From: Prozackian Kid <> Subject: [PW!] What to do Part 2 Date: Thursday, November 25, 1999 3:14 AM << At the entrance to the Safari Zone > < < "Excuse me son... oh its you Adam. Are you wanting to get into the Safari Zone?" < < "Yes I do, replied Adam. < < "That'll be $500 for the entrance fee and the Safari balls." < < "I don't have any money," knowing full well he father had given him $1,000 to use. < < "Weeeeeeelllll I know I shouldn't do this but I like so we are going to make deal." < < "What kind of deal," inquired the curious boy. < < "I let you in for free and all I ask in return is that you catch me a pokémon." < < "Ok," Adam said amazed at the deal. ========================================== Adam being amazed that they let him in for free quickly started to search for a pokémon. < after an hour of searching > "I still need to find a rock type." Adam continued with his search when he finds a Rhyhorn getting water from a nearby watering hole. "All right Em & Em our luck there is a Rhyhorn for us to capture." "Mime Mime Mr. Mime," Em & Em asked. "Ok. Here is the plan....<whisper, whisper, whisper> it." "Mr. Mime," Em & Em said confidently. Adam was hiding behind a bush and tried throwing some food to the Rhyhorn. "Come in Rhyhorn eat the food," mumbled Adam. Adam tried threw a couple more bits of food before the rock pokémon decided to go back to the water hole. "Ok Rhyhorn, Lets see what you think of this". Adam tossed a rock past each side of the ryhorn to try to confuse him. While the ryhorn was turned around trying to figure out what was going on Adam got out from behind the bush. "All right Rhyhorn..... your mine," he said whispering as not to disturb the rhyhorn. Adam threw the safari ball and it hit the confused pokémon. Adam had watched his dad catch pokémon before and it seemed to him if a pokémon didn't get out of the ball by three it wasn't going to. "One........two........thr....." the ryhorn got out of ball steaming mad. Rhyhorn was looking to see who had attempted to capture him. Before he saw Adam he saw his Mr. Mime. Rhyhorn gave an almost evil stare to the Mr. Mime which caused Em & Em to be paralyzed by fear. THEN Rhyhorn saw Adam. "RHY RHY RHYHOOOORRRRN!!!!" "Uh oh!" and Adam started running for his life. Adam climbed up a tree and checked out the pokédex. Pokédex:: "Rhyhorn -its massive bones are 1000 times harder than human bones. It can easily knock a trailer flying." "Crap," Adam looked and saw the Rhyhorn was charging at the tree at full speed. Adam jumped from the tree and was screaming for help. By about that time Em & Em was regaining his composure. "Mr. Mime," looking as the angry rhyhorn was chasing his young trainer. Mr. Mime was wondering what he could do when he remembered what happened earlier. < flashback > "Dad, where did you leave that TM, Adam said mumbling to himself while searching the shop. "Mi Mi Mime," as Em & Em was pointing to a box. "All right that is it," he takes out the TM and uses it on the Mr. Mime. < end of flashback > "Mime!" Em & Em was charging an attack up. "HEEEEELPPPPPP MMMMEEEEEE SSSOOOOOOMMMMEEEOONNNNNNEEEEE!!!" Adam was running and screaming for his life as the rhyhorn was closing in. Bad luck seemed to befall Adam as he tripped and fell before the opening of a pit in the ground. Adam squeezed his eyes shut fro he knew the end was coming. "Miiiiimmmmmeeee!!!," as Em & Em let loose the Hypnosis attack on the rampaging rhyhorn. "RHY HORN!!! Rhy horn! rhy horn. rhy hor.." and with that rhyhorn was asleep. "Thanks Em & Em," the relieved trainer sighed as his Mr. Mime was rushing towards him. "Mime," said as he felt good for taking down a rhyhorn. Since the rhyhorn was asleep Adam lightly tapped the sleeping pokémon with the safari ball. "I shall name you Rock Crusher." "Now lets see what up with that pit." Adam looked down into the pit to find to his amazement a