From: Neo J. Menasor and Eevee <> Subject: [PW!] Trip out of mind.... Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 5:07 PM Neo and Rigel sat down as the sun began going down. Rigel looked over at Neo, "Hey, I'm getting tired, I can see Cerulean..........can we lie down here?" Neo and Eevee looked up at the setting sun, Neo had traded his Cloyster for Flareon, who was Eevee's brother. Neo set up the tent and they both set up their sleeping bags. Neo sent out Scyther and Beedrill, "Alright, the both of you'se will keep guard okay? Scyther and Beedrill looked at each other, Beedrill laughed, "Oh...yay!" Scyther growled, "Oh yay...." Rigel and Neo went to sleep in the tent. Neo smiled and dreamed happy dreams.................................................... Detective Neo sat at his desk...the smoke from his cigarette mixed with the smoke from his P-38 Walther. He has two he keeps loaded and one keeps him loaded. Then there was a knock at the door, in walked a tall, brown haired fellow with black wings. He was wearing the usual detective garb. Detective Dreadite looked at Neo, "We have a lead in the Yu case." Neo looked at the folder on the Yu case. A resident man, Marcus Yu, had been brutally murdered and found in a pile of Hentai pictures. Dreadite looked up, "Neo, we are informed that a local woman, Maria Rocket, had been found leaving the scene after the time of death." Neo stared, "So?" Dread answered, "Should we investigate?" Neo yawned, "You're the smart one, what do you think?" Several seconds later, Neo and Dreadite were speeding down the street in Neo's Ford. Neo, who was thrown into the back seat, looked up, "Uh, what do we know about this Maria Rocket?" Dreadite threw a folder at Neo, he read it. Neo blinked, "Damn, wanted in 41 countries for...vandalism, wanted in 1 country for making the American president puke on a Japanese leader....damn." Later, Dreadite and Neo were interviewing Maria, who was found in her house with her Rocket unifomr on and leaving the house. She looked up at Neo and Dreadite, "Why do you want me?" Dreadite cleared his throat, "What do you know about Marcus Yu?" Maria looked like she swallowed a cow....or Marlon Brando. She panicked, "Um...well....." She began to uncross her legs, Neo held up his gun, "Don't try it, I've been lured into that little nugget of joy way to many times" She got up and threw herself at Dreadite and they fell on the ground. Neo looked down, "I'll leave you two...alone." With that, he put his hat on and left. Neo and Rigel woke up and yawned, "How did you sleep?" asked Neo. Rigel smiled, "Fine...thanks for" Neo groaned, "I hate it when childhood fantasies come back." Transfan code:G+++FR+FW M #78 D+AD+N+++W+B+++OP++BC CN++OM-P54 The Covenent of Primus, it's a COOKBOOK!!! Pokefan code: Me++++"Eevee"++++"Duplica"+++Er+++"Mystery of Pokemopolis"++++"Pikachu's Goodbye"-"PokeRap"Sm13/Penn_W_AGNP++++