From: Frosterfree <> Subject: Re: [PW!] LoF part 10, the Psychic disc **** Date: Friday, November 19, 1999 6:23 PM > "Cool. Say, do you want to go inside?" > David asks. "Yep, we're searching for something." Lewis replies. > "Cool. I'll tell your dad." David said. Lewis led everyone in. > As they enter Silph Co., they don't even notice the two shady figure following them. Craven has also seemed to slip away unnoticed. "Shhh, keep quite." Livy takes out a small ball. "This inviso ball to make us invisible for 5 seconds. Ready?" "Yes. Use it now." Techor gets ready to run as Livy clicks the button. Suddenly, they vanish and dart through the open doors. "Quickly, over there." "All right. Behind the bush." The inviso effects wear out just as they hide themselves. "There they are. But where's the disc?" "They must not have found it yet." "Icy, let's have our psychic pokémon search this floor." "Good idea." The two psychic types hunt around for the disc location. "Silph Co. is very elegant inside," Kelly remarks. "Yeah. Wonder why they never let the regular public in." "That's because things here are secret." "Huh?" "They don't want anyone to steal their technology. Silph Co. has invented almost everything we use for Pokémon today." "Wow." "DABRA, KADABRA!" "Hocus, you find it." "Master. Yes, it's right here. Just a sec please." Hocus slipped into the rift and retrieved the disc. "There it is." "Let's go to work!" Techor and Livy jump from their hiding spot. "Prepare for trouble." "Yes, and you better make it double." Techor pushes a button causing the power in the building to short circuit. Rocket agents suddenly burst in through the window. Craven has rejoined the group now, but Icy and Lewis are reading a strange psywave coming from him. "Actually, you better make that major trouble. Give up Icy, we've got the entire complex taken over." "Someone tipped them off Lewis," Icy says telepathically to Lewis. "I know. I think I know who. Let's not reveal this yet. He might try something else. Let's deal with Techor and Livy first." "He must know where the two missing discs are. AGHHHH!" "No telepathy allowed here Icy," Techor laughs focusing a strange beam on the Pikachu. "AGHHHHHH, what is that!" "A handy device from our buddies in the research department. The latest in anti-psychic technology. Pokémon battle time!" Oh no! This looks REALLY bad! What's going to come from all this? Has Icy met an early end? Will the group take back Silph Co.? What's Hocus going to do with the disc??? The answers, on the next PokéWars! OOC: Tiki's Turn! -- ===============================~ Frosterfree ~====== The Caterpie Forest: -=(Hosted by Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden)=- ============================================== A.K.A. Kelly The Eevee ^_^ F.K.A. IcyPikachu o^_^o ============================================== "IcyPikachu, the coldest pikachu ever, brrrrr..." - IcyPikachu "A Butterfree is forever..., I hope..." - Frosterfree "Don't bug me with a Frosterpie! For fire types the win is easy!" - TR Kueizaaa "It's raining Meowths and Growliths out there" - Frosterpie (refering to the hurricane) "Behold the power of my 17.2 Jigglybyte hard drive!!!" - IcyPikachu "CHAAAAA... o^_^o" - IcyPikachu "IcyPikachu, do you see Pikachu?" - IcyPikachu "Now I am truly one with the Pikachu." - IcyPikachu "Pika must run. Have battery, will travel." - Sailor Pika "With no pokemon, there is no life." - VaporMandr --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Six legged creatures from planet earth, We love to laugh and are full of mirth, To love all Caterpie and help them all, To release the Butterfree in the fall, Clan Caterpie crawl oh so slow, Surrender now or look down low" - Clan Caterpie Motto ============================================== E-Mail: ICQ: 29184557 (Frosterfree) AIM: Frosterfree ============================================== O.O - Sigglypuff v3.1 - O.O SIGGY SIGGY!!!