From: Frosterfree <> Subject: Re: [PW!][LoF][PART VII - Stories] The Underwater City Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 7:46 PM Last time on the PokéWars. Our heroes find themselves surrounded by a group of Gyarados. Techor and Livy are once again up to no good as they order the huge serpent pokémon to attack Icy's Porygon submarine. Static and Magneton give them a thundershock, but their plan turns up all wet, as will they if they don't do something quick. And now. THE LEGEND OF FROSTERPIE: Part VII Continues! "We're sinking! Somebody do something!" Kelly yelled. Her eevees scrambled frantically around the ship. "Everybody stay calm. Lewis, we'll need your Alakazam and my Kadabra again to prevent more water from coming in." "Right." They sent out their psychic pokémon and instruct them to keep the ship shielded for as long as they can. "As long as we can keep more water from coming in, maybe we'll survive." "Icy look!" Meeko points out the window of the sub. "It's an underwater city. Maybe we can make it inside." "Wow! That's cool! They must have an opening somewhere. Cyber, plot course for that city and hurry." Cyber sped along towards the city. "Look Livy, they're heading for that city down there. The disc must be inside." "How are we going to get it?" "Hmm, maybe we can force it out of them. Regroup the Gyarados. We'll need them all together to pull it off right. Hahaha!" Cyber traveled through a small opening in one of the domes of the city and landed on an elevated platform. "Wow, is this Pokélantis?" "Hmm, maybe. The disc must be hidden somewhere in this complex. Neptune, search for the disc." Icy's Horsea began searching but came up empty. "She can't find it." "Maybe my Blastoise can." Nicky's Blastoise scans for the disc. Once again, it picks up on the location and the group heads in that direction. "You think they found it yet?" "Maybe. Shall we commence?" "Give them a few more minutes. Remember, we HAVE to find that disc to know the next clue. If we start too early, we might lose the disc." "Good point. But they don't get much longer." "I wonder if Techor and Livy followed us down here?" "Did they spot the city?" "Don't think so. I don't see them anywhere. Let's concentrate on finding the disc. We'll worry about them when we leave." "Horsea! Horsea! Sea!!!" Neptune cries out. "Hey, Neptune's found something. Go retrieve it Neptune." Neptune jumps out of Icy's arms and hops over to the center of a large room. Her body glows as a bright portal opens up. "Ohhh." The Water Disc appears as the portal closes. "She's found it!" Suddenly, the group hears a loud explosion. "AGHH!! What was that?" "Sounded like it came from back that. whaghhh!!!! Run!!!" Water started rushing in from the hole the hyper beam had made in the dome. Icy and the group ran as fast as they could to escape the oncoming water. "I. I can't keep up, aghhh." Kelly slips on the floor. "Help!!!" Mars and Venus rush back for her but are no use as the water takes her and her eevees. "Someone help us!" The rest of the group is caught in the wave as well. "Fire!" The Gyarados army charges up their hyper beams again. They fire all at once at the domed city. Another direct hit. "We must have hit them by now, let's move in." "That disc is going to be ours." Techor and Livy turn on their oxygen suits and ride their Gyarados down towards the city. "Icy, what are we going to do. Oh no, don't look now, but I think we may have company." They look to see Techor and Livy's Gyarados army closing in fast. They get ready to fire again. "Aghh!!! They're aiming right at us!" Icy's eyes widen as he sees the beam head right for them. "C'mon, I need all of my power please. Psyshield, NOW!" Icy taps every last drop of energy he has and creates a force field around the group protecting them from the hyper beam for only a few seconds. "Aghhhhh!!! Too strong. I can 't keep it holding. Not enough energy. Ughh." Icy finally loses all his energy and faints from the drain. The shield's collapse throws the group back a bit. Icy is sent smack into a wall of the corridor. "Oh no, Icy!" Kelly tries to swim out and rescue him but Techor fires a small blaster at her. "Aghh! Hey, what are you trying to do! You could have killed me!" "That's the idea little girl. We'll be taking that disc now." Livy meanwhile scoops up Icy's almost lifeless body. Meanwhile, "You see. They can pull this off. I told you they would. Ah, and they are bringing me an extra gift. Hmhmhm." "Why are you so obsessed with that insignificant Pikachu? He's no longer a threat to our operation now. His powers are too low to be capable of anything." "That's not why I want him." "Revenge won't bring you anything special Giovanni. Stick to the plan and it's goal. You'll find more success in doing that." "Whatever. As far as I am concerned, this operation is still in my hands and I will decide what actions are taken, got it." "You are become a pain to work with. But because we don't have another option as of now, I shall tolerate it." "Just sit back and watch." "Hey, give Icy back!" "Sorry kid, back the boss wants him too. You've had him far too long." "Give him back!" Sara shouts. "Put a sock in it pikabrat." Techor aims his blaster at Sara and fires. "Sara, look out! Alakazam, reflect now!" Lewis' Alakazam quickly creates a shield to reflect the beam before it hits Sara. "That was close. Now, psybeam them!" Alakazam fires his psybeam at Livy and she drops Icy into the water. "Neptune, save him quick!" Meeko says to Icy's Horsea. She dives under and saves Icy. She brings him back to the group. "Neptune, you need to figure out how this thing works. We need to escape before this whole place collapses." Neptune analyzes the disc. She attempts to tell the group to bring out their water pokémon. Somehow, they understand. Blastoise and Shellder join Neptune and hold the disc together. "Ohhh, something's happening." Suddenly, the three water pokémon begin glowing bright blue. The disc starts glowing as well. It fires a massive water blast at Techor and Livy sending them floating quickly out of the city but at the same time causing an enormous whirlpool to begin to form. "Oh no! A whirlpool! We're done for!" As the whirlpool begins forming, our heroes watch in fear. Will they ever get out of this mess alive? And what about Techor and Livy? Are they done for as well? The answers, next time on The PokéWars. -- Lewis, you write the next part please. Meeko, you'll have a chance during Part VIII, don't worry. -- ===============================~ Frosterfree ~====== The Caterpie Forest: -=(Hosted by Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden)=- ============================================== A.K.A. Kelly The Eevee ^_^ F.K.A. 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