From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!] Training for flames (was: Re: [PW!] One, tsuu, Owens?) Date: Saturday, November 13, 1999 2:49 PM In a message dated 11/13/99 12:00:44 PM, writes: >> As he passed through the awakening town, Jon realized he had to get > >> back to the Poke Center. He made it there at 7 AM, just as the whole > >> crew began to come down for breakfast. Damian was the first to > >> notice Jon, whose shirt was dirty and whose Pokeballs were being > >> healed. > >> > >> Jon smiled. "Just doing some training. All psyched for the gym > >> battle?" > > > >"Uh, actually, I was thinking of doing some training before my gym > >battle, too. I just donít think I want to do it where you did." The young > >trainer seemed to be thinking about something for a moment before > >continuing. "I donít recall seeing any wilderness areas here. Are there > >any places around here where there are wild pokemon to train against? > >Other than where you went, I mean." > > > >Jon didnít have to take long to think about it. "There was one place that > >some trainers went while I was growing up here. Itís the abandoned lab. > >Not many trainers go there, though. Every pokemon in there will either > >burn or poison your pokemon, so when you go there you need a lot of > >antidotes and burn heals. Most people just avoid the hassle." > > > >Damian nods after listening to the advice of his friend, but doesnít heed > >it too well. "Iíve got enough antidotes and burn heals, and I havenít > >really had to use them yet." He looks at the rest of the group "Anybody > >else interested in coming along?" > > > ><Insert other responses> > > > >Damian snaps his fingers as something finally occurs to him. He > >consults with Jon again. "One other thing, where is the lab?" > > Jon stood up from his spot on the bench and pointed. "Straight towards the volcano, and on towards morning- that means east. I'll meet you guys at the gym... there's one other thing I want to do..." Breakfasted, he stood back up feeling an urge to go to the new Pokemon lab. Jon walked back outside, heading straight for the new lab. He remembered the branch at Grampa Canyon, and how the whole lab company dealt with fossil Pokemon. "Is Kabutops why I'm here?" he asked himself. That was one Pokemon he'd never grown to close to. But, what about Diglett, and Onix, and the rest? Jon shrugged the thought off, and walked up the front steps to the lab. He stopped, seeing that the lab wouldn't open for 30 minutes. He was looking into the lab when he was startled by the tapping of someone behind him. Jon whirled, grabbing a Poke-ball. He relaxed, seeing it was his old friend Patricia. "Thought I might catch ya here." Jon relaxed. "How are you, anyway?" She smiled in what Jon thought was a very playful way. "I'm good. Been doing a lot of training." She opened her jacket enough to reveal quite a good deal of talent... and 7 badges. Jon snickered, showing his own 7. "I think you're skilled enough to battle me by now, aren't you?" Patricia smiled. "Of course. One on one, you're going to use my old Dragonair. And I'll choose Gyarados." Jon smiled back at her. "Of course." He pushed the appropriate Pokedex. "DRAGONAIR! DO IT!" She tossed a Pokeball, also. "Gyarados, I call you!" The two dragon Pokemon stood at the ready, just off the steps of the Pokemon lab. Jon was the first to move. He shouted to his smaller Dragonair. "Dragonair, slam it!" Patricia was ready to counter. "Gyarados, don't let it touch you. Start off with Bite!" Jon watched and waited as his dragon flung itself at the Gyarados, hitting it in what would be the chest before it could react to challenge. When it did, it opened its mouth and prepared to swallow Dragonair. Jon gritted his teeth. "NO! Agility!" The smaller Dragon darted out of the Gyarados' mouth just in time. It came back towards Jon and waited. "You've trained it well. But Gyarados is stronger. Go! Hyper Beam!" Jon's Dragonair couldn't avoid this attack, which hit it hard and sent it flying back toward Jon. Patricia began to laugh. "So..give up?" Jon shook his head and threw Dragonair back at her. "Bite me! Dragonair, you have the power! Dragonrage!" Dragonair reared back and began to form a small blue tornado. When it had grown to sufficient size, it released it towards the Gyarados. The blue tornado hit the large Pokemon hard, sending it sprawling. Tricia shook her head. "Ok, the coup de grace. Gyarados, use type advantages! Ice Beam!" Jon nearly facefaulted. "Dragonair, you've got to avoid this!" he yelled over the battle noise, seeing that both Pokemon were on their last legs. "Do something! Use YOUR HYPERBEAM!" Dragonair quickly darted to the side to buy itself sometime, and built up its own power. It released a powerful beam at Gyarados, fainting it before it could send a properly aimed Ice Beam. Patricia fell to her knees. "You did train it well." Jon just smiled. "You trained Gyarados well, too. It will be an excellent Pokemon in battle." She stood and recalled Gyarados. As Jon went to do the same for Dragonair, he was stopped short. "Huh?" Dragonair looked at him oddly, then said its name. "Dra! Dra gon! AIRR!" Jon ran to its side, but was interrupted again. This time, Dragonair began to glow. It grew to much more height, enough to dwarf Jon. "It evolved!" both trainers yelled at the same time. Jon watched as it solidified as a Dragonite. He hugged it. Patricia smiled. "Well, it's been sweet. But I need to get my 8th badge. Catch you around!" Jon hugged her goodbye, and recalled Dragonite. He looked at his watch, and noticed that the lab had opened during the battle. Jon went inside it, and proceeded right to the office of the head researcher. "Sir? I'm Jon, a trainer native to here." The man looked up. "Ah, ya? You're a trainer? What up? Need fossil resurrected?" Jon shook his head. "No... I was wondering if you... nevermind." Jon stopped abruptly, and ran from the office and the lab, on the verge of tears. He had meant to give away Kabutops...but... he couldn't. "Well..I guess I need to battle with it more." Jon said, recovering himself. He began to walk towards the gym, hearing a faint cry of "Wot? Is id tha deoderant?!" TBC... -Jon -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure! 'zine 773+ Posts to AGNP! Quote du jour: Sailor Moon says, "LEGGO MY FUUKU!"