From: Sux <> Subject: [PW] Sakusu(1st Story) Date: Thursday, November 25, 1999 9:52 AM Sakusu was sitting at home with Taki eating potato chips and watching TV. He passed Taki the chips, and received a grateful "Mar" from him. His mother came in and turned off the TV. "Hey! That match was almost over!" complained Sakusu, as Taki sighed. "Your father and I have been talking. You... are 14.. almost 15. All of your friends have left on their pokemon journey at 10, but you have chosen to stay here. Well, I think it would be best for you to leave on your journey now." said his mother. "Wha..what do you mean?" asked Sakusu. "I mean that we're kicking you out of the house. You have Taki, he should be okay. Go around and get badges. We just want you to have interaction with people your age." said his mom. She sighed and continued. "You have 1 week to get your belongings together and leave. I suggest that you get your things together early so that you have time to catch some pokemon for your journey and spend time with us." "But why? I'm happy right here, mom. You can't make me leave." said Sakusu. "Yes, we can. It's part of the law, every child 10 and over that has a pokemon liscense is required to leave for their journey if the parents want them to." replied his mom. Sakusu was shocked. He didn't know what to say. He ran to his room, Taki behind him. Taki had woken up Sakusu in the middle of the night. He had packed all of their stuff for his journey in a giant bag. He pointed to a picture of the two standing in front of the 4 wheeler that his grandmother had given him for Christmas. Sakusu smiled as Taki layed the picture down. He went back to sleep and hoped for peace the next morning. 4 Days Later- "Sakusu! Taki! Wake up!" called his mom from the other room, around 4:00 or so. "Your father is going to take you to get a few pokemon this morning!" "Me don't want want sleepy.." said Sakusu, still drowsy and tired. His mom came in with a glass of water and almost poured it on his head. Sakusu jumped up as did Taki and got out of bed. "Thats not funny." said Sakusu. His mom smiled and left as Sakusu got dressed. He entered the living room and his father was sitting on the couch. "Sak, come here for a second." his dad said, as Sakusu sat down beside him. "There comes a time in a mans life...where he has a responsibility." his dad continued on, and on, and on for about an hour. Sakusu almost fell asleep. "Sakusu, I want to give you this." his dad said, handing him a bag. He looked inside, and contained a pokedex, still in the plastic, and a pokeball, which appeared to be about 20 years old. "That was my first pokemon. I caught a Nidoran Male, and trained it until is was a Nidorino. After I gave up pokemon training, I took it do a friend of mine who owns a ranch as I took a job in the Mt. Moon mines. I found a Moon Stone, I just never used it. It's up to you, Sak." his dad said, with a sigh. Sakusu looked at the Pokeball, and then looked at Taki, and back at his dad. He hoped that they would help him out on his journey. His dad helped Sakusu up and they left for the trip. They went to some tall grass by Cerulean City, just when the pokemon were starting to get food from the trees. Sakusi passed by every pokemon that wasn't on his list, until they caught a Sandshrew off guard. "Hey.. use your pokedex on Taki to see what attacks it has. Make sure you turn the sound down to minimum level so you won't scare it." said Sakaki's dad quietly. Sakaki pointed the pokedex at Taki. ((Magmar, the flame pokemon. Found at the mouths of volcanoes and extremely hard to spot. There are very few instances of capturing this Pokemon. Attacks- Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Confuse Ray, and Fire Punch.)) "Okay son.. call Taki on that Sandshrew. It's all yours." said his dad, handing Sakusu a pokeball. "Go, Taki! Smokescreen!" said Sakusu, jumping up as Taki blew smoke over the Sandshrew. It fought back with Sand-attack, which missed due to the smoke. Taki then used Fire Punch, and the Sandshrew flew up into the air. Weak, it used Scratch before Sakusu threw the pokeball towards it. The pokeball shook, then the light inside turned off. Sakusu went to the ball and picked it up. He jumped up with a big "Yeeesss!" as his dad smiled. Sakusu pat Taki on the back as they headed home. They had a big Thanksgiving dinner, the last that Sakusu would have with his family for a long time. Taki and Sakusu left that day and headed towards Pewter City, which was about a mile from their small villiage. He hoped to train his team and test his abilities on the gym leader, Brock. -- Sux- CharsPokemart on Collecting Nation NyasSux on AIM Homer on PoJo Killer Deck Reports shitateru hikitsudzuku fonsou! satoshi suu mariwana! Pokefreakazoid: Well...since I'm fed up with talk of Pokemon becoming a Magic clone on the Pojo MB, and I'm tired, I'm gonna take a siesta and work on my Yellow team. DimaTheAGNPer: Siesta? You live in Mexico? Signature Version 5.0