From: RobfromVoid <> Subject: [PW!] The Rocket Card: Don't Leave HQ Without It Date: Friday, November 19, 1999 3:25 PM >"Hey! That girl took Gwythaint!" complains Rubix. >"Just shut up!" says Nori, clutching her head. "When did Sarah Jane get so >powerful..." she wonders. "She gets all the breaks...." >"Get me outta here!" they hear in a muffled shriek from one of the garbage cans. >Minax kicks the can over forcefully in her irritation. >"Ow ow ow...." complains Oz as he crawls out of the can. He rubs his rear as >his Sandshrew crawls out behind him. "Is she gone?" "Yes, and I can say the same thing about your brain, you damn moron." Minax grabs Oz by his shirt collar and forces him to stand up, "I'm tired of dealing with someone who is stupid enough to steal from a psychopathic psychic. I'm going to go see if I can't find some bandages for my aching back. I hope we never meet again." She throws him against the wall as best she can with her bruised arms, turns around, and starts limping away, muttering about Oz's incompetence and the hardness of walls... "Waaaait!" Oz, who was left relatively unharmed by Sarah Jane, falls to the floor and grabs onto Minax's ankle with his hands, "I did everything you told me! I showed you that I could disguise myself and that I could steal Pokemon! Please make me a Rocket! I'll keep bothering you until you do! Please, please, PLEASE!" Oz's Sandshrew chuckles at Oz's lack of dignity. Rubix the Wartortle snickers at Oz while rubbing his own aching head, "He must like the taste of bullets." Minax stops. She looks down at the watery-eyed pleading youth who is grabbing onto her ankle, "I already... Why don't you just..." She remembers that she was just about as desperate as he is now when she wanted to join Team Rocket, "Fine." "Really?!" Oz wipes some tears from his eyes. "WAH-HOO!" He leaps onto his feet, stands up straight, and salutes Minax, "Agent Oz, ready for duty, sir! ...I mean, ma'am! ...I mean, Miss Minax! ...I mean, Minax!" Oz's Sandshrew sweatdrops. Minax kneels down on a hurt knee and opens her sack, which was set on the floor by Sarah Jane's telekinetic forces in an attempt to protect the innocent baby Chansey within, and Omelette wakes up and crawls outside. "Chan?" She goes off to play with Oz's Meowth, Kitty-chan! Minax rummages through the sack and pulls out various objects. She stands up in front of Oz to present him with each item. The first item is a folded white costume with a large red R visible on the shirt, "Here is your very own Team Rocket costume, Oz. Wear it with pride." Minax hands him the folded costume. "Are you sure it fits?" Oz looks around for a place to try the outfit on, but doesn't find one in the grimy alley. Minax faces Nori, who has been staring off into space for a while, as if she were in another dimension but not really, and sizes the young girl up. Minax then looks at Oz again and compares, "You two seem to be equally scrawny. It should fit you too." Oz rummages through the costume he was handed, "White shirt, check. Black boots... seem a little large, but check. Pants... Where are the pants?" Oz shakes the white shirt with the red R on it, and a short white skirt falls out, "A SKIRT?!" "I got the Rocket starter kit for Nori. I never got one for you." Minax smirks, "Besides, it's not like it's anything new to you." Oz sighs and slouches, "Is forcing me to be a cross dresser part of your evil plot to take over the world?" "Do I look like a Slowpoke to you?" Minax shakes her head, then hands Oz another item, his very own official Team Rocket pin (It's official!), "You can wear your TR pin inside or outside your costume. I wear my TR pin on my brassiere, so that no one sees it until it's too late. You wouldn't believe how many men let me handcuff them to beds without a single complaint." "I would." Rubix snorts, then whispers, "...whore." He is responded to by a sweep kick from Minax which knocks him down! Minax grabs the leg she used to kick Rubix in pain, "Damn that little psychic girl. I can't even kick without my leg hurting." She narrows her eyes, thinking about revenge, then blinks and goes back to Oz's informal initiation ceremony, "And last, but definitely not least, here is your Rocket Card." Minax sticks her fingers into one of her black boots, digs around, and whips out a Rocket Card. This particular card has some buttons on it, which Minax starts pressing while explaining the card's function, "You can use your Rocket Card to transport stolen Pokeballs to the nearest TR Headquarters. This card also serves as an I.D. at most major Team Rocket locations. The Rocket Card: It's everywhere you want to pillage." She hands Oz the card. Upon receiving the card, Oz makes a face and pockets it as quickly as possible, "Peee-yooo! It has a horrible smell..." "Don't ask." Minax places her hand on Oz's forehead, "By the powers vested in me by The Boss, I pronounce you a member of Team Rocket. You may now kiss my ass." Minax shoves Oz backwards, latches her sack onto her belt, pulls Omelette away from a playful Kitty-chan, and turns to leave. Before she can make it out of the alley, she hears a ringing coming from her bag. She holds her baby Chansey in one hand and uses the other to reach into her sack and pull out her Communicator. When the Communicator snaps open in the palm of Minax's hand, a nondescript Rocket thug in a black uniform appears on the screen. Minax, Oz, and Nori all hear him say, "Callin' all Rockets in Saffron City, gather at a Wedding at the Fighting Dojo... Come in disguise. When chaos ensues, and we'll make sure it will, steal as many Pokemon from the visitors as you can. Over." Minax closes her Communicator and stashes it away in her sack. While still holding Omelette in one hand, Minax points at Oz with the other, "You. Your first mission is to go to that Wedding and steal a Pokemon. If you don't send a stolen Pokemon to Headquarters soon, my fellow Rockets will criticize me for letting you in. Be warned, I don't take criticism well." With that final threat, Minax limps away into the shadows, the dramatic affect ruined by her Chansey's playful squeaks, "Chansey! Seeee!" -Minax