From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Whispers in the Moonlight Date: Wednesday, November 17, 1999 11:16 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > #We're depending on you...# > > Mimic rolled his eyes slightly. Put on the pressure... #Mimic think maybe > MissingNo. not so bad...# > > #Dad...# > > #Mimic joking...# Maybe. He transformed into James and looked up at the rope > holding the sack suspended in the air. He ran his hands back through his hair > and sighed. "Here goes something..." Mimic tensed, a trace of annoyance flickering through his mind. Part of him rebelled slightly at the concept of being held accountable for his own actions, but that was quickly drowned out. He had sown this particular storm, and it was time to reap the whirlwind. 'James' leapt... "KYA!" ...and did not come down. A slit in the bag opened up, seeming to let the air out as its bluge deflated into nothing. Aerie blinked, then frowned. Why would Mimic teleport like that? Did he no longer trust them? ****** It was a familiar void, to Maria. Faint blue energy illuminated patches of the distance in all directions, but she could feel that there was almost nothing nearby. No ground, no sky, no gravity...just the one who held her so very close. "Maria." "James?!?" She pulled back from his embrace, staring in wonder at his face. "Where are we?" "I arranged for us to be alone, for a short while." 'James' gestured around with one hand. "This place...the psychics call it 'between', the place where one goes during a teleport after leaving but before arriving. They say one can intercept the recently dead and dying here, if one knows where to look and acts fast." He returned his hand to hugging Maria. "No one can spy on us here." "Why?" "I was told you had something for me." "And who are you?" When 'James' feigned confusion, she continued, "I know you're not the one who hangs around Jessie. You're a good actor, but not perfect." "..." Without leaving his embrace, Maria folded her arms and turned her back on him. "I am no one of importance. We loved, once, but it was an illusion. Your boss helped make me as I am...and though he would reward you with wealth beyond most Rocket's dreams for turning me in, I know you will not." "Tell. Me. Your. Name." "..." He sighed. "Mimic." The void was slightly reactive to its occupants' thoughts - nothing dangerous, as far as anyone knew, but lights could reflect peoples' moods. (Which explained the blue: most departing souls were unhappy at the moment of death.) From a distance, Maria's suprise could have been mistaken for a more distant supernova. ****** Aerie stirred from her reviere when she spied the tiny Ditto #FATHER!# inching off towards a nearby alley. Figuring that Mimic would probably be a while, she walked over to try to get Doppler back. TBC?