From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Whispers in the Moonlight Date: Saturday, November 20, 1999 11:54 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > In another instant, Aerie saw it for herself. On the second can, the eyes of > the smiling Caterpie were quivering. She grinned. "Peekaboo, I see you!" > > "Dit!" With a squeal, the can shimmered and turned into a real Caterpie. Then > it went inching away as fast as a Caterpie could go. Which wasn't all that > fast really. > > Aerie threw the quilt at Doppler, and it billowed over the Ditto, confusing > him. Seth wrung around him, and the capture was complete. "Gotcha." Aerie > picked up the bundle. "So..." She opened it up and peered inside. ...and saw only Seth's fabric. #Get 'im off me!# Looking closer, she saw a rough patch on Seth, the weave perfectly blended with Seth's. The only way she could see it was by the faint shadow the slight bulge cast inside the sack. She reached in to grab it, and pulled out air. #Thanks.# "I didn't get him." #What? He's not inside me...# Aerie pondered this for a moment, before her right glove suddenly squeezed by itself. Instinctively trying to remove it, she felt an increased thickness from what she was used to, and immediately knew where the ditto had gone. #We've got to come up with a way to hold him, other than poke balls.# "No kidding. Any ideas?" #One. Think you can hold him for, say, fifteen minutes?# "I can try." #Great. I'll be back in a bit.# The cloth transformed, and vanished before Aerie could confirm what it was changing into. Aerie wondered for a second if Seth was just running away from anything that even looked like babysitting, but soon turned her attention back to the ditto at (and on) hand. Dozens of temporary distractions coursed through her mind in a few seconds and were discarded just as fast; this child was, to put it mildly, a unique case. Then she remembered one thing that baby Doppler had seemed to enjoy. Wincing in anticipation of prolonged mild pain, she put her double-coated hand to her head and transformed... A few seconds later, the ditto was merrily chewing on 'Slasher's' right ear. > *** > On another plain of existance... > "Not worry about it?" Maria glared at him. "I have some unknown creature > inside of me, and I'm not supposed to worry about it!?" > > Mimic flinched. > > "I guess it wouldn't really matter to you though, would it? It was just an > 'experiment' to you, and now you have an interesting side effect." She shook > with a collection of rage and anguish. "Whatever it's *mine* now. A > child is a child...and it's going to need love." She blinked through her tears > and looked him in the eye. "Do you know what love is? Really? Are you even > capable? I wonder if there's any *real* emotion in you at all-" > > "STOP IT!" Mimic snarled. ...only to spend the next two minutes reflecting his anger back on itself. Venting when Xerox tripped the unknown was one thing. Now, and especially lose control could mean death. "You truly are a monster. But not one that I'd ever want in *my* pocket." Mimic allowed one slip of control, shifting from 'James' into 'Maria'. "Mimic...try mimic love James had for Maria. No know no love. Wind up mimicing that which no exist." "You did a real good job of it. I never knew it was fake until now. Tell me, *do* you have any real emotion, or is it all mimiced?" "It all mimiced." "..." Confusion poked through Maria's wall of anger like a spear. "Mimic only learn emotions from others. That which most consider 'real' Mimic just collection of what Mimic find work best. No part Mimic no learned from someone else. have that which only is Mimic, no is else. That no exist." "Then what are you feeling now? Where is your sadness coming from?" "Reaction Maria's anger. Is one of few reactions Mimic know...and Mimic no want hurt Maria, as other reactions dictate." A mote of spite drove her onwards, determined to deprive Mimic of all self-worth. "And why don't you want to hurt me? Isn't *that* an emotion?" "..." Maria smirked. "Is possibly no more than survival. Maria have box which others need prevent world from erase. They think Maria maybe give to Mimic. Mimic agree help, since Mimic no want no exist. That like all life; hardly emotion." "Ah, but you *trusted* them when they told you this." "Mimic trust self. One of group be own entity, yet part of Mimic. Be that which in you, sent back twenty years." "..." "Maria maybe right. Mimic no know, no has known, if is *Mimic* other than what Mimic mimic." "So, if I asked you to love me for the rest of your life, you couldn't do it?" "Nor could Maria." "What?" "All life change, else no is life. Is essence of life. Mimic maybe change faster, but Maria change too, right up to death. Mimic no have way of knowing Maria love Mimic for rest of life either. But Mimic maybe try stick in one mode for while...keep love." TBC? > (Bwah, I feel like I'm writing a soap opera. ^^; Dittos of Our Lives ^_^;;;; > ) [Or, for those who hate sappy stuff, As The Stomach Turns. ^_^]