From: Dreadite <> Subject: [PW!] Something evil this way comes. Date: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 10:35 PM Pokewars: Something evil this way comes. ------ Dreadite sat in the Veridian Gym's offices, brooding. The rockets nearby silently dodged by the office door before continuing, making sure not to disturb the slightly unstable Dreadite. They had heard rumors about him, and he didn't seem to be in a good mood. Dreadite opened his eyes slowly, and looked at the clock. It read 7:46. "I wonder how long I've been away from there." Dreaite mused. He stood up and walked out of the office, and walked hurriedly to the roof of the gym. He stepped into the waiting helecpoter. "The bottle." ------ *whipwhipwhip* Dreadite's cloak fluttered in the wind as the helecopter departed towards Veridian City, leaving the Rocket standing at the foot of the Diet Coke Bottle From Hell. The bottle was deathly silent as Dreadit walked towards it. He touched the side, and walked through the walls of the bottle, being asborbed into the material. He moved through the exterior of the bottle into the empty halls inside. The bottle made no attempt to greet the rocket as he walked down flights of stairs, until he reached a once filled cavern below. Dreadite stopped inside the empty cavern, surrounded by shattered glass. "It hasn't changed. Good." Dreadite's eyes glowed a faint red for a second as he said that. He picked up his sword and walked towards the bones in the center of the room. He knent by the skeleton, and picked up the detached scull. "Darkness, how have you been? Not letting this old place get you down are you?" Dreadite threw the skull aside, and stood up. "Now I know why I came here. All of them, the little pests... gone." Dreadite waved his hand, and the room went up in flames. He walked out of the fire towards the bottle above. "They must be freed from life." TBC? (Yeah, probably. I was just really in an odd mood...) Dreadite ----- The darkness, all around. Ghosts are like shadows, escaping death but for a moment, like shadows flitting from light. Ghostly we are, flitting from death but for a moment.