From: Frosterfree <> Subject: [PW!] LoF: Part 10: The Psychic Disc ** Date: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 5:49 PM THE LEGEND OF FROSTERPIE: Part 10 - The Psychic Disc Lewis Wrote: > "It's psychic," Icy said suddenly. "What?" Nicky replied. > "The fourth element is psychic. Saffron City is the location." > "Hey, that works. To a psychic, nothing clouds the mind. All the > highest concentration of psychic energy is in Saffron City. But, how > did > you know the clue Icy?" > Icy attempts to use his broken arm but realizes he can't so he uses > his > left to point to his head. "Telepathy. You weren't too far away so I > was > able to hear it." "That's cool. So, shall we head out?" > "Yep. Saffron City, here we come!" > Lewis then checked his pocket. "Oh no!" Lewis shouted unexpectedly. > "What?" Craven asks. "I left Marowak and Alakazam back in Mt. Moon! I > have to go back and get them!" Lewis replies. "Should we come with > you?" Icy asks. "No thanks. This won't take long." Lewis said. Lewis > pulled out his insta-bike. "Haven't used this in weeks." he said to > himself. > > It didn't take long for Lewis to get back into Mt. Moon. He saw the > two pokeballs sitting there. "Good." he said to himself. He grabbed > the two pokeballs and put them on his belt. All of a sudden... > "Prepare for trouble and make it double!" Lewis heard. Immediately, > Lewis took something out of his backpack. "To-" before Techor could > finish what he was saying, he saw that a hyper beam had just missed him > by a half-foot. There, holding a sort of rifle in his hand and > pointing it at T&L, was Lewis. "I have no time for your motto right > now!" he shouted. "What the **** is that???" Livy demanded. "It's a > new Silph Co. product. My dad gave it to me just before I started my > journey! It's good to have a rich family!" Lewis replies, ressetting > the weapon. Then, and ice beam fired out of it and Techor and Livy > ducked, while the ice beam froze the wall behind them. "Muk!" Techor > shouts. "Nidorina!" Livy shouts. "So you wanna battle that way, eh? > Well..." Lewis says. Lewis took off his belt and tapped the buttons on > all his pokeballs, and swung his belt out at Techor and Livy, not > letting go and shouts, "Everyone, I choose you!" > > Pidgeot, Marowak, Lickitung, Graveler, Starmie, Alakazam, Weedle, > Bulbasaur, Charmander, Cloyster, and Magneton all came out. "In that > case, go Gyarados!" Techor and Livy shout. The giant Gyarados came > out. The Gyarados came out and immediately, released a dragon rage! > All the Pokemon were hit, except for one. Lewis saw Pidgeot, Marowak, > Lickitung, Graveler, Starmie, Alakazam, Bulbasaur, Charmander, > Cloyster, and Magneton all faint. He then saw Weedle come up from > underground. "Oh no... Ok Weedle, try a drill sting!" Lewis > commanded. Weedle started a drill and punched it's stinger into > Gyarados. It didn't even feel it. Gyarados merely tackled Weedle into > a wall. All of a sudden, Weedle got back up and it's stinger glowed! > It pointed it at Gyarados, and a psybeam fired!!! Gyarados was knocked > down. Then, Muk and Nidorina closed in on Weedle. All of a sudden, a > whirlwind knocked them back! Lewis turned around and saw a Fearow fly > down with a girl on it. Lewis recognized her immediately: the girl > Mewtwo had shown him. She commanded Fearow to use fury attacl, which > repelled Muk and Nidorina. Techor and Livy decided to give up, but not > without one more peice of fun: they threw a blastoball at the two. > > Lewis awoke and saw the girl injured. He immediately got her on the > insta-bike and saw something that amazed him more: Weedle was evolving! > He saw the string surround it, and it grew larger. He knew he had > Kakuna now. > > "My name is Bridget..." the girl told Lewis as he rode her down. > "Here, I'm going to bring you to some friends of mine, Bridget. > They'll take care of you until I get back." Lewis said. Lewis left a > note inside the PODA secretary desk saying that he found Bridget > injured and left her on his bed. > And now, the continuation Our heroes move on. Deciding not to go through Mt. Moon, they take the long road around the mountain. "Why don't we just go inside?" "Kelly, you've obviously never been inside Mt. Moon before." "Yeah, it's not pleasant." "Oh." "C'mon. Not much farther." The group continues through the thick forests. "There's Vermilion City up ahead!" "Great, let's go!" "Um, Icy. Let's stop for a sec please. I'm hungry," Meeko complained. "Ok. We'll rest at the pokécenter." (Meeko will continue this.) -- ===============================~ Frosterfree ~====== The Caterpie Forest: -=(Hosted by Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden)=- ============================================== A.K.A. Kelly The Eevee ^_^ F.K.A. 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