sleeping Scyther. "Wow! This my lucky day," as Adam was rushing down to the sleeping pokémon. < 5 minutes later > "This should be easy," as he tip toed to the scyther. Adam gently tapped the safari ball to the sleeping scyther and with a 1 2 3 the Scyther was his. "No I should get out of this pit. < 5 Minutes later > "Em & Em I just caught a scyther." "Mime" said congratulating the proud trainer. < about 10 minutes from the exit > Today's pokémon hunt was a good one. He came in searching for one and got two. Adam was walking with his head up high as he should. (It's hard to find an opportunity like that one) When all of a sudden he tripped over nidoran male and dropped all his stuff. The nidoran scampered off as Adam was getting back up. Then someone started handing his stuff back. When he looked at the person it turned out not to be a person but a Chansey. "Chanseeey!!" as the friendly pokémon was handing Adam's stuff back to him. "Thank you Chansey." Then Adam noticed Chansey had pushed the button on his last Safari and was captured. "Wow! Three pokémon, Adam was extremely happy. "Em & Em lets get out of here. "Scyther..." Adam looked in horror at the pokémon that was following them. "Uh oh! Its the Scyther's mate," then Adam grabbed his Mr. Mime and started running for the exit. "Scy!!!!" the angry scyther pursued. < A flare was shot into the air > "Freeze Scyther," yelled Officer Jenny through a mega phone. "Whew," Adam sighed in relief. "Adam," asked Jenny, "what did you do to make that Scyther mad. "I think I captured its mate. "Adam where is your ticket stub to get into the Safari Zone," asked the Game Warden who just arrived. "Ummm. I don't have one," replied fearing the worst. "Well you know your going to be punished right." "Yes sir." "What pokémon did you capture." "Just a Scyther sir." "Since you didn't pay you can't keep the scyther" The Game Warden took Adam's safari ball with Scyther in it. "Bu bu..." "No buts Adam, a rule is a rule." "Yes sir." The game Warden released the scyther which rushed to its mate and both pokémon ran off. "You go ahead and leave before you get into more trouble." "Yes sir." < Outside the Safari Zone > "Psst. Adam" "Huh? Oh its you," noticing the guard who let him in earlier. "Did you get me a pokémon?" "Yeah. Pokéball go!" The pokéball released a pokémon is a flash of light. "Chansey!" The happy pokémon said. "Cool a Chansey I always wanted to have one since I was 5," the guard was very happy. "I am so happy with what you gave me I'll give you $200. "Thanks," he said as he collected the money. < At Adam's House > "Quick Fists, SuperCharge, Bocune come downstairs, yelled Adam at the bottom of the stairs." As all three came downstairs Adam lead them outside. < Outside > "We'll guys did you learn any new moves?" "Hitmonchan," replied Quick Fists. "Cubone bone," replied Bocune. "Rattata," replied SuperCharge. "What move did each of you learn. Each of the three pokémon showed off their new moves: Quick Fist used Fire Punch, Bocune Focused his energy, while SuperCharge used Hyper Fang. "Guys I'd like to introduce to you a new member to the team." Adam released Rock Crusher. "His name is Rock Crusher, he is a Rhyhorn." The pokéball released the rhyhorn as he was waking up. "Rhy <yawn> horn!" "Good morning Rock Crusher." "Rhyhorn," seeming relaxed since getting a good sleep. "Well guys since we have all worked hard today we all have a good supper and then go to bed then decide what to do tomorrow." < After supper and in Adam's room > "Good night you guys," Adam said to his pokémon. "Hitmonchan, Rattata, Mr. Mime, Cubone bone, Rhyhorn," one said right after another. ============================================================= Goodnight Folks tune in new time to find out what other adventure Adam and his pokémon will have. (If I had added my sig to this post it would be over six pages long.)