From: <> Subject: [PW][PODA] Tiki's Civil War Date: Monday, November 22, 1999 6:12 PM LAST TIME: Tiki and Jamie broke into the TR complex, Score and Darian escaped and were then re-captured by John and Pipian. Tiki has just confronted the two. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Ok you two morons, we're going to end this insanity now, PODA members should not be knocking out other PODA members and carting them away!!!!" Tiki yelled, taking out his staff and extending it. "What are you talking about, we have never been a member of PODA!!! You are our enemies!!!" John yelled. "Yeah and I'm Saint Bill of Goddish." Tiki said, "It's time to cut the crap, even if you two can't remember who you are, your going to give me back Sinder and Score and Darian." "You and what army's going to make us?" Pipian asked. "This one," Tiki said, throwing his 5 pokeballs to the ground. Mints, Midgard, Zip, Flutter, and Twirl appeared. "Well if it's a pokemon battle you want..." John threw three pokeballs to the ground and his three eeveelutions appeared, Pipian also threw three and Haunter, Liryu, and Kadabra appeared. "Alright all of you attack." Pipian and John yelled. The six pokemon looked at their trainers. "WHAT IS IT???!!!" they both asked. "Vap or eeeon (Those are our friends.)" Ariel mentioned. "Flare, eon on fla (Why do you want us to attack them)?" Flash asked. "BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND'S THEY ARE YPUR ENEMIES!!!!" John yelled. "Stupid rocket's they had anticipated mindless obediance from their trainers. Too bad your pokemon have minds of their own." Tiki then with staff in hand charged the two rockets. "If you two can't remember who you are I'm going to have to beat it into YOU!!!!" Tiki screamed swining wildly, at the two rockets. His pokemon yelled to stop but their words fell flat. It was then that Jamie caught up, she had searched another part of the building for the captives, she had founds Sinder. "TIKI!!!!" she yelled as she saw him trying to conecct with the rockets foreheads. Then Tiki's staff smashed into Pipian's leg causing him to fall to the ground. "I CAN'T LET THIS MADNESS GO ON YOU MUST BE GOTTEN RID OF!!!" Tiki raised his staff to strike into Pipian's skull, when Sinder rushed Tiki and ramme dinto him. Tiki fleww into a wall and fainted. Score and Darian then awoke. "Let's get out of here John." Pipian said, "Our pokemon seem to be delusional today." They returned their pokemon then ran off. Score was about ready to pursue them. "Score forget them, we need to get Tiki back to HQ." Sinder picked up Tiki and flew through the roof, as everyone else followed. Back at HQ Mike and Lewis were there half packed to leave for a little in a few days. Sinder walked in and dropped Tiki on a couch. Soon everyone else followed. "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!" Mike yelled in bewilderment. "Tiki went crazy... again" jamie replied. It was a few minutes before Tiki came too. "Wha.. what happened?" "You almost killed Pipian.... again." Jamie replied. "WHAT!!!???" Just then the last six hours cam rushing back into Tiki's mind, he could remember being in a daze and only feeling rage. "OH GODDISH!!!!" he yelled. "What?" Darian asked. "The evil it tried to escape, I almost killed Pipian.... was anyone seriously wounded?" Tiki asked. "Other than you, and the bruise you left on Pipian's leg no." Jamie said. "We need to get back there and help them." Tiki said. "NO, you need to rest and make sure this doesn't happen again, the rest of us need to make a plan." Jamie ordered. "BU...." "NO BUT'S ABOUT IT. Tiki you almost killed someone, you need to settle down." Jamie replied. "Fine..." Tiki replied sinking back into the couch. "By the way how's Bridget?" Jamie asked. "She'll be right as rain in a couple of days." Lewis replied. "Alright then let's get to figuring out what to do," Jamie and the toehrs walked into another room, while Tiki was left with his thoughts. TBC??? 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