inside the chopper, Cinder scanned his troops, looking for signs of before battle panic. In the front stood Flava D.X., a heavyset black man carrying one of the regiments few pistols in his pocket. He would be the epitome of the gangsta stereotype if he weren’t so nice in person. He would lead the charge and dispatch as many rockets as possible. Beside Flava D.X. hovered Brainscream, a wise old kadabra who would take care of any dojo pokemon that tried to oppose the resistances efforts and sow confusion in rocket and dojo members minds as he could. In the cockpit Beaks the dodrio was operating the controls. He was the most valuable person in the whole operation. Only he was qualified to operate the chopper and get them out of there if the mission got FUBAR. At Beak’s feat stood a psyduck and a jigglypuff. Their assignment was to guard the chopper and come in and save everyone’s asses should the need arise. At everyones feet a dozen rattata scurried. Their assignment was to liberate as many pokemon as possible from pokeballs and their trainers. Cinder himself lead the operation. His job was to hold everyone together and take a dojo member prisoner should the opportunity come up. Finding no signs of panic, Cinder explained the mission to his troops: How they would land when team rocket started their attack. How they would enter through the windows, proclaiming themselves to be anti team rocket (although cinder planned on yelling Vive la Resistance! As they took off). How they would kill rockets, liberate pokemon and if possible capture a dojo member when they got in. How they would exit with their liberated pokemon and maybe a captured dojo member and fly off into the sunset. Cinder flexed his batlike wings and formed a fireball in his clawed hands. He was looking forward to this. The chopper circled slowly…… TBC Don’t worry I won’t cause too much trouble (evil grin) Hedge Man is quite insane. He would not know how to make a maggot yet invents gods by the dozens.-Montaigne Wilson hussars real identity is revealed: Clan wolverine!-guy on rgm Tv is more alluring than thinking-Rich