Pokewars! Fanart by Amber Foxwing

Concussion! - Jason and Amber escaping from Team Rocket.

Dharak - Dharak, Amber's rival, with his Eevee.

Group Picture - Amber, Jason, and all their Pokemon.

Poisoned! - Jason closely hugs a poisoned Amber.

What'd She Say? - A weak Amber telling Jason she loves him.

Shadoreon - Shadoreon, the overgrown shiny Umbreon.

Vixxen - Vixxen, the half-human half-Pikachu, weilding her sword.

Accident - This is an idea for the future. The text says, "And this, my accident, is why I'm called 'Shadoreon'!" Hmmmmm...I believe it took place in a "restraunt section of the Pokecenter" and it scares the crap out of a lot of people. It also leaves Vixxen paying for a lot of damages...lol

Ambermood1 - This is part of two, showing some of Amber's moods. The moods shown were taken from the standard set of moods shown in "Anime and Game Characters: How to Draw Expressions" book. Wee!

Ambermood2 - Same as before.

Daycaren1 - Night one at Bob's house. Jason tries to get with Amber.

Daycaren2 - Night two at Bob's house, Jason sports a black eye from night one. Amber is afraid of the storm, strange twist of events. ^_^

dementichu - I told you I'd scan this thing in. It's an albino pikachu veggie-vampire...O.o Don't mind the bunny sketch in the corner or the piccie of me in the middle. -_-()

dementichu2 - The back of page one.

drunk - Ha ha ha...what Amber would look like if she was drunk. Pose from a pic in Animerica issue I have no idea, but it was in 2000, I think. The wolf-thing in the corner is a character representation of me...don't ask.

ecrufightc1 - Amber tries to chase after Tiny who went to disinfect his cuts midbattle. Jason stops her.

ecrubattlec2 - Jason slaps Amber to get her to calm down. This is a frameless, experimental comic. *nods*

ecrubattle3 - Tiny punches Amber into the wall. Hooray for photoshop.

ecrubattlestill - Jason guards Amber against the oncoming "Rocket" who turns out to be Karl. Grr.

Ecrubattlestill2 - Bob is getting ready to Razor Leaf Tiny's ass! Yay! Go Bob!

Pokemon1 - Sketches. I believe this one has a pic of Velocity. It says hooray for photo references next to her, and I got it from a piccie of a fox pup in my "how to paint wolves foxes and Coyotes" book. No it is not traced.

Kitsu - A piccie of Kitsu as done from aforementioned book.

umbresp - Umbreon and Espeon, again, done from the book. I think Espeon must be the only non-fox eeveelution. It doesn't look much like it.

pokemon3 - I think these are piccies of Pachi the Pichu, Miami the Marowak, Rivet the Charmeleon (pissed off cuz someone pulled out his controller) Darkfang the Houndour, Cyan the Natu, Bob's Sandslash, and Squirt.

Pokereal1 - Drawings done at the airport. Dad had no idea what I was doing, so I doodled a Sneasel pic to show what it originally looked like.

Pokereal2 - More drawings. Mama Raichu with a Pichu and a houndour.

portray1av - Amber and Vixxen. Done in Sharpee and colored pencil. Cower in my terrible backgrounds...

portray2sk - Solo and Karl, startled by something or another.

portray3j - Jason holding a microphone, I totally messed up his hand. Sorry, Marco!

Portray4b - Bob, petting Raffy. Done before I knew anything about Raffy, so don't mind his mild-mannered presence. Hooray (again) for photoshop!

Portray5d - Oldest pic of new Dharak, if that makes any sense. Done before I decided he shouldn't smoke but after I decided he'd be the guy to sport a ponytail.

Portray6ki - Kitsu, in half-were form. Probably completely off, but hey. I tried....

portray7dark - Darkfang. Pissed off. Yeeaaah...I liked the pictures of pissed off wolves and pawned it onto him.

radiobattle - Better Raffy pic, as well as Miami the Marowak, Rivet the Charmeleon, Persian from TR and Jessie's Wobbuffet.

Raikou - Raikou looking to Bob and favoring a cut leg. Don't mind the eeveelutions in the corners. Random sketches that ended up looking REALLY bad...

training1 - As I noted in PW! this idea was originally done with Amber instead of Vixxen. They aren't particularly good drawings of Amber, but they're ok.

pokemon2 - This is a usual sketch page for me. A stupid, humorless, frameless comic, pictures all over, a few one-liners, and that's about it. ^_^ I like some of the oneliners on here though. "Beefcrates" is an inside joke with my friend...

Jason Bard - A depiction of Jason Bard.

Jason's Gonna Get Killed - I can't get it to look perfect, but it's pretty good as far as Photoshop scribbles go...^_^ It's Amber when Jason asks to sleep with her.

Jason! Smile! - My goal? To get my friend Alex to drool. Goal accomplished? Very very well! *coughs* gotmedroolingtoo... *cough* We were listing off anime guys we really like ie Spike Spiegel, Sanosuke... And I wanted a picture I could be proud of! And it would be quite a feat to get her to drool over it. In the end I asked for her help with the anatomy, hence her signature at the bottom, but I think it turned out *really* well! And you know, I think Jason would do this, too! ^_~

Mind Mannered Breeder, eh? - What are they reacting to? Why don't you tell me? I really like putting expressions on people. It's fun. Anyways, random late night doodle that I'm fond of, with a few jokes that are decent and a few that aren't.

Gao - Yeah, this is my interpretation of Gao. This is also a bad picture of Jason blowing up his balloon. The balloon of which was a product of my all powerful ESP! (runs around going, "neerraarareerererr...zoom!") I CAN READ YOUR MINDS!!! ... Ok so maybe I'm just weird, but I got it right, didn't I? lol...too much credit for me! ^_^ heh...

Amber and Jason - Amber and Jason, as seen in a dream.

Amber and Jason Horrified - Amber and Jason are horrified in this picture.

Jason - A picture of Jason Bard.

More Views of Jason - Various depictions of Jason Bard.

Dharak with Rose - Dharak holding a rose.

Human Amber - Amber in her human form.

Hair Reminder - Various characters from Amber's group reminding the artist what color their hair is.

Darkfang - Amber's Houndour.

Vixxen At Sea - Vixxen adjusting the angle of her mini-TV while on the sea.

Vixxen with Dementichu - Vixxen and Dementichu, as well as Vixxen curled up and sleeping on Karl who is weirded out by her as usual.

Topless Vixxen - Vixxen glaring at Karl (who wasn't drawn well enough to actually be in this picture X.x) for presumably not wanting to see her topless.

Karl and Vixxen - KARL AND VIXXEN POSE! ^.^

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