From: otaku <> Subject: [PW] The Journey begins Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 3:16 PM The cool air brushed through Omegas' hair as she and her brother landed in the small town of Pallet. In the northwest, Ash Katchum's house could be seen, bustling with tourists. The Pidgeot bent a wing to the ground as the duo got off, and then flew back to Fushia city. Alpha walked foward, combing his hair back into place, while Omega smacked her Ditto gum louder then the music coming from her headphones. As the duo walked through the town, several local boys stopped whatever they were doing to admire the cute girl. One boy was so bold as to come up to ask her for a date, but a simple glace from Alpha sent him stammering back. "Do ya have to do that all the time?!" Omega shouted at her brother, slugging him in the arm. "They only want one thing, dear sister. And you are far too young to give it to them." He said sternly. "Now come on, Profesor Oaks mansion is only a few blocks up." Omega sighed and continued walking, music still blaring from her CD player. As they walked up, a long line that seem to reach from Viridian city was in front of the house. Alpha sighed. "Looks like we won't start anything today." "Oh yes we will dear brother! Like you said, guys only want one thing, right?" She giggled and bounded off for the back of the line. Alpha sighed and follwed behind. Sneaking into the bushes, Omega coughed, and did her best Offiicer Jenny impression. "Help, help! A Squirtle stole my clothes and i'm stuck in this lake, naked!" Fifty sets of ears perked up, and fifty voices shouted out "Officer...Jenny...NUDE?!" The crowd rushed off to find thier prize, while Omega simply bounded up to the steps. "See? Easy as Pikachu pie." Alpha's face seemed to be blank for a second before he regained his composure and followed her up the steps. Ringing the doorbell, the two were surprised to see a Ditto answer it. "Ditto, dit ditto." The small blob motioned for them to come in. They shrugged and follwed into a small room, lined with pokeballs. Profesor Oak greeted them both. "Now then, here are your pokedex's, and pokeballs. Which pokemon would you like as your starters?" Omega giggled, her bubbly laughter causing the Ditto at her feet to become wavey. "Silly, we don't need pokemon, we already have, see?" She released all three of her pokemon. Alpha didn't bother, and just stood back to giver his sisters pokemon some room. "Ah...i see...You then young man...would you like a pokemon?" Oak asked nervously, put off by the youths silence. Alpha considered his options momentarly and nodded. "I'll take a Geodude." "Very good." He handed him a small pokeball with the Geodude inside. "Good luck on your quest to become pokemon masters!" Alpha bowed politely and took his leave, while Omega bounded out of the room, laughing and giggling, her three pokemon right behind her. "What odd childern." Profesor Oak muttered to himself. "......" The old man coverd his nose in disgust. "What is that stench?" Scanning the room, he fell over when he saw what was causing the problem. Omega's Nidorina had made quite a mess in the corner. "Ditto...get the BIG shovel." "" TBC Short yes, tired i am. ^^; -AnimeOtaku, TR Ninja on AIM Sig. not included