From: Neo J. Menasor and Eevee <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Today, a giant bottle, tomorrow the world! Date: Monday, November 29, 1999 1:47 PM [OOC: Yikes! sent the last story without finishing it! Here's the rest of it] Arcturus got off the PC, he was trying to find Dreadite and the Spam filled PC wasn't helping. He walked out of the office and out into the halls.....he walked around a little bit and found something....a storage area! He checked around a bit...until he found something very important. It was an orb...but it was definetly alien. He picked it up and a new feeling filled him, a feeling of knowledge. He knew things he never knew....and now Dreadite couldn't stop him. He crawled up the side of the bottle....he was getting sick of the height and he was going to get Dreadite even if it killed him. He climbed....and climbed....and climbed...until he reached the top. There was Dreadite, he turned around and saw Arcturus's grinning form. Dreadite smiled, "Haven't you had enough?" Arcturus smiled, "I found your little storage area....heh heh heh heh......I found the orb." Dreadite raised his eyebrows, "Like I care...that thing hasn't done anything for me" Arcturus's smile grew wider, "Well.....maybe it's because we're....different.." The emphasis on the last word gave Dreadite the chills. Arcturus stepped forward, "It drew me called to me......told me where it see Dreadite.....I'm...not....human" Dreadite took a step back, "Heh, I can tell" he said, supressing a laugh. Arcturus continued, not paying attention to Dreadite's remark, "I'm a Skraxx actually..........odd name don't you think? The orb was from the ship that brought me here to Earth. Dreadite was now a bit unsettled, "Where is this ship? I found the orb on the ground one isn't from any spaceship." Arcturus gave him a sidelong look, "The ship crashed into the ocean a long time ago, killing everyone but my parents......Scorpius and Virgo. They gave birth to me, and left me for human parents before they died. I grew up...thinking I was a know....I am a Skraxx." Dreadite yawned, "And?" Arcturus held out his hands, "I'm not in my final Skraxx evolve like Pokemon...We have 4 forms...I'm in my first form........." Dreadite was getting impatient, he spread his wings and said, "What? Do you get smaller as you evolve?" Arcturus smiled, "No.....just watch........" he closed his eyes. The air around them became still.....until Arcturus began to change. He shot up 4 feet in height. His arms grew until they were a lot longer then those on a regular human. His clothes stretched to meet his size. Two small bat-like wings grew out of his back and folded around his shoulders. Arcturus's bright green eyes shown at Dreadite. Dreadite himself was in shock. a six foot tall human-like creature with bat wings covering his shoulders. He smiled at Dreadite, he spoke with a much deeper voice, "My look scared......." TBC? (Well....duh) Neo J. Menasor (Mike Browne) Supreme Commander of the Flying Grape Tree The Covenent of Primus, it's a COOKBOOK!!! 100,000,000,000 served ^_^ "My dream of leading a bunch of newbies into destruction is hopeless.." -Daitooyoo 11-28-99