From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: Re:[PW!][LoF][Part VIII-Stories] The Road To Mt. Moon Date: Tuesday, November 09, 1999 4:13 AM Author's Notes: This story might not be as good as it should due to I didn't get to read the earlier one, man, I wish the other computer with Corel WP 8 was running, this one I can't even get online as much! " That was close back in PokéLantis." Meeko comments to Blu. ( Yep, good thing I came from an island, that means I can swim. ) Blu kind of smiles. " Gosh gosh kookie!" Meeko's Krabby yells. ( It's about the sound they make... ) " What's the matter?" Nicky calls Meeko over. There was a huge pit Krabby had fallen into! " That's weird, Ivysore, get him out of there." Ivysore wrapped his vines around Krabby and pulled the blue crab back out. " You should watch the road that's ahead Krabby." " Kookieeeeeeee." " It was a trap? Krabby, just because you didn't look ahead doesn't mean it was a trap..." " Gosh gosh..." " Those little brats ruin everything..." " That didn't seem like just a hole in the ground..." Lewis says. " Who'd wanna dig a hole right there anyways, come on Lewis." Icy says. " Alright..." " They're walking straight torwards our next trap..." " Och!" Kelly's foot fell through the ground. " Huh? Wha-?" Meeko says. Nicky tries to pull Kelly out, after a while of trying Kelly lands backwards right onto Nicky. ( Hmmm, PokéNews live, Brock JR. meets dream girl- OWWWWWW! ) Nicky kicked Ivysore mid-sentance. " I thought that was one of Ivysore's funny comments!" Icy says. " Ehehehehe..." " What did he say Meeko?" " Nothing... hehehe... Just as little something... hehehe..." Meeko couldn't stop laughing and sits on a log, but, she looks at the log and notices the net that's on it. " Huh? Wha-?" Meeko and her two Caterpies go flying up, they'd been caught in the net. " Time to introduce ourselves..." " Get me down!" " All in good time..." Techor and Livy come out. " WHAT?!?! " That's right, we're alive. But you guys won't be for long, goooooo!" " Oh my, I can't help them in this net." Meeko swirms, but, all she ends up doing is swishing her Caterpies, " Sorry..." " Go Magneton!" Lewis says, Meeko's Magentmite follows. " Go Hocus!" " Go Blastoise!" the Pokémon were fighting with no luck. But in the bushes, ( Krabby, hurry up and pimch the rope. ) Ivysore told Krabby. He did so and the net Meeko was in dropped with them, right onto TR! Then, two sticks swung down from the trees into Gyrados, it only hurt him a bit, but he couldn't fight for a while and got electrocuted! " You brats!" Techor yells from underneath Meeko, she starts hitting him on the head with her over stuffed purse. " Och! What did you stick in that?!?! Bricks?!?!" Meanwhile, their Pokémon were getting whipped, and Krabby was pulling on Livy's hair. " OWWWWWWWWWWW! STOP THAT YOU TINY LOBSTER!!!!!!" they reutnred their Pokémon and ran. " That, I think, was the best battle we've had." Icy laughs. " Erg. Those two have failed me again! I want you people to go and deal with the problem." Giovanni said to some poeple in darkness. -- Free audio & video emails, greeting cards and forums Talkway - - Talk more ways (sm